The Problem with office visits

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  1. genius


    The Military can be a bit strange with stuff like that (althought using the helicopter was pretty stupid of him).

    I knew an ARMY officer (captain) who belonged to a swingers club. He and his wife were at a big hotel that were a swingers party was happening and a fellow officer saw him and his wife going to the event and reported him. The Army tried to kick him out of the service and he went through a lot of grief and expense to fight it. He "won" in that he didn't get kicked out but his carreer was over at that point and he only remained long enough to be eligable for his pension.
  2. cindyq11


    Well, damn, got piced up once by a military officer, taken to his office and introduced as his niece. Later on that night, got taken up on a helicopter, landed on top of another building, Went inside, nice place.

    Morning comes, got back in chopper, and made a return.

    Heard sometime later, he got courtmartialed, his chopper almost collided with another air liner. Got reported. Would not have been so bad, had he not been carrying two other ladies of the evening.

    He would have been a general, if that had not happened.

    Oh, well, it might have been.
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  3. rough1


    But it was "Take Your Hooker to Work" day.
  4. justme

    justme <i>pop and click tainted</i> Vinyl ( is dead )

    So He Took Her To Work???!!!
  5. oldmann


    I agree about the Hotel. But perhaps he could not afford to be seen in public or did not want to be seen in public.
  6. genius


    Too, too funny. This is clearly a case of reality imitating fiction.

    From the Seinfeld episode where George whines that the office rules did not clearly prohibit sex with the cleaning lady.

    George's response to being fired for having sex with the cleaning lady on his office desk after hours:

    George: Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?
  7. westside



    What an idiot.... He should've took her to hotel instead.. That cheapass.. serves him right....
  8. flabbergasted


    And that's $200 Canadian dollars.
  9. No shit. The guy was making $424,000 a year and he stiffed her for $200? He deserved to be fired.
  10. BoredInCT


    he should have paid her
  11. crzy9nyurmth


    Disgraced banker loses fight with former employer
    Last updated Jun 6 2006 02:22 PM MDT
    CBC News

    A Calgary judge has ruled a company did nothing wrong when it fired an employee for bringing a prostitute to its downtown office after hours.

    Jim Whitehouse worked as a broker with RBC Dominion Securities in Calgary until 2004, when he was fired. He sued his former employer for wrongful dismissal and the company counter-sued for $6 million, saying Whitehouse had hurt the company's reputation.

    A judge has thrown both cases out, upholding Whitehouse's dismissal.

    The case was being closely watched by the business community as the outcome may be precedent setting.

    The man's lawyer, Gabor Zinner, said Tuesday his client is disappointed with the ruling and already planning an appeal. One possible avenue is that the company didn't punish Whitehouse for bringing prostitutes into the office until the day he was fired, said Zinner.

    "And if the employer chooses not to do anything about it, not to reprimand, not to discipline the employee, then that amounts to condonation … and where there is condonation then the employer can not summarily dismiss without first giving him a warning," he said.

    The case will be heard in the Alberta Court of Appeal later this year.

    Since his dismissal, Whitehouse has been hired by a competing brokerage and his lawyer says he has successfully rebuilt his business.

    * FROM MARCH 24, 2006: Disgraced banker was living double life

    Whitehouse was earning $424,000 a year before he lost his job after 16 years with the firm.

    The disgraced broker was fired after his bosses learned that he brought a prostitute up to his office late one night. The woman brought the matter to their attention after turning up the next morning demanding payment from Whitehouse.

    The woman alleges that Whitehouse refused to pay her $200 fee.

    Whitehouse admitted his actions were inappropriate but says the manner in which he was laid off was offensive and damaging to his career. Court heard that he was escorted from the office after a terse five-minute meeting.