tampa 6 foot rule update

Discussion in 'Florida' started by spotny, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. mellowyellow008


    Orlando area

    Will be going to Orlando in the spring and looking to get some action: MP that offers good massage and BJ. I'll be scouring the net for info. If I find and try any, I'll give a review.
  2. erwin


    Thanks bud, I'll take a look around and post if anything happens.
  3. pmerkin



    It's been some years since I've been to Sarasota, but for a good ten-year stretch I was a great fan of the lingerie modeling studios. I originally discovered them in the classified ads in the newspaper, or you could try the yellow pages and make some calls. Usually a very sensual HR, but sometimes the girls were inspired and went the distance for a grand total of under $. Perhaps city/state rules have changed since, but I'd check around.
  4. erwin


    I'll be in the Sarasota/Tampa area for the foreseeable future....any info on AMPs in the area?

  5. Lbacker


    Go North on 19

    Just got back from Tampa today. Spent the last week down there. Was trying to understand the crazy rules. Anyway headed north on 19 unitl I just crossed the into Pasco county.
    Just across the line is a place called Bare Assets, Total nude lapdances. See Sabrina, DJ, Cookie or Paige. All great dances. During the slow times they offer 2 for 1. All range from 6 to 8. The place has been opened for 2 years. Check out the mag Night Moves for lisiting of Bar, Clubs, Escort, etc in each county. Pinellas County requires the nipples to be covered, places were expensive with no action.
    The best part is the beer is cheaper then New York. Enjoy !
  6. fluidjazz


    6 foot rule update

    does anyone have any info on the 6 foot rule and enforcement of same in Tampa currently? headed down on business and i wanted to know if it was worth my while to go to the clubs or should i stick to the hotel bar?
  7. oldcenturion


    6ft rule only in Tampa

    The 6ft rule is part of an ordinance put in place by the Tampa City council in Hillsborough County (where the city of Tampa is located) to limit contact between dancers and customers. This ordinance only applies to dance clubs in Hillsborough county. The ordinance is still being challenged in the Florida courts. for unknown reasons (see the the Captains post above) the LE have started selective enforcement of the 6 ft rule in January.

    This "disease" has not spread to other cities in Florida, that I know of.

    Regards, the Old Centurion
  8. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    6 FOOT rule!

    Damn, you have got to be kidding me. Is this for all of Florida or just Tampa? Headed to Miami and I would really hate to think that there is a 6 ft. rule there.

    any info would be greatly appreciated.
  9. spotny

    spotny Anyone find my flashlight?

    thanks dp

    hi dp, thanks for the comments. i've been to each of those. the talent can be a little frightening at times. i tend to favor ybor strip since up to this past report they have been reletively "bust" free. what was said up above has made me very wary of venturing anywhere in tampa. thanks for your input. later. spot.
  10. drew_park


    Yes, I'm Here!

    My friend, OC got it right.

    Girls and their customers at Pink Pony (several times) and Goldrush have also been rolled up from time to time. I saw one arrest record where two girls were arrested and one guy was. Now THAT would have been one helluva lap dance!

    Also for the better entertainment value avoid those high end places like Mons and Deja Vu. Head for the lower end places like Pink Pony, Gold Rush, Seven Seas... The girls may not be the hard bodied ******s but they are hungry and will strive to please you.

    And to echo the Captain's comments, Tampa was runner up to NY in the battle for the 2004 Republican National Convention... I bet if the lap laws were dismissed this place would have been crawling with button down collars and Brooks Bros suits!

    Heck if Clinton was still in the White House he'd order the convention here!

  11. spotny

    spotny Anyone find my flashlight?

    aye-aye captain. thanks for the very specific advice on how to help. (as opposed to preaching here to the choir!) hey all you out of town UG'rs (and doggies), please read the captains post and let the tampa moron polititians know how we feel about their idiotic campaign against adult fun in tampa. and let them know that WE have voted... with our feet! later. spotny.
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  12. The Captain

    The Captain

    Speaking of "Golf Outings"

    The "powers that be" are all busy electioneering right now.

    One City Councilmember, Gwen Miller, is trying to move from her term-limited seat to an at-large seat. She also sits on the Tampa Sports Authority, which is tasked (among other things) to manage the City's three municipal golf courses, which have seen revenues DROP dramatically (although they claim it's all about 9-11).

    Perhaps YOU could help her connect-the-dots?

    Better yet, you could let Henry Saavedra, the Executive Director of the Tampa Sports Authority, know why so many "golf outings" have been lost because of Tampa's crusade against lap dancing.

    You can reach them via ***** through the City's website (Tampagov.net) or the TampaSportsAuthority.com
  13. bigguy49


    Welcome OC

    Nice to see a familiar name here. We need more Fl guys to offset all the New Yawkers :)
  14. pjorourke

    pjorourke Thinks he's Caesar's Wife

    Hi oldcenturian! Welcome to UG. I hope you stay awhile and enjoy the converstaion. The place is a little quirky, but a lot of fun.
  15. spotny

    spotny Anyone find my flashlight?

    thanks OC

    hey OC, nice to see a familiar face! thanks for the update. it seems that the powers that be in tampa are having their way. it USED to be a real fun town to visit with a great scene among the indies and the country's best strip clubs. i'll bet that the res****unts, hotels and golf clubs are not doing as well as in the past as tampa was a regular stop for "golf outings" and the like. maybe some genius will notice lower tax revenues and put two and two together... but then that would take a level of common sense that seems lacking. oh welll. thanks for the info. it is what i had suspected. spotny.
  16. oldcenturion


    6 foot rule being enforced

    I know that two nude dance clubs (Mons Venus and Ybor Strip) in Tampa have had dancers and customers arrested and charged with violating the 6 ft rule in the last month. In the Mons case, one dancer and 5 customers were listed in the arrest records. That must have been an interestring dance scene.

    The ladies at Ybor Strip have become a bit more conservative in their lap dances since arrests. At Mons Venus and other dance clubs, it is business as usual with full nude and full contact lap dances.

    Regards, the Old Centurion
  17. spotny

    spotny Anyone find my flashlight?

    hi guys, i am heading back to tampa. can anyone update me on the 6 foot rule enforcement at the usual spots (ybor strip, ybor secrets, mons, lipstixx etc.) and also are the ladies doing nude or covered laps? drew park are you out there?? thanks for your info. s. spotny.