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    Oh, BTW, the position referenced above works particularly well with female couples [winking very good naturedly in a direction of certain women present who might make good use of it in such situations] when practiced with certain toys, but best yet when using the rhytmic breathing and undulation technique I mentioned.

    It brings a whole new aspect to female/female intimacy that sometimes is missing because the missionary position is not one easily consumated in such relationships.

    [provided with nothing but respect, because I can't think of anything prettier then two women sharing themselves with each other, unless its sharing themselves with each other and me.... but that's a whole other subject {dumb grin}]
  2. Thorn


    Ramstein, tantra has to do with life. Sex is part of life, therefore tantra is part of sex. There is much in the way of study on tantric sex. Men can withhold their actual ejaculation for hours, experiencing multiple orgasms in the process that leads to the final cumulation in the actual act of ejaculation. They can choose, as is the practice of some, to withhold that act completely.

    Frankly, some of my favorite sexual acts are actually tantric in origin. One of my particular favorites is when the woman seats herself inside the ring of her lover's lotus position, facing him, her legs wraped about his hips and behind his back usually crossed at the ankles at the small of his back, their abdomens pressed tightly together and their arms about each other. Together this way, sex can be had for a greatly extended period of time with very little consumption of energy. It is also incredibly intimate, as their faces are very close and eye contact is unavoidable. The hands are free to caress almost any area of the body and there is a great deal of skin on skin. It also doesn't hurt that the position causes the penis angle to be cast within the vaginal canal in such a way as to cause the clitoris to slide up and down the shaft of the male simply with the movement of her hips drawing her thighs up and down her lover's upper legs and lower abdomen by tightening slightly her grip at the focal point of her ankles, crossed at the male's back. Allowing the woman to have both very good vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time [never a bad thing :) ]. The male, by clinching his buttocks at the right time at the end of the stroke, can cause an upward thrusting motion with very little effort, greatly enhancing both their pleasure.

    However, one of the MOST interesting aspects of this position is that, with a little practice, rhythmic breathing patterns, combined with undulation of the abdominal muscles against each other's body, can cause very powerful orgasms for both the man and the woman. This even without insertion [although with is very nice as well :) ].

    I'll repeat, there is a great deal of tantric practice that has to do with sex [what better time to control the direction and targeting of energy within the body then when having sex :) ].
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    Messalines (ex- of Julie's) knows about Tantra. If she turns up around here she would be the person to ask.
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    My understanding of tantra is that there aren't many providers that offer it who know what they are doing. First of all, tantra really does not have too much to do with sex in terms of it's origins. It is mainly a description of the pathways that energy takes through the body(like the asian concept of Chi).
    I have no idea where all these providers get there training to perform " tantra" but I think nowadays it's mainly a descriptive tool for fallen flower children so that they don't have to admit what there real profession is.
    Another thing that you may notice when you look at the tantra section(at eros ny for example) of any advertisers is that the women who offer it are usually older that your average provider. I think maybe advertising under that section may be a ploy to draw those of us who are curious about it. But really, tantra is another one of those psuedo-asian words that is heard in the popular media too often and yet that nobody really knows the meaning of.
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    no happy ending with tantra.
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    I've read about tantra, but I've never experienced a tantra session. Anyone ever been with a tantra provider? What is the difference between a tantra provider and a really good GFE? Any tantra action in NJ. Thanks for the info.