The Voluptuous Diva of Debauchery Returns in Two Weeks!

Discussion in 'New York' started by Amanda Witherspoon, Mar 26, 2001.

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  1. LOL! That's me...The Voluptuous Vixen...the Amazonian name it, I've been called it!

    I'm wrapping up all screening on clients this Friday. My tour begins April 10, but I will be in Boston the week prior, and will be unable to complete any screening.

    If you are interested in scheduling an "adventure" of your own with me, please visit my website--you'll find my pictures, rates, and policies...and last, but not least, my booking form. Once that is completed and submitted, you should hear from me within 2 days with a response to your request.

    I am a very tall (5'11"), very voluptuous (40DD) blonde bombshell with--a miracle in itself--INTELLIGENCE and HUMOR! That's right, folks...not your usual high-school dropout-turned-dancer-turned-escort. I actually have almost 70 freaking hard-earned credit hours with a wonderful Texas Institution of Higher Learning, and my certification with CQRID for residential and commercial interior design was earned (quite easily, go figure) in 1996. Currently obsessed with web design and computers in general, I am entering the world of Microsoft Certified Engineers classes...Lions and Tigers and Bears---OH MY! (Actually, my best friend is a dancer and she would kick my bootie if she saw what I wrote, so I have to apologize in advance to anyone that I may have stereotyped.) Hey! Intelligence is sexy...but so is a sense of humor!

    Come check out my site! I assure you...Everything is bigger in Texas...including breast size (and personalities!)!

    I certainly look forward to my upcoming visit in your incredible city. Familiar faces will be a welcome sight and new faces are in for a real treat!

    Have a great week, everyone!

    Amanda :)

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