The Dark Side...?!

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by cman25, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. nabbeun


    they we closed fri. haven't called to find reopen date yet. but expect and extended one...if not now, in not too distant future.
  2. sidespin


    closed?? ugh, i couldnt go last week because the mama told me it was too busy. i'll have to call and see if i can get any news. i just may have to dip into the dark side as well. is everyone posting in the PB section now? not sure if i would be let in yet though. i do have a number of reviews, but my post count isn't exbortitant by any means. i do hope substance counts for something than sheer quantity. :)
  3. cman25


    Since the other thread is for membership requests only, so I will discuss this here...

    The VIP/B1 thread is closed, and the place itself is closed waiting for relocation... Nothing else for me to do now... UG needs funding as well... So I figured that by joining the PB, I could give something back to UG... Although that I am not the “advanturous” type, but I hope that I can do some contributions there. Will hate to see UG disappears, two birds with one stone this way I think… Visiting the dark side…? I was already there the first day I started this hobby many many years ago… ;)