Talk about Money Hungry or Just Plain Hungry

Discussion in 'New York' started by crzy9nyurmth, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. April

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    Just don't see hookers with seizure problems!
  2. jyris


    How would you know?

    (Sorry, couldn't resist).
  3. RuffToy


    From now on I'm only using providers who wear dentures and will insist she takes it out before proceeding. It's hard to gum someone's dick off.
  4. conoworld


    Well if your in her mouth when you blow her head off !!! you pray she's not a swallowing provider or they maybe removing what's left of mr. unhappy from her throught.
  5. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I think this is why JL always invites his conquests out to dinner first, to make sure they arent hungry anymore.
  6. jim10022


    if you're in her mouth, and you blow her head clean off, what happens ...?
  7. qqq35


    i get quesy just thinking about it
  8. lepke


    I would have settled this one on the spot by useing my 9 to blow that bitches head clean off...
  9. neilz


    I wonder what story he would tell his wife?
  10. SlickWilly


    Blimey, that gentleman sure got himself into a sticky wicket.
  11. crzy9nyurmth


    This little nugget from the Camb***** Evening News.

    Client needed op after prostitute bit penis

    A PROSTITUTE who bit her client's penis so hard he required an operation has denied grievous bodily harm with intent.

    Prosecutor Matthew McNiff told the jury Louise Jowett carried out the attack because Brett O'Leary, from Clare, near Haverhill, told her he had no more money to give her after already paying her for sex.

    Outlining the case Mr McNiff said 22-year-old Jowett, who denies the charge, had bitten and continued to bite Mr O'Leary for up to 45 seconds during the assault. The force and determination of Jowett's attack was said to have led to Mr O'Leary requiring an operation.

    The court heard during the early hours of September 3 last year Mr O'Leary was in the Brownswood Road area of London cruising for a prostitute.

    He pulled up by the kerb and Jowett, of Holborn, London, ran to his car. Mr McNiff said as she approached she greeted him with words to the effect of "hello, stranger." The jury was told she had known him previously, and having greeted him got into the car.

    When negotiations were complete she agreed to travel with him to his home 60 miles away in Clare on condition she was paid upfront.

    The court heard she used the money to purchase drugs via a telephone call while on the way. The pair arrived at Mr O'Leary's home about 2am. Jowett by this time had taken the drugs and they shared a bottle of champagne before having sex.

    It was alleged that afterwards she asked Mr O'Leary for more cash, becoming more aggressive as her requests continued. While performing a sex act on Mr O'Leary he told her he did not have any more cash.

    Mr McNiff said she took his penis in her mouth and gripped it between her teeth. He said: "She bit hard. She bit very hard. This caused what Mr O'Leary described as indescribable pain."

    The jury heard Mr O'Leary tried to prise open Jowett's mouth with his hands while she made sounds like an animal. He pleaded with her and he begged her to let go while hitting her to try to get her off.

    Mr McNiff said there was a lot of blood while Mr O'Leary screamed and then ran to call 999.

    The jury heard that when interviewed by police Jowett told them she had never met Mr O'Leary before and she had acted to protect herself. She claimed he had raped her and forced her to perform a sex act on him and the only thing she could do was bite him.

    The case continues at Ipswich Crown Court.
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