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Discussion in 'New York' started by nyguy, May 15, 2001.

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  1. Jennfdggg


    Can't make it . .

    Originally posted by Julienyc
    Don't cry to fill your tub ,turn those tears into cash and fill your bank account. Smart women make Lemon aid out of Lemons. What is it really all about ????? >>>>


    Sorry i won't be attending Thursday. I hope you all have a nice get together, i'm sure we'll meet someday. Take care and have fun, Love, Jen

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  2. Julienyc


    Re: How mean is THAT?

  3. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    Fess up .....

    Do tell what this fantasy is mercydancer...

    We all wanna know...
  4. mercydancer


    Re: Thanks everyone

  5. Beth<3


    Thanks everyone

    Jenni- First off, Thanks!
    Lets do lunch, my treat, you seem as strong willed and understanding as I am.
    We will share a canoe and beat them down the river, on that trip. I so, want to go to, (I hope I didn't get kicked off the trip, because of my apparent paranoia, and obvious miss use of words). (I already like you, an apology says a lot about a person)
    PS They did take the ad off *** - Thanks for all of your help - EVERYONE!
    PPS For now, I haven't changed my number, I only got about 23 calls yesterday so they are tapering down, lets see what happens?
    Going on my special trip tonight - everyone dream of me, and my fantasy actually coming true OMG! Details to follow........
  6. beep9



    So I suppose that the inducement of making my "Top 100" list wouldn't get you to blow me for free either? Sigh. Life sure is hard :p
  7. Buck


    I think the Citigroup merger was based soley on $$$$.

    Oh thats right, I stand corrected!!!!!!!
  8. neversoft


    I wonder if something like this spawned the Citibank/Travelers mega-merger a few years ago...
  9. Ozzy



    don't you love a happy ending..........;)
  10. NY Mod for TBD

    NY Mod for TBD

    The reply of a gentleman......

    I absolutely realized you were not implying me ---- but thanks for thought to reassure. I promise if you post on TBD NY I won't delete you (lol).

    I appreciate your comments and respect your philosophy for your board. And I agree that 'attacks' have no place on either board. As you are aware, I chose to be a bit more stringent in deleting posts that violate this standard.

    The biggest concern I have for the NY TBD board - is that the data therein be sound and that the reader can make a wise decision. I am allowing all sides of the coin to be visible (the glowing and the not so glowing reviews) and only dis-allowing false posts, personal attacks and flames in general.

    Thanks for the courteous reply - call on me at any time. I am certain that provider safety and client security are two issues we will agree on 100%.
  11. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Thank you for the compliment. You are welcome here any time. Sorry for the "thin skin", but I'm sure you realize that UG is just me, Allen, and Woolf, and none of us ever asked anyone to post anything on, near, or against TBD. I think almost everyone here was there first, and I seriously doubt that anyone ( ok, maybe one or two max ), signed on there from here just to bash lionsflame ( BTW, if you have his email addy........ ) as I think one would conclude from the responses to that particular thread here.

    As you may note from looking at another current thread, we've only deleted about 6 out of 10,000 posts. We don't have to agree with a post to let it stay up, so please do not assume that just because we don't delete something that it means we're "behind it". There's a lot of stuff which I cringe at when I see it put up, but that doesn't mean I'm going to ban it. Believe me, it would be much easier and more proifitable for me to edit the posts in such a way as to maximise the ad revenue. I just happen to be one of those idiots who thinks that true free speach is when you support unpopular ideas. As much as I hate them, I support the rights of Nazis to march down Main Street. Based on the glass house that all of us in "the Hobby" live in, we need to realize that if we aren't "for" the right to make unpopular speech, that we can vewry well be "next".

    ( ok, ok, I'll let someone else use the Soap Box now...).

    NB: This doesn't mean "anything goes" here. Ideas are fine, attacks are not, so everybody should always know that if they come here looking for a fight, they just might find one ( NY Mod, this is absolutely not directed at you ).
  12. NY Mod for TBD

    NY Mod for TBD

    Hey Slinky

    I am on your turf here ------ as a guest. Not here to promote or detract. My point was that all posters should be welcome on both boards and that both boards should be 'civil'. From what I see - you do a good job of moderating. My door is always open for a 'shared' dialogue that would benefit the readers.
  13. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    It appears that paranoia comes along with power.

    Hey, NY Mod, do you really think that there's folks here who weren't already registered over at TBD ??????? I'll tell both of them you said "Hi".
  14. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    "the moderator has dealt very effectively with it, before becomming a monster."

    I think I'm still effective even after I became a monster.
  15. Jennfdggg


    Hi Tucker,

    She could / should have phrased it better i guess. I took it as a personal attack, but then again, i'm very defensive, and take alot of things personally . . :) She was referring to 'posters' in general was the way i read it.

    Apology accepted Beth. Love, Jen

    Guys, TBD seems to *finally* be 'on top' of each post as they come in. That's what a good moderator should do. A crying shame his enemy is ruining the NY board.
    Talk about persistence, he absolutely sickens me . . :) He just won't give it up. So, yes, this board is a *refreshing* change, really. . . :)

    Forgiveness is also a virtue . . how does that expression go? 'To be human is to err. . .' ? None of us are perfect, we are far from it . . Love, Jen

    P.S. I have no idea about the 'influencing' part . . i've never met TBD, nor did i have to blow him for free, if that's what you mean. I could care less about making some 'Top 100' list as well.

    I think he *finally* did something right by banning miss Friendly though!! Now *there* was obscenity, misuse of the board, if i ever saw it . . . Bill, please refrain, i really don't want to hear about how great she is. I'm just trying to make a point about how the rules were broken constantly and he didn't do anything about it until it was full blown and peoples feelings were already hurt. That is ALL.

    He also learned a lesson about slander. He's made his mistakes too, and has apologized publicly. I admire that. He's finally there and is a very controlling moderator now .. even telling people about the scams, and IP Addresses. He's almost *too* controlling now. . . but hey, it's his boards and they're obviously very successful, so why can't everyone stop putting him down and just enjoy their *freedom of speech* here?

    Sounds like a happy plan to me . . . I'm taking off today, yay. Going outside to split my clumps of Daylilies. Pleeeze, pray for *alot* of rain. The water restrictions will be starting down here soon.

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  16. TuckernotSucker


    Beth, Candie, Jenni, Paige

    What Beth was referring to on tbd, is the flaming of providers and hobbyists. The attacks on personalities are relentless. This is a result of SOME of the people that post there, not all but SOME. Since UG has been estalished, this kind of behavior has only been seen here on occassion and the moderator has dealt very effectively with it, before becomming a monster.

    TBD having a very large following is bound to attract a larger amount of bad guys as well as a larger amount of good guys. The providers love the good guys, hate the bad guys. Just have to be careful.

    Hey Beth, email me the new phone #.
  17. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Venue is an important thing. Some of the boards I look at, everyone seem to be looking for freaks.
  18. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    Paige, Jenni, et al,

    Lighten up. You KNOW Beth wasn't calling *everybody* that posts there freaks.

    I'm believe what Beth really meant is there are more "freaks" (maybe a poor choice of words, I would have called them immature and childish) on TBD than anywhere else and as far as the ladies go it is fairly well known that TBD exerts a good bit of influence over and with them for them to get their rating(s).

    Some ladies can't say anything there, one way or another, without their posts getting deleted for no other reason than TBD doesn't want them there.
  19. Paige


    TBD Freaks I think not.............

    That was an awful thing to say many people here are members of both boards.
    Wasn't too long ago u got very good reviews and Biz from that so called freak board huh
    My friend Jenni and Candie post there as well as here
    I would never call people here freaks.
    If I have something to say regarding a wrong that has been done write the moderator.
    Number was posted on *** not TBD. U can have issues with whomever u like but you show your true colors by name calling in public and yes this is public.
    Remember its those freaks that put money in your pocket and don't tell me u are sure they are not TBD clients. Some fellas don't recall where they saw an ad.
    Think before u type next time unless u have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt
  20. Beth<3


    Thank you for all your help.

    I will be changing my phone number.
    I found out I have been posted on other boards also.
    This is very sad for me.
    Thanks for all the advise I did contact erotic review and did ask them to delete that post.
    Lets see if it works.
    Candie - Thank you