The First Time

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Hotpuppy, Jul 10, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

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    Geez MJC I never knew

    Your still a goddam rookie, we usually don't let rookies in on a UG Gig- LOL!
  2. MJC185



    My First time was THIS March. I had no idea what I was doing and stumbled upon sites like eros, ny-exotics, etc etc.

    Chatted with the provider on AIM for a while. She was very personable and her pics looked pretty hot. But oh boy...when I show up she doesn't look nearly as good as the pics suggested and she is just plain WEIRD.

    If I had stopped in on this provider knowing what I know now, I would definitely turn around and not look back. But I was a super newbie then so I just went along for the ride. In all fairness to her, the session was pretty good. Great french and a full hour. I had a few cups of coffee in that hour.

  3. oakland, ca in the late 70's. a street walker. took me to her room in a fleabag which she shared w/several other girls. was a bit un-nerving as people were coming and going (pun intended) during the entire time. once i was inside that room i wanted to get out as quickly as possible (after taking care of biz, naturally). a major, major crime area. it was just dumb ass teenager luck that nothing bad happened to me or my car. i think i paid $20 for f/s though it could have been less. needless to say i was hooked...
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    Happy Guy

    You should use that line more often. :)


    My first time was in Amsterdam, with a beautiful brunette located near the narrow alleys by the Ouden Kirk. She was very friendly, but I think due to the language barrier when I told her that it was my first time in the Red Light District she thought that I meant that is was my first time having sex. Subsequently, she let me have 2 go-rounds for the price of one. A very sweet girl.
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    Thanks H.P....but....Oh My God! Life *is* just too rich for me! I was proud of my bronze! Damn this means it's time to get back to the gym, do more yoga, read more, try bead weaving, watch more Xena episodes...more golf practice....anything...I'm with you Judge Crater on this one...time to cut down on the board time! :) crack me up! :)

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    and with this last post Candide you have achieved exhalted "silver" status- congratulations sweety!
    take care HP
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    Very first client was hmmmmm. Do I count the guys at Peepland and the Harmony that I gave
    hj's to?If not then, it was a guy who is now a federal judge that Ronnie and I know VERY well. I had no idea of who he was until one day he heard me complain about that damn Rico law and we got into a conversation. Seems he had knowledge of the case I was talking about. He's saved my ass quite a few times. Come to think about it, he's had.... never mind.
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    I just realized that...if my powers of deduction serve me very first client was....Ozzy! :) Oh life is just too rich!
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    From a previous thread:

    Those who have heard this story before will have to bear with me. When I was 17, my first hobby experience was on 32nd Street between Park and Lex ( yes, I'm sure it was during the time Skellychamp speaks of ). I was going to a party of some HS buddy in the area. I was walking down 32nd Street and the girls were all over the place. There was a service entrance to an office building where there was some activity going on, so I turned to look. There must have been 6 guys lined up against the wall, all getting blowjobs. The clunking sound my jaw made as it hit the pavement must have been loud enough to get someone's attention, because before I knew it, a girl grabbed my hand and said "you're next, honey". She dragged me inside the area, pushed me up against the wall, and said "that'll be $20, sweetie".

    It's been downhill ever since.
  11. woodman


    Well my first time as a paid encounter was the summer after graduating high school. There was a cheerleader who used to think of herself as untouchable in high school. During the summer I friend of mine mentioned that she got into some bad stuff and was seen working the ave. Well I went on a mission to first drive by her and I was gonna yell obcenities at her. But when I finally saw her and she waved and jumped into my car all those times hiding a woody in history class while peeking down her blouse came back to me and I kindly obliged with 30 dollars for a round in the backseat of my Vega. Never forget that one !!!!

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    Im doing pretty well thank you!
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    TuanJim99 2000-2001 R.I.P.
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    First time ever was...

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    Anything to keep from lighting up eh Hotpuppy?
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    The thread " most expensive night" got me started thinking about various experiences in my short hobbying career, and I realized that by far the most interesting( not the best) experience was my first. I suppose this can be said about the first time a person does anything, but my first "date" with a sexworker (forever searching for an alternative to' provider'), was so outside of my experience and comfort zone, that it just stuck with me. Several years ago a book was published entitled "The First Time", it was a compilation of oral(no pun intended) histories submitted by celebrities about losing their virginity. I guess my longwinded introduction to this thread is basically asking for any tales that you would be willing to share. I'd like to reserve my tale in case there is absolutely no interest or response. Oh BTW, if any of the ladies are interested in storytelling, I'd love to hear it.
    take care HP