SW Phila. massage parlor robbed of 60 Large,

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    Haverford police served a search warrant for a Drexel Hill business July 20 after two detectives were allegedly offered sexual favors for money.

    MARPLE TWP. - Two women, who allegedly ran a prostitution business in Drexel Hill, had their preliminary hearings continued Monday.


    Jing Yu Hu, 45, and Xu Jing Zi, 38, both of Flushing, N.Y., are charged with prostitution and criminal solicitation.

    Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for Sept. 11 before Magisterial District Judge John Capuzzi.

    Haverford Police served a search warrant at a business, on the second floor of a building in the 1200 block of Township Line Road in Drexel Hill at 6:51 p.m. July 20.

    Inside the room, police say they found a credit card machine and a pad of paper with dates written on it and the names "Mimi and Tina."

    Under each name were times with amounts of money, reports said.

    On a refrigerator, police say they discovered a closed- circuit television, which showed the front of the building.

    In the rooms, officers say they located two cell phones, $773 and a book with the name of the business "888 Corporation."

    Hu allegedly admitted to being the owner of the business, which she bought in June.

    A Pennsylvania State police officer arrived to translate for Hu and Zi, who both allegedly spoke little to no English.

    In the affidavit of probable cause for the search warrant, Hu and Zi allegedly had offered to touch the genitals of two detectives in exchange for money during a massage.

    Also seized were numerous credit card receipts, along with Chinese or Korean writings, reports said.


    Julie was good. I am not sure what she is up to lately. I saw Sophia a month or so ago walking out of a house in Clifton Heights which might be where she lives but it was on a busy road and I could not stop to talk to her. Heather is on cl nowadays and works in kop and de.
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    mercy killing

    let's end this thread here.
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    There used to be though. Remember the Relax Stop? I loved that place. Julie was my fave even though she had no chest and was obviously strung out but didn't matter, she was a PSE for me.

    I even ended up getting with the old lady who ran the place, Renee. She was like 65 but man she had nice ta-ta's. Anyone know what happened to them girls after they got busted?
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    Hasn't been for years!

    There hasn't been anything in UD for years! What rock did that guy crawl from under?


    There is nothing in Upper Darby.
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    Stupid Vietnamese!!

    I'm not justifying the hit, but anyone dumb enough to set up that type of business in that part of the city is just begging for trouble and sooner or later it will happen. He should have set up a few miles away in Upper Darby. There are MP's that have flourished there ( with FS always available) for years, even LE doesn't bother them.
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    Four or five men walked into a Southwest Philadelphia massage parlor late Sunday and left satisfied - after they stole $60,000 in cash and bonds, police said, ending the night for six patrons in a decidedly unhappy fashion.

    The robbery occurred about 11 p.m., after the thugs were buzzed into Woodland Village Associates, on Woodland Avenue near 61st Street. Police said the suspects pulled out shotguns and used them to beat four people, roughing up two others.

    At the climax of the heist, two terrified patrons jumped from a second-story window to the pavement, police said. Both survived the tumble.

    One of the robbery victims, Hai Trah Nguyen, 37, identified himself as the owner of the business, but told cops he didn't know what happened.

    Sources said Nguyen demanded to know why police were at the scene and angrily identified a 911 caller as one of his female employees.

    One victim told cops that the heavily armed crooks robbed him of $1,500 while he and a friend sat on a couch, sources said.

    Another victim, shaken by the drama of the holdup, told police that he had gone to the parlor just "for a steam."

    Police have not made any arrests in the case. Investigators returned to the massage parlor last night for additional interviews.

    Anyone with information on the thieves can call Southwest Detectives at 215-686-3183.