tantric massage? Lingham?

Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by coreman, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. conoworld


    It's an inside job, if your not looking to spend the time learning about it and just want a HJ with some anal play stick to your ATF and save your money!!

    where as if you chose to try something different look for a real provider not some money grubber who doesn't have a clue!!!
  2. Thorn


    Real tantra can be a great deal of fun, but you have to know what you are involving yourself in. If what you are looking for is simply sexual contact than you aren't going to be very happy.

    In real tantric sex the male practices holding off on ejaculation, while still experiencing orgasm. Breathing exercises are the main tool for accomplishing this, though they aren't the whole package.

    Many moons ago, back when I was still doing the "swingers" thing, tantra sex practices would allow me to have a great deal of fun with any number of female partners, experiencing orgasmic release without ejaculation six, seven, eight times during a short period of time, and continue to be able to perform.

    It isn't bullshit, but like any other art form takes commitment and continued practice to get it right.

    Many so called "tantra" providers, lacking critical foundations in both commitment and practice, do give the over all concept a bad name. There are real teachers out there though who can do wonderful things to enhance the sex lives of their students.
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  3. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    You had a bad experience once and decided the whole thing is bullshit? LMAO

    That's like saying "I saw a girl once who advertised as GFE, but she insisted on a condom when she blew me, so there is no point in seeing anyone who claims GFE. It's all bullshit."

    Sure, there are some girls out there who use the word "tantra" to charge more for a plain old handjob. That has nothing to do with what Tantra is.

    If you see a real tantrika who know's what she is doing, and if you are open to the spiritual bullshit of the whole thing, then it can be great. But it's one of those things where you get out as much as you put in. If you aren't open to it, and aren't willing to do the extra work to get the extra pleasure, then don't bother. You'll just be wasting both your time and hers.

    If you want to give tantra a real try, I recommend Chandra Devi. But there are plenty of girls out there. Look for girls who have websites that try to educate you about tantra. They are the most likely to be the real deal.
  4. firecracker


    I have no experience with these particular providers BUT to me, all of this is just bullshit surrounding a very expensive handjob. I went to a tantra provider once, many years ago, and felt ripped off. I haven't heard of any tantric provider offering anything more than hj. Just my 2 cents.
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  5. RoosterC74


    They have played to somewhat mixed reviews.
  6. coreman


    So, does anyone know what the deal is with the expensive tantric lingham massage that is always posted by, what looks like, 2 women on CL usually listed in *****field. Its always comes with an impossibly lengthy post, and even more impossibly expensive prices. The whole thing sounds very anti-UG, by most people's standards and i'm simply curious as to what's the deal.