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Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by justbill_redux, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Thorn



    Yes, it was. Perhaps.

    But the questions to be put to a sitting President, any President not just this one, are things like:

    What policies are you implementing, or planning on maintaining, to make life better for the citizens who elected you? [economy]

    How are you making us safer at home? [home security]

    How are you furthering our interests around the world? [foreign affairs]

    Whether he is getting his dick sucked, and if he is how often and by whom, may very well not be the premiere issues that need to be addressed.

    The President is the chief executive of our country. S/he does what any CEO does in setting forth policy initiatives and creating the overall, general, direction in which the company [our government] moves. As long as that is being done effectively what business of the public is his/her philandering?

    If I am a stock holder of GM do I care if the CEO is getting his dick sucked if it isn't taking away from his effective running of the company? I only give a damn when stock prices are falling because I want to know if it has something to do with the reason stock prices are falling.

    If it is because he isn't getting enough, well than go get that man laid. If it is because it is detracting from his attention span, put a muzzle on his dick and get his mind back in the game. That is it, plain and simple.
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  3. donquixote04


    Actually, I think it was. I think the press often acted as if a public figure's private life deserved privacy, so long as it didn't impinge on his or her public's functioning. I think the press gave "passes" not only to JFK, but to FDR, Ike, and Harding, among many others.

    It is an interesting question to address as to whether that approach is better or worse than today's approach.
  4. redleg609


    Helen's favorite president is JFK.

    I wonder why the press elected to overlook all his philandering? Was it a kinder and gentler press back then?
  5. redleg609


    I wonder what the founders of this country would think of the Helen's observation.
  6. Ozzy



    Just curious if your son will be one of them.

    Does anyone still think this retard has a son in Iraq.... and what proud parent of a marine in Iraq would make this comment.

    When I call someone a liar I know what I'm talking about.
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  7. lamont5123


    Oh, don't forget murdering countless children in cold blood.

    It's official, the U.S. military in Iraq can now wear the "Baby Killer" moniker again with pride.
  8. sod


    . . . and the latest news from Iraq indicates we are now raping and murdering them over there so we don't have to rape and murder them here.
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    Helen Thomas, White House Press Corps member, 86 years old.

    HT: You don’t spread democracy with the barrel of a gun, you can do it through ideas.....

    Watch the whole interview