That Golden Moment

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Monk, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. oddfellow4870


    I think that's kind of the point of seeing regulars. At least for me .....

    Non-regulars, maybe 25 golden moments out of hundreds

    Regulars, probably a 85% or better hit ratio
  2. manohgod2


    Monk, that's why there are so many men looking for that so called "non pro" out there. There are so women that enjoy what they do and put their best effort towards it everytime they meet with a client. But yeah just as you have said, It does depend on the relationship and chemistry you have with the girl. Often multiple visits prompts a better experience.
  3. ricarddo



    I know exactly what you mean about "the golden moment". However for me that is never with just one meeting and certainly never on the very first meeting. I like to see the same gal several times, provided there is chemistry, and after several meetings, the precise number depends on the person, I reach that moment. I have only met one gal who was so hot that after the first meeting I felt like I did not want to meet anyone else, and I told her so. Unfortunately we only met five times before she stopped answering my messages and simply dissappeared into thin air.
  4. Monk


    The moment when you can finally let your guard down and enjoy a session is a golden moment. When during a session that it occurs can determine the relative satisfaction and success of the encounter.

    For example, I’ve been in any number of situations in which I never really felt that comfortable. Either the incall location itself was dirty and/or dangerous, the provider and I never “clicked,” she was too busy “hustling” to allow any chemistry to develop, there were too many rules stated up front, etc. Yet this is an extreme. Usually, if you hobby smartly, there are enough positive aspects of the situation to put you at ease. Of course, the provider’s attitude helps.

    But there’s also an X factor. Whenever I walk away from a session, I run it back through my mind. What went right, what went wrong. When did I start to enjoy myself? And why?

    Sometimes all the elements were there to make it a great session, and yet it wasn’t. Why? Because that moment never really occurred, or it occurred too late in the session.

    For example, I was with a well-known touring provider recently who is well reviewed. She’s drop dead gorgeous and experienced. However, she’s at the point in her career where she’s bored silly, and it was obvious. Nothing that she did was “wrong” (for instance, her BBBJ was excellent technically, yet mechanical in execution). But, all in all, the session left me feeling empty because, emotionally, she was empty.