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Discussion in 'New York' started by mcheck57, Aug 3, 2001.

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  1. Tankcommander


    I had a street walker once,

    in a hotel room who pulled a knife on me and try to rob me. I picked up a chair and swung it at her, trying to knock it out of her hand. I eventually knocked the knife out of her hand, and she ran out of there screaming bloody murder. I got out of there with haste.

    Two, I was in the back seat of a girl's car getting a hummer when two muggers, got in the front seat, produced a gun and tried to rob us. They got the girl's purse and cellphone.

    Three, I had a Heroine addict nod out on me with my schlong in her mouth...I thought I'd be very screwed if she woke up and her first instinct was to clamp down...

    Four, I was parked in a cruising area with my partner when I was doing security work, scoping out the pavement princesses when 4 Guradian Angels surrounded us threatened to rough us up. We produced licensed pistols and threatened to shoot each of them... twice.
  2. skagen


    Best & Worst

    Worst experience - getting ripped off in my hotel room in Dallas by some ho who took the payment, then proceeded to tell me that she couldn't do anything that involved touching. $300 down the drain....

    That was the last time I made an apointment without discussion the parameters in detail. The travelling businessman is a classic target for ripoff agencies. Now I do it twice: on the phone and confirm with the girl in detail before the cash gets handed over. If they get paranoid that I'm a cop - too bad, but I prefer that to a rip off.

    Actually, that would be the worst experience I NEVER had, since nothing happened...

    The worst would be in Minneapolis: Summer of Voluxious Blondes. Nice rack but she was far cry from her pictures and lay in bed like a dead fish that I was humping. Ughhhh! Of all the hot girls in MN I had to end up with THAT? A waste of $250...

    The best is a tough call - would probably be a girl I saw last year at Rumors/The Hot Spot/Red Zone on Lex Ave. Can't remember her name, but she had blonde shoulder lenghth hair, 5'4 125 36B/C-25-36. Nice ass for a white girl. Good curves, but nothing crazy. Was from new Jersey suburbs somewhere. Hard to remember her name now. Tori or something? Anyway, the session were incredible because she put herself into it in a very non-pro way, BBBJ was an option, although I didn't want it, deep deep DFK and raw intense sex like an old girlfriend or something. Good conversation too. She seemed like the classic upper middle class girl-next-door gone wrong or something. Not sure why we clicked, but it worked. Red Zone is a good place and I like it but I that level of GFE is unusual there. Haven't seen her since then. She kinda vanished. Incredible for $200....

    The other candidate for best would be from 5 years ago when I started hobbying. Back then you could get a nice girl for a full hour from the "boroughs" type agenciesfor $125. These days they charge at least $15O for single shot and most of the giirls are not far from street quality. Anyway this girl was Italian from Staten island, 5'5' 110 lbs tops, lean but curvy. Worked as a secretary on Wall Street. An hour of ridiculously furious sex, on my bed, on the floor, standing up. Wow! I thinkthe agency was called Sensual. they're still around but quality is suspect these days..

    Interesting that my best have been low priced. I have rarely received outstanding service above $300, so i stopped paying more than that, the last couple of years....
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  4. fishfry


    We'd love to hear that story.

    My worst experience was actually two related ones. This woman ran an ad titled Variety of Massage in a sex paper. I went over to see her. It's not just that she was old, fat, and ugly, but she had an attitude to match. She gave me a half-assed backrub and a handjob and I got out of there.

    Cut to a few years later. Same ad. Don't ask me why, but I called and went over. Different woman but also old, fat, ugly, and bad attitude. (I'm ok with old fat and ugly, it's the attitude that's the real problem).

    So after another half-assed backrub and handjob I'm chatting with her. "There used to be another woman with the same ad," I tell her.

    She told me that she was trained by the other woman, who also trained several other women to run the same ad. She deliberately stay totally impersonal and practically hostile, And when she's jerking a guy off, in her head she's counting the strokes, one, two, three . . .

    "I can get most guys off within fifty strokes," she told me.

    That was about as low as it gets short of stealing your wallet. I've had that happen too.
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  6. Casper


    Only bad experience I've had was in NOT booking someone I should have booked and missing out.

    Peace Out
  7. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    I havent had what I would call a "bad" experience yet, just some not as good as others ;)

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  8. mcheck57


    What is your best hobby experience and which is your worse?