The Shadow Lurkers!

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Carl M, May 14, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Very Sad

    Having to resort to an old thread Beth- Im quite surprised at you. You really do not get it! Im not gonna get into a pissing match with you have a nice day!

    PS I never said one undesirable thing to you, in fact I praised you for having the guts to do such a comendable thing, but you twisted it because you must have been having a bad day

    PSS Slinky can you please close this thread out it died long ago!!
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  2. Beth<3


    The Beautiful Dawn

    QUOTE]Originally posted by CajunDawn
    i have been lurking and watching this unravel what is going on and where will it go next? she ponders........ friends and enemies at each others throats....
    dawn (third person) is wondering what shall become of this board.... where is commradary.. eww bad miss spell

    Honey you totally are miss understanding me. I have no comrades ask anyone I associate with no one. It just bothers me that Carl is just two euros short of a pimp and it bothers me, from the bottom of my heart, that he thinks that by marketing theses women that he somehow, Makes them believe that he can help them out in their business practices.
    Most of the gentlemen I have seen have never posted and have never been (thank God) in touch with CarlM. So I am just letting everyone know (i.e., the girls) that his say, has very little to do with whom one see and whom one does not see, by Carl's recommendations.
    Some of the women he has HIGHLY recommend have been ten cents short of somewhat attractive. I mean we are talking double brown bag situations. Crakheads you name it Carl has marketed her.
    Please do not take my anger that I have for Carl personally.
    I think you are a genuine sweetheart.
    It's also admirable for you stand behind him, as I know the two of you have a long standing friendship BUT-
    Let Carl Defend himself he is a big boy and he knows how to type, he can speak up we have all heard him talk so much about others and said so many things that were quite undesirable, at least to me and many, many others.
    Yes, maybe I am too sensitive for this board but I just can't sit here and watch these women believe that he can be of any help to them what so-ever.
    A pimp is a pimp is a pimp.
    Love ALWAYS,



    i have been lurking and watching this unravel what is going on and where will it go next? she ponders........ friends and enimies at each others throats....
    dawn ( third person) is wondering what shall become of this board.... where is comaradery.. eww bad miss spell
  4. RoosterC74


    As Usual I Am Dazed And Confused

    I know that at times-I just do not get certain things very quickly. Where in the hell did this one come from? I thought this thread died back in May. I guess that I may have missed something-The Rooster must have been sleeping on this one.
  5. Beth<3


    Re: Now Paige do not get me started!


    I am going to take the high road here, sometimes its good not to go off in a tangent which you just did. I do not need to be patonized by you especially after what a couple of my buddies Lemur Rush and Billy G told me about you.

    CarlM if you only knew how many people told me to stay as far away from you as possible you would be amazed, including some of those you have for-mentioned.
    So for the sake of everyone, shut up bro you really get on my very last nerve.
    Many, Many people have told me that you ALWAYS try and get a reduced rate or you send threatening emails saying your going to post a bad review about your experience. A pure example - ME!
    Honestly, most people laugh when they hear your name, especially me.
    Your credibility is worthless, at least to me and I am hoping to get the point across to those who do not know you for who and what you truly are?
    Take care and have a Happy New Year.
    The LI Bitch Beth or what ever you'd like to call me now! Thanks to people like the judge who have helped me to thicken my skin, towards cowards like yourself.
    PS Why not start your own message board you can call it 'How to get a reduced rate and how to rip an escort apart.' Think about it, you will have many followers???????
    PSS Who the heck made his reviews so reliable? I'd like a chat with you so you can get the real low down on Carl. XO
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2002
  6. NY Mod for TBD

    NY Mod for TBD

    I applaud your wisdom.....

    Good move -------- and I must say you have exercised considerable patience.

    I am heading back to TBD NY ..... been nice visiting. I shall re-name you 'Job'.....

    I appreciate your 'welcome mat'....... Have a great weekend.
  7. RoosterC74


    Reponse To Slinkybender

    Good timing! I am happy to see you attempt to put an end to this thing.
  8. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    You all know that I'm not big on closing threads or editing stuff, but this is about time for this shit to stop, so


    For anyone who thinks I'm talking about someone else, I'm talking about you.

    [Edited by slinkybender on 05-17-2001 at 08:16 PM]
  9. RoosterC74


    Come To Your Senses

    Enough with this entire thread. I think what each of the posters needs to do is sit back and chill-out. There has to be something better to post on this board. The quality of this thread continues to go lower and lower. How about moving on?
  10. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    Charming, Paige.
    take care, hp
  11. MJC185


    what a friggin joke....

    Please redeem yourself by saying that this was some twisted attempt at humor...

    or that you smoked too much crack before posting that nonsense threat...

    There is no place for that kind of unmitigated crap here.

  12. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Nah its not worth it!

    Have a nice day Paige!

    [Edited by Carl M on 05-17-2001 at 04:24 PM]
  13. Paige


    Don't ever threaten me Carl

    Know what facts dear? I know Lemur we spoke online the other day I bet u don't know all the facts.
    Billy G him I don't know . All I can say is that I have done nothing that I am afraid that u might say.
    I am not one of these little women that will go away and hide in the shadows. I am entitled to my opinion here and anywhere.
    Just who do u think u are with your condescending attitude and implied threats?
    You are gonna give me a pass u chicken chit u threaten a woman.
    Just when I thought u couldn't get any lower here u come.
    Ya know what u aren't even worthy of a reply but just to let u know dear. You don't scare me. Say what u want . You have real credibility having never met me or even spoken to me on a phone u know me well huh.
    Real well, u know all about me do ya now.
    No matter what I ever said I have never threatened you and I like you hear plenty Carl.
    So Babes, anytime u wanna in print go one for one I'm down cause u aint dealing with no Chick from the sticks.
    I am from Brooklyn Babes always remember where u come from.
    I'm thorugh with u.
  14. wsb


    I know a lot more than you think.

    Perhaps you should consider changing your user name so you can shill with a personna that has more credibility than you currently do???

  15. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread


    WSB- Go for it bro it will make me a better man!! I will say this before you jump to conclusions- its always best to know all the facts and you do not- do some investigative work!
  16. wsb


    Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!

    Big ditto to thevenerablebede's post above!!!

    Is it now acceptable to openly threaten providers on this board???

    Carl, I'll refrain from posting the dressing-down that I was going to give you in the interest of not violating the ethos of this board by personally attacking you. However, I sincerely hope that every provider and client on this and the other boards reads your post and gains some insight into exactly what a s#@!%*g you are.


    [Edited by wsb on 05-17-2001 at 03:18 PM]
  17. Re: Now Paige do not get me started!

    i have read and re-read paige's post above and i can't find anything in it that is patronizing. it seemed pretty level headed to me. however, your response is clearly patronizing and filled with what seems to me to be a somewhat veiled threat. high road? hardly...
  18. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Now Paige do not get me started!

    You better be a good little girl- I am going to take the high road here, sometimes its good not to go off in a tangent which you just did. I do not need to be patonized by you especially after what a couple of my buddies Lemur Rush and Billy G told me about you. However, since you are an MOT- Its your lucky day Im gonna give you a pass!
  19. Paige


    CarlM, Just one gal's take on lurkers, reviews, etc

    I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say reagrding lurkers, reviews and support of NR's.
    First, no one should be required to post this would be a controlling sort of thing and in a free society it doesn't fly or play well to the public in general.
    Reviews if u do them and people disagree it is their right to disagree doesn't mean u were wrong. It just means people who by nature are free thinkers and will determine what is right for them.
    Not everyone in this world is gonna love what you love or what I love this doesn't make them the enemy or liars.
    NR's many love her place and her level of service and rightfully so if they are happy isn't that what's important and she cannot please everyone nor should she try.
    However, people are entitled to their opinion and not to have their opinion misinterpeted as was done a couple of days ago.
    Some men love a ritzy place and maybe just maybe this gent wanted to talk, lots of guys like fine conversation. Is that wrong? No it is not wrong.
    To come on a Board and tell others to go on another board and post something good about the place is like saying it needs help and that's not the case.
    She does a fine Biz. You are only inflaming the issue by making it an even bigger one and taking what was said out of context. He didn't enjoy his experience and it was
    "His experience" he is telling how he felt. No one has the right to negate his feelings.
    So it isn't the Taj Mahal is this so bad that he said that.
    He said the place was "beaten up" not dirty.
    Others did agree with him and there were other people who didn't. He has every right to state how he feels and you have every right to state how u feel.
    But to further call and I quote "Your Comrade in Arms" to add more to me this is uncalled for.
    You speak alot here about how bad TBD is .
    However, I notice that when u want to do a rousing review you go there and sometimes here point is u do utilize the fact that board is well known.
    If it is so much better here why bother?
    I have seen you tell people "Welcome see I told you it's better here" is that right to do when u go back and then do reviews to drum up biz for a gal you like?
    Just thought I'd kick a few things around and I truly hope this post stays up.
    Too many are quick to critisize TBD and people who have opinions that are different from their own.
    I may not like things I see here or even on other Boards but I don't go around doing postings about it or tell my friends on the board in print "See it's better here"
    If I have a gripe I will write the Moderator and handle it in an appropriate manner. I have learned alot in the past 9 months about these Boards and somethings are better left unsaid as I learned because we all make mistakes myself included.

    [Edited by paige on 05-17-2001 at 09:37 AM]
  20. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Read my first Post

    A lurker used my name as a referral, saw somebody I know, they argued and I then had to defend myself for a referral I never made!
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