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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Phantom, Jul 28, 2001.

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  1. RoosterC74


    Phantom Please Contact Me

    Phantom-give me a holler at
  2. Ezrlove



    Im sorry to see you go but I respect your decision. I have not been posting or reading any internet escort boards in the past few days because I have been so busy I work.

    I just finished reading the end of the thread you spoke of on the NY board and I am sorry shit got so out of control. I wish I had been reading the boards, maybe I could have put the fire out before it got so big.

    I am not going to get into the Catelli thing, but I will say this, I was totally shocked when he walked up to me.

    I thought the g2g's were a great idea and im sorry that they are going to end. This board seems to be getting alittle out of control and I think im going into lurk mode.

    One last word thing,

    Thanks Ozzy
  3. phantom:

    i understand.

    however, mister wonderful posted some sage advice:

    "Take a step back, give yourself some time, and think about your decision."

    the same could be said about posting. sometimes my first inclination is to fire off a, "jane you ignorant slut" at someone whose opinion differs from mine. in fact, i often write such a missive but i don't hit send (if i did send every post i'd be gold by now, assuming i hadn't been banned). the next day i reread the offending post and see if i still feel as strongly about it. nine times out of 10 i find it to be water under the bridge...
  4. ew

    ew Silver

    But another incarnation has already begun.
  5. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Public internet forums on virtually any subject, including ones which one would naively expect to be totally uncontroversial and bland/boring, will have examples of all three types of posts and posters unless the moderation is so tight that one loses many of the benefits of the discourse.

    UG is no exception; in fact there are no exceptions that I have ever discovered.

    I too am sorry to see Phantom or any positively contributing participant chased off by the bad and the ugly.

    Personally I find it easier to simply stop reading threads, post and posters whom I find repulsive or useless rather than abandoning a whole forum.

  6. TuckernotSucker



    I as well am sorry to see you depart from participation.
    Please re consider. Mr. Wonderful had nice things to say about you and you must be one helluva guy for him to do so without a wisecrack. I respect both of you.
  7. wimpy



    Sorry to see you leave. Your contributions have been priceless.

    I know where your coming from. I myself have been throwing it around, that I should walk away for the same reasons and more.

    I think the reason most of the people here join is to get away from the old school stuff of JAG and TBD. I believe each one has his right to express his or her disapproval, but some of us are letting it get out of hand. And whats going to happen is that many will just lurk or turn the light switch off to UG.

    Now that would be a shame!!!
  8. mr. wonderful

    mr. wonderful

    Doin' well Carl, and you? I want to thank you for being the first person to officially welcome me back to the UG board a couple of weeks ago. I would ask about what you've been up to lately, but I'm sure you don't have the few hours necessary to detail it all.

    BTW, I wish you had told me that Nici Sterling info you just posted a little earlier, when I would have been able to afford to see her LOL.

    Stay as cool as you are.

  9. carlk


    Emm Dub you execrable cur

    I guess "fluids" truly do seek the lowest level

    howya doon mon?
  10. wilt


    The words of a nomadic wiseman seem apt(as paraphased from Pswope):
    Never take seriously anything you read on a commercial sex message board.
  11. mr. wonderful

    mr. wonderful

    I agree with Fishfry, anytime you have an online board like this, there are bound to be disagreements and arguements about the most petty of matters. Take a step back, give yourself some time, and think about your decision. Whatever you decide Phantom, best of luck. Most of us will miss you around here.

  12. fishfry


    Online communities are like that. One person says the sky is blue, someone else say's it's cloudy today, and a hundred other people jump in and start calling each other names.

    If someone leaves UG they might as well leave the Internet, because this is one of the more civilized places I've found.

    We're dealing here with issues of sexuality and commerce. We're working out the eternal male/female thing. People have a lot of issues and conflicts around these topics. There's a lot of anger and shame about sexuality.

    Personally I commend Slinky and the rest of the management team for creating this board where thoughtful discussion and dialog can take place amid the inevitable flame wars.

    Anyway, speaking as a person who's quit one or two boards in anger, my feeling is that the people who take the time to say, "I'm leaving," are fairly likely to come back.

    Phantom, feel free to take a little board vacation (good for everyone from time to time) and come back whenever you like.

  13. ScottieDS


    Sorry to see you go.

    If you've gone, you won't get this, but just in case:

    Don't let the BS of a couple weeks ago get to you. I almost let it get to me (and posted to that effect), but then I realized that's letting *them* win.

    We need to keep the good ones (like youself), and take out the trash (which seems to have happened, as things are back to the way they were before).

    Hopefully you'll reconsider.

  14. fumpton


    Good luck and take care Phantom. Since the title of this thread is "the End", maybe we should cue the music, the Doors' "The End"
  15. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    Happy Trails, Phantom
    Take Care HP( whose Mom always said: "never say never")
  16. RoosterC74


    Farewell To Phantom

    We have had the opportunity to correspond on a fairly regular basis both on this board and privately. I have come to enjoy the information exchanged between us. I had the same feeling about leaving the Board about 3 weeks ago because of a similar issue. I chose to remain, but do post a bit less then before. Some of the real jerks on this Board have to grow up and get real.

    I wish you nothing but the very best in the future. You know my private e-mail address, and do not hesitate to stay in contact with me. You certainly have a great to deal to offer others.

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  17. DannyNJ


    Phantom - after reading your farewell post, I went to the NY board to read that thread (which I had only glanced at previously before), and I couldn't agree with your statements more. Un-fucking-believable. There are people who just take this shit way too seriously and it's supposed to be FUN. My best wishes to you if you are really leaving, but I think you should reconsider your decision. Don't let the bullshit chase you away - there is still a lot of good pertinent info on UG once you wade through all the crap. If you do leave, you have my email address and please keep in touch.
  18. Casper


    Phantom hope things look up for you in the near future. Best of Luck.
    It's tought to loose as Gold Member.

    Peace Out


    I'm sorry to see you go, Phantom.

    Best of luck.
  20. Phantom


    Someone once said that this is supposed to be fun. After my expensive date last Sunday, I've been giving some serious thought about whether it is fun anymore. I've been debating the pros and cons of continued particapation in this business and UG. I really could not come to a decision.

    When I got home from work Friday afternoon I logged on to UG and read the utter bullshit that took place in a thread on the NYC board about the UG get togethers it suddenly become pefectly clear. I come to UG to escape reality for a time and not to read the venom that's being posted lately. I don't need this.

    To the members of UG that I've come to know, both here and in private emails, I wish you the best.

    To the members of UG that can't get along and only wish to disrupt, try a little harder to just get along with others.

    Slinky, I wish you the best, but you can stick a fork in me, cause I'm done.

    It has ceased being fun for me. Phantom has now left the building and will never return.

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