The fading glitter of Glamour Roses

Discussion in 'New York' started by Othello, Mar 2, 2001.

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  1. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    don't 'launder' money.
  2. Othello


    I was at local newsstand last night examining the content of several magazines when I came across a free publication called "Our Town". There was an attractive brown-skinned woman, dressed in red, white and blue on the cover of the issue. Since this woman appealed to my strong sense of patriotism (and also since the issue was without cost,) I decided to take it home for further inspection. I had no idea that the cover woman was the now "infamous" madam of Glamour Roses.

    After having read the article, I have concluded that it was a classic story of arrogance leading to one's downfall. Apparently, the woman "flaunted" and did not exercise enough discretion. Local efforts to "improve the quality of life" in NYC made this woman an easy target. I also wondered whether this woman would ultimately be able to re-enter society at some point in the future like other personalities such as Ms. S. Biddle-Barrows or Ms. H. Fleiss.

    My question is not about race. We are all the same during those moments of passion. Could someone share his or her thoughts or opinions on what happened to this organization? My objective is to create a dialogue that will benefit like business enterprises in terms of dos and don'ts to minimize or avoid similar events from happening in the future.