take home?

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  1. Slimmy



    They just play mind games. Always have and always will. Dancers are for the most part just plain whacked! I go out with this one I know, I would say once every 3 or 4 months. That is all the BS I can take from her. I just cant be mean so I go along with the gag. But for the most part, dancers are not reliable and just play games. Why would they do this? Cuz this is just what they do! I hope this ends this particular thread! I dont wanna see someone get hurt trying to get a dancer to do whatever. Fuhgetabout them!
  2. Left_the_scene


    Re: take home

    Par for the course, dude. Something else pobably came up (something that offered $$$) and she simply didn't think to call you about her change of plans. Many of them just can't seem to comprehend that someone may be counting on them being where they said they would. Most likely nothing personal.

    Coupla girls I have known would pull that shit all the time. THEY'D make the plans and then no-show. In every case, it was nothing malicious. Just poor planning on their part.
  3. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    no show

    Don't take the no show personal... well maybe a little... girls get a lot of calls to jump in for a day here and there at the last minute... it's that old girl g-string network... club is shorthanded one of the girls on says hold on will call Mary... then Mary tries to get a few regs there so she does not feel all strange eyes on her... had a dancer ask me to sit in audience of a new place she was auditioning for (first full nude) so she could have someone to concentrate on during the audition and not feel totally at the mercy of new people her first time...

    possibly she decided against going there and did not have your number with her... if you don't get an apology call then she is just not worth the pursuit.
  4. tros


    take home

    strange she calls me and tell she will be at this club in the bronx at such and such time if I want to meet her there

    and then she does not show up

  5. tros



    for the advice

    she did call twice we chatted said she would like to hook up but was busy I should call in a few days

    well see

    just chatted did not remotley mention buuness or money
  6. anataben


    One time I was in charge of a Bachelor party. I called a Stripper service and this great looking Brazillian girl came over the same night. She danced, a good time was had and in the end, she gave me her number and asked if I wanted a Private show to call her. Well, I did and we became friends. Turns out that she worked at the New Jet Strip near LAX airport. (Los Angeles). Every girl in that club was a 10+. When I would go and visit her, she would tell me which of the girls were escorting and she would ask if I wanted an introduction. She told me that 50% of them were moonlighting. Pretty good percentage Hmm?
    It seems to me that would be the best way to work your way in to keep costs down. Befriend those dancers!
  7. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    What's green and the size of a dot?
  8. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    No kidding

    I'm thinking GD woke up on the wrong side of no one. However, back to the topic of taking home a dancer, I too have had similar experience as NYCstripclubs mentioned. Ask and you'll get the answers you want. Like anything else, it's a numbers game. The more people you ask, the better your odds.
  9. littleguy

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    Doesn't it just piss you off no end when you try to bait somebody into a flame war and then all they do is say "Thanks and best of luck to you" ? Hahahahahahahahaha.
  10. 20



    thanks for the tip Mr. Green Dot. Good luck with everything!
  11. Don't call her if she didn't GIVE YOU her number. Getting it off Caller ID is a sneaky thing to do. [/B][/QUOTE]

    DITTO!!! Don't do it. Go back to the strip joint, but call ahead to make sure she's on. If she's not on, WAIT BY THAT PHONE ALL NIGHT!!! (I'm just razzin' ya.) You've done everything right so far. Don't blow it by calling her. For all you know, she was calling from her parent's house. Or her boyfriend's.
  12. nycstripclubs


    If I'm interested, I usually ask 3 questions:

    Do you VIP?
    Do you do that outside the club?
    Can I have your phone #?

    More than 60% of the time the answer is yes all 3 questions.
  13. JohnJ

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    An approach...

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting a Russian gal at a place called deja vu by JFK. The place in itself is trying to cater to the upscale masses though I don't think it will last too long... They have feature dancers there every once in a while and usually have gals flown in on Wed from their sister clubs nationwide. However Sunday thru Wednesday you have the locals... most are vanned in from Brighton Beach area... I started small talk with a very cute gal there and we got on the subject of food. I told her how much I was interested in visiting Brighton Beach to learn and explore some of the Russian and Eastern European Foods but I knew I would be clueless without someone pointing out what this was or what that was... sure enough after 20 minutes worth of lap dancing and a nice tip... she told me to take her number and call her if I would want a tour of Brighton Beach Ave where all the food shops are.

    We went yesterday and all I will say is.......

    John J

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  14. GreenDot9

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    who asks whom?

    Damn that is just TOO FUNNY - ROTFLMAO!!

    who asks whom?

    Yes, Junior, you are so adorable and witty, just sit back and wait and she is certain to ask you out!! LOL!!

    Maybe you should hold your breath while your waiting...

    (This might just be the dumbest question I have ever read on the net)
  15. ew

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    I think the easy thing to do is show up at the club again.
    Easy for her and you.
    You'll know soon enough if anything will happen.
  16. Bill Furniture

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    Don't call her if she didn't GIVE YOU her number. Getting it off Caller ID is a sneaky thing to do.
  17. tros


    taking home

    well l ask a dancer last week if she would hang with a guy from the club
    the reason I ask was she was not husling me, good looking and fun to talk too she just asked me to buy her a beer for 5 dollars and sat and talked for awhile did not for any money

    she said give me your number (she asked if I was married) I said no I guess by giving her my number she could confirm that

    well a few days later she called she said she is very sleepy from dancing and just wanted to say hello, and if she doesn't dance one night she would call.

    well I am waiting, but I do know her number caller id I wonder if I should make the next move?

    any ideas

    I guess the guy previous post are more or less correct ask and see what happens she won't be shocked
  18. youngsd


    From past experience I would say the approach depends on your goal.

    1. If your willing to pay just ask the girl in a manner described by EK above. They've heard it all a million times and aren't going to be shocked by such questions. If they're willing they'll pick up on what your asking and take the lead from there.

    2. If your looking to date a dancer - i.e. no money - I would suggest a different approach. First figure out which girl you're interested in and buy her a drink. You'll get a feel pretty quickly if she might be a good candidate (seems interested in talking - doesn't bring up her 'boyfriend' - asks questions about what you do- doesn't continuously solicit dances, etc.) DO NOT sit stage side gauking at her or buy dancers from her. The goal is that she thinks you are a nice guy that is interested in her - not just her body. Also, have something to talk about other than the how's it going tonite/making a lot of money crap. One other thought: I have found that sometimes it is better to give them your number instead of asking for theirs. It puts them in controll of the situation and makes them feel more comfortable. Obviously, YMMV. You'll need a patience and not everyone works out but when it does it beats the hell out of paying. Good Luck.
  19. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    Take home

    The usual procedure is to discuss with the girl herself... you can try the would you like to go somewhere for a few more drinks approach... or try the "so do you do private shows" approach... or if you don't mind being blunt..."I would love to take you home... how much for a couple of hours of hands on entertainment"...
    lol... none is guaranteed, but if you don't ask you'll never know...
    sometimes you can ask the waitresses which girls do house calls... obviously you try and avoid saying who here can I give cash to for sex...
  20. 20


    What's the procedure for taking a dancer home? If you and her are having a good time, buying drinks, etc. who asks who? is there $ involved? What's the norm? Sketchy? Thanks