The Good Work of Father O'Malley

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by tnyhaug, Dec 9, 2001.

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  1. curious


    The silence IS deafening, isn't it?!?


    Amateur photographer

    I'm an amateur photographer and would be interested in some model contacts, sites, or any info, that could be shared.... please feel free to write...

    Thanks Nick
  3. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    What ever happened to tony? Did his plan ever work out? Did he get HIV?
  4. Zep51

    Zep51 Tastes like chicken

    Nearly a 2 year gap on this one!
  5. iusedtobeone1



    Resposible sex is Sex with a Condom, period, while you can test negative for an Hiv test, it does not rule out other possible std's. HPV will not show up on an aids test and and can go on detected for years. Bareback is completly fucking crazy.....
  6. localguy


    boundaries are good, but are you also saying you weren't
    on birth control?
  7. tnyhaug


    New models


    I've attended a number of modeling workshops in recent weeks and have for January a group of women who are all first time hardcore participants.

    Toss me an email and I'll send you photos.

    In Philly now:

    Nikki, a bondage model is in Philly now. Amber (name change to protect the innocent) is booking Philly weekends only.

    Nikki Swallows, with a valid HIV test, is BBFS, BBG, A2M, BBBJTS, DATY, DFK. Covered without test.

    Amber, a two time Trentonian Page 6 girl, is BBFS, BBBJTC, DATY, DFK. Requires HIV test covered or not.

    Both are $$$$ for 2 hours and you can video the action.

    These are models so you must have camera/video equipment in tow.
  8. tny:

    Good luck with the venture. I'm in agreement with my colleagues that some of your claims are dubious, but I'd love to take a gander at these ladies and -- for the prices you cite -- take a stab at some...

    I'll take mine covered, please. Thanks very much.
  9. Ozzy



    without naming names....

    i can bet you saw a number of those girls (who supplied bbfs) right off the big dog list. that is how most of them get on that list.
  10. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    KS, Welcome to Silver! :)
  11. paladin


    WELL stated K.S.! I know you and Jenni to both be women of principle.

    Even condoms do not offer complete protection against disease. With the advent of HIV we're not just talking disease; we're talking about a potentially deadly disease. Is the risk really worth it?

    Tony may be trying to do the right thing with his testig program. But, I don't believe that any amount of testing is sufficient considering the risk. I designed one of the more popular instruments that is used for laboratory testing for AIDS. It is a fact that a person may have HIV and that it will go undetected by the lab test. It takes from several weeks to several months before the virus can be detected. Meanwhile it CAN STILL BE TRANSMITTED. So even if you pass Tony's tests you may still be a carrier.

    Too risky for my blood.
  12. K.S.


    I would have refused. Seriously. I was offered more money to do things I didn't want to do, and I always refused. Why? Because I had to maintain in my mind certain boundaries. I had to KNOW that things would break off at a certain point, and beyond that I was my own, autonomous person. In other words, I would refuse on principle. Does that mean that I didn't have a price? No. The fact is, for a million dollars, I would do it. I mean, for a million dollars I could retire and never have to take any risks again. But, two, three hundred, even a thousan dollars, wouldn't be worth it.

    When I was working, I refused to see clients on Sundays. I had emails BEGGING me to please see them on Sundays. Some of them said they'd pay more. But, I didn't. Sunday was the one day a week that I set aside for ME. It was a boundary that separated me from my work. Condoms filled a similar purpose. The guy had to stay on the other side of the Latex.

    Let's not forget that PREGNANCY is the #1 result of unprotected sex! I didn't WANT to become one with, and procreate with, some stranger.
  13. tnyhaug


    I meet with the model first, show her examples of valid HIV test and instruct her on ID requirements she must demand prior to engaging a member. In addition I go over the STD exam.

    Let me repeat, at 47 yrs. of age, I test negative to all STDs and HIV despite having BBFS and BBG with over 90% of the untested high-end escorts and pornstars that I saw at an every other day clip. Just as all of you are getting BBBJs without incident despite seeing untested escorts.

    Let's be honest, I can count on one hand the number of times a provider has refused to go bareback after I offered her more money. In my entire life, I have had sex with a condom less than 20 times max. The only provider I know who refused bareback after an offer of multiple 100s is Jenni of Princeton.
  14. i dunno. seems like some creepy ass shit this "good work."
  15. ew

    ew Silver

    Interesting Philly reference Aristotle.

    As I have heard Tony's requirements were testing every three months for men in the group with ELISA. PCR is better, but not necessary. It would seem that there would be a window for possible ill effects. Of course this may be old information and maybe he has updated the requirements.

    I still have issues with the model assuming an identity and men showing women fake tests. Do you also check the men's tests also Tony to insure the integrity of your scheme?

    I would not be surprised that there are those who would fake tests so they can bb a model.
  16. tnyhaug


    Here have some more money!
  17. Slinky Bender

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    You lied !!!!
  18. wsb


    I'll have to remember to try this approach the next time I am at Indochine.
  19. Geezy Muldoon

    Geezy Muldoon Gold

    Thread puts me in mind of a girl I first started having sex with in high school. She managed to give me the crabs or the clap every time we met over a period of roughly 10 years.

    Last time we had sex was in my parent's house which I was visiting to water the plants, etc. She being a naughty girl (Are there any other types of women worth having when you are on the prowl?) insisted on doing it all night in my mother's grand four poster with porcelain framed pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus smiling down on us.

    Thought I covered all the bases by changing the sheets and washing the used sheets in hot water. Completely forgot the towels in my mother's bathroom, though, with the unanticipated result that my mother got the crabs.

    Needless to say, mom was just a little upset even though I was ultimately able to convince her that she picked them up in Italy where she'd been on vacation for a month.

    My sublime ultimate lover pulling the professional train while hamming it up for the camera won't leave me with little friends to take home? I don't think so.
  20. tnyhaug



    I am so sorry! I did not intend to imply that. Providers have been the lifeline of my sanity. I do not think that you are dirty at all. I believe that providers are more health concious than most college co-eds and, indeed, most providers I've seen were college educated and, therefore, I considered them to be in the same social and risk bracket as I. Therefore, for years, I never hesitated to pay extra for BBFS from providers. That was reckless, but I did it. I think the fact that I test negative for all STDs is indicative of the relative safety of high end providers like yourself.

    I would say "so you make everyone wear a condom, right?" They would say yes and then I'd say "Well here are two bills to go au naturel." One shouldn't do this, but I always have.

    I used the term hussy and virgin as olde English vernacular to try to draw an analogy. I will say that IMHO if you test negative with PCR DNA and STDs then you are, health wise, a virgin. If tomorrow you get tested and it is negative I would consider you a virgin. As I said, I have taken several favorite providers from NJ to be tested so that we could enjoy each other the way I prefer. Since I decided that testing was necessary I have pleaded with many others to get tested but I've been rebuffed. And the other thing about providers is that getting them to film is harder than getting them to get tested. A Bill Furniture dream girl who did get tested refused to be filmed much to my chagrin.

    On herpes, the first two rows of all of my STD test are measurements of the blood serum levels of HSV-1 and HSV-II. This is also a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) DNA based test just like the prefer HIV test. So your doctor is behind the times, you can test for herpes, and also the PCR DNA HIV test is far more current than the combination of Eliza and Western Blot test that you discuss above.

    As far as underhandedness with the models, I am admittedly a flawed human being. I have a single moral sense and that is the dollar. I apply the salve of money to problems at hand. If there is a problem that money cannot solve, I am at a loss.

    If someone says, "You lied!" My response is "Here have some more money!"
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