TBD & UG unite for one night only at Moulin Rouge Party

Discussion in 'New York' started by Zoe BBW Escort NYC, Jul 18, 2001.

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  1. ew

    ew Silver

    Well, lets face it LE doesn't really care that much about escorting but the web thing is getting to be high profile.

    That's when it becomes a problem. I think it would be easy and make nationwide news if some busts came out of something like this directly or indirectly. So somebody will be more likely to look into it sooner or later.

    How easy is it to log on and start posting and go to the party for LE? And for that matter, I'm sure that if Alyssa wanted to know the location and time of the party she would have goton the invite under another posting name...how could you filter her out?
  2. Monk


    Some clubs offer kickbacks if you can guarantee a certain number of live bodies in the door. I imagine whoever is setting this up is taking a cut of that $100 entry fee.
  3. Ezrlove


    I think we should cut Zoe some slack. I received an email from her and she has some pretty good ideas for the party. The costs are not as high as previously stated and I am sure she has done a ton of leg work to get all of her information.

    As far as LE is concerned, LE knows every escort, house, under ground place, after hour spot, in NY. So if you are really concerned about LE then I don't see how you could enjoy yourself during any session.
  4. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Casper...I didn't think LE was starting it, but you know if money is involved, it looks like something they's be interested in.

    njgeorge...LE would come if someone was charging a fee.

    wsb...I'll resist you, LOL

    ew and TC...I agree with you.

    HornDog...You're gonna be rich!

    Have a good day everyone!
  5. HornDogBuddah


    $ to get in? Let me see. If I can get 50 dummies to pay, I can pay 5 providers $$$/hr to sit around and schmooze for a couple of hours -- they would earn $$$$$$ each, have a few free drinks (what hobbyist wouldn't buy a glass of wine or two [or Jack on the rocks] for some thirsty wench?), market their wares, and be able to "prescreen" a handful of selected potential customers. I would walk away with two grand and have had a good ole time (or, at least, a great big laugh) to boot.

    Or, on the other hand, we can have a low profile, relaxed, convivial gathering FOR FREE -- let's call it the UG G2G (Get Together). A much better idea.
  6. wsb


    Hey, no waiting for drinks!!!

    Seriously, I am soooooo charming and gregarious (and modest) in person that even you couldn't resist me.

  7. Tankcommander


    For a hundred bucks....

    Drinks better be free,
    and blowjobs better be handed out at the door...
    And, they have to be given by a biological woman....

    You can count on me not being there unless those criteria are met...
  8. Ozzy


    i have no thoughts of LE showing up or following this meeting stuff at all....

    it's the people like this LI stockbroker guy and the wondering if some trouble maker decides to take something from the board and make something of it in person. i think there have been some signs that these parties should be more exclusive and that NO one should ever be allowed to attend that wasn't invited. also i don't think anyone wants to be between wsb and i at the bar.

    or between carl and dawn or little guy and candie for that matter.
  9. Casper


    LE would not charge a fee. But tehy might attend a gathering such as that one. Anyway I can't justify paying any entrance fee or fee in general for a public gathering.

    Just my .02 cents
    Peace Out
  10. ew

    ew Silver

    The easiest recon for LE there ever was. If someone wants to make a name for themselves, how easy would it be to set something up.

    Maybe nothing illegal is going on but they can definitely verify the players in the game for later use.
  11. mr. wonderful

    mr. wonderful

    I like the idea of getting together with a group of guys (no, not that way, I'm straight) but I don't like the idea of hanging out with providers. Nothing against the ladies really, but I prefer to just talk about the hobby and experiences, and this is best done with a group of guys. Guys won't say what they really feel with women present, plus you'll have some guys trying to impress the girls (uh, that would be me). I love providers, I just prefer not to hang with them in a group.

    Of course, this is just the way I feel, and since I have severe social anxiety this get together would just not work for me.

    But, if Ozzy goes I would probably tag along.
  12. nj george

    nj george

    this may be a stupid question but...

    why is there concern that LE may show up at these parties? from what i can tell nothing illegal is going on just a group of people getting together, chatting and having a few drinks.
  13. ew

    ew Silver


    If I was LE I'd be all over these parties.
  14. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Paying for a get-together is a bad idea. Some people may agree to help pay for "expenses" then back out because of other commitments. LE could be all over it too. Just my opinion.
  15. fishfry


    I don't think there's a hatchet to bury. Most people read both boards. When you're invited to a party, just say yes or no. This is not supposed to be yet another reason for petty sniping.

  16. SkellyChamp


    Not having gone to any of the UG's get togethers and not likely too since I value my relative anonymity and only being an occassional lurker on TBD, perhaps I'm not qualified to speak on this.

    But, since that wouldn't stop anyone else either.

    I think attending one of these get togethers is a risk taking venture to a (great) degree. Obviously, to attend you have to have a great comfort level with the people who are setting it up and those who are likely to attend. UG has, for the most part, been a civil board with a fair if not feisty exchange of ideas among a broadening but somewhat identifiable group of people. That certainly reduces the risk.

    My impression of TBD from what I have read there and also heard about here from those who (allegedly) were involved there, is anything but a collegial group of people solely dedicated to the exchange of ideas. Our infighting has been mostly limited (tho certainly more pervasive of late). With all the negative experiences people have had over at TBD I would think the risk at attending a soiree sponsored by them and attended by its minions (and yes, I know, people involved there are involved here) would be much greater than the somewhat more limited universe here.

    Also, the TBD party seems to be a more structured affair costing a not insignificant amount to attend - sounds more like a money making venture.

    Oops gotta conference call sorry can't finish here.
  17. MJC185


    I have said this already on TBD...

    But will say it here for the benefit of those who do not regularly check out TBD:

    There is no reason I can see that I'd want to go to a party where I have to pay $100 to get my ass in the door.

    That is too much to ask people who just want to goout for a relaxed gathering. What abot people who do not drink much or at all? Why are they going to pay $100??? to meet hobbyists and providers!?!?

    Just my .02

  18. Zoe BBW Escort NYC

    Zoe BBW Escort NYC

    Hello everyone. Burying the hatchet for one night only, we are offering to you: Moulin Rouge NYC. Moulin Rouge is a party that will provide hobbyists and providers an opportunity to mix and mingle. For complete information on the party such as date, times, cost, etc. please email me at zoebbwescortnyc@aol.com. Please also feel free to visit TBD and read the enthusiastic posts about this party. So, let's all get together and have some fun for one night only. Whether you're a faithful UGer or an occasional TBDer.. this is a great opportunity to see what NYC has to offer. Providers: get more exposure, and meet some great people. Expand your network, and sip some wine while you're charmed by the best hobbyists in the US! Looking forward to hearing from you!!