The aesthetics of whale tail and other complaints

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by justme, May 16, 2006.

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    justme <i>pop and click tainted</i> Vinyl ( is dead )

    Yup... they all think they're ugly and clued in...
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  3. vermeer is, at heart, a humanitarian...
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    I'm sure that all the fathers on UG are touched by your apparent sympathy to their dilemma :D
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    Send your daughters to me. I will teach them. Make sure they bring valid i.d. that they are 18+. I will show them how to dress like a heewer, and teach them to properly suck cock, and shoot golfballs out of their asshole.
  6. justme

    justme <i>pop and click tainted</i> Vinyl ( is dead )

    So these days I'm surrounded by kids in their late teens and early 20's. It seems like Sisqo (or whatever) really got into these girls' heads. That and the increased popularity of low rise jeans leads to a sea of whale tail that dizzies the mind.

    Every time I turn my head there's some girl bending over to reveal her underware and upper-ass. Now, I'm sure many here would disagree, but personally I find the sluttiness of it all quite disgusting. Plus, in my humble opinion, few girls actually have the ass to make the look work. Seriously, a flat ass or wide pelvis (and I don't mean fat here, just wide) isn't helped with a thong. The fabric just hangs loose or gets lost in a sea of pasty flesh.

    A thong, to really compliment an ass, should be used to acentuate a certain bubbley, pillowy look. And the color should be in some kind of contrast to whatever flesh tone it's against.

    But ten years ago, when I was these kids' age, a thong was something risque and reasonably rare. It was a treat for me if my girlfriend would wear one. She used to complain about it riding up her ass - but she did it anyways... out of love. These days they're everywhere. The overkill is really making the whole thing not sexy at all. There's just no impact.

    But it's more than just the underwear. I seriously can not remember the not old enough to drink crowd being this over-the-top when it comes to ostensibly sexy, but misfitting clothing. It's like they think that just because the outfit looks good on the model, it'll look good on them. Ignoring their own body types they wear clothes that show off (slight) belly rolls, a lack of posterior, a lack (or over-abundance) of hips, etc.

    The thing that's killer is that these are very pretty young women. There aren't a lot of women aged 18-22 who aren't attractive. I can't believe I used to make the distinction.

    Anyways, the problem is that they have no idea how to properly accentuate their bodies. So they decide to wear clothes that are non-complimenting and at the same time overly revealing and whorish.

    So fathers of UG... don't let your girls look like low-rent flyover-city strippers. And tell your wives to teach them how to dress.

    For that matter, teach your sons how to dress as well... but that's a different rant.