Text messaging providers?

Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by Bandaid, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Bandaid


    Thanks, guys. Guess I don't have to know how to do this, do I? Ignorance was bliss.
  2. RuffToy


    These text msg schemes with the number 22428 are complete scams. Do not fall for the trap.
  3. seeker6591

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    Stay Far Away !!!

    I have heard these are usually CL scams with surprise charges showing up on your bill. Its probably best to just roll over in this case and let the sensation pass! lol. hope this helps!
  4. Bandaid


    Tight Killer Bod in the Bronx has an ad in CL that caught my eye and I thought I'd go for an appointment. Here's the problem: I'm supposed to text message PLAY on 22428 and ask for 'bdc123.' Problem is, I have no idea what the hell that's all about. My Nextel Blackberry apparently can't do it. Anybody knows how this works?

    By the way, here's her ad. I thought it looked and sounded good. I kinda like glasses on a woman:

    Hot Non Pro - Tight Killer Bod - Short Notice OK

    Reply to: pers-117930773@craigslist.org
    Date: 2005-12-13, 2:53PM EST

    I am VERY sexual and VERY sensitive. I love everything about sex and I'm still exploring. I love to entertain. I have a nice place, warm and sensuous with easy parking. Have you been a good boy all year? Bad boy? It doesn't matter. Give yourself an early xmas present, me. All natural, shaved, best oral (and everything else) you'll ever have. I have cocktails, DVD's, toys. Late night OK. I am really good, VERY VERY open minded. I am really into it and I have a good time too. Be safe, no *****s. Contact me first with cell phone text (it's anonymous). Text the word 'PLAY' to 22428, get in and ask for me, "bdc123", I'll text chat you back to make final arrangements. Let's have a good time. P.S. I like girls too