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Discussion in '"Selling It"' started by vad1, Sep 22, 2017.

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  1. jrandy1


    don't remember the exact post but read one on BP the other day that said up front this link (social media) is fake but bp is requiring it on the ad.
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  2. Hollander


    Fyi- BP only dropped the escort section after the CEO was arrested on pimping charges. I believe that was last Summer. Like CL, a decade ago, they were warned by the authorities. BP was arrogant about it and ignored the threats.

    Someone told me there was a documentary about the process on Netflix. I don't know the name. But, they recommended it. Basically, a handful of women teamed up to bring down BP. The documentary follows the process. If anyone knows more info, feel free to share.
  3. Months ago they completely eliminated the escort section because of the heat they were feeling. Everyone moved to the W4M section. I think my point is that once you start charging people to advertise blatant prostitution you are opening yourself up to more heat and can't use the excuse that you have no control over what people post anymore. You are in fact making money from solicitation. If that is the case then it is only a matter of time before someone turns up the heat on them again and the W4M section is toast. I don't know the fine points of the law. That is just my perspective on it.
  4. Slinky Bender

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    Well they have to make money somehow or they might as well fold up the site, right?
  5. Backpage ads used to be free. They started charging five bucks about two weeks ago. This seems to have driven most of the casual girls off of the site for now. The only way to pay is through bitcoin or by sending a check or MO to a Texas address. I think that section is in its last death throes. What doesn't make any sense to me is why they would suddenly start charging for those ads. It almost makes them complicit in promoting prostitution by charging people to advertise their services there.
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  6. hardndslick


    Maybe bp offers them a chance to ad their Facebook and or instagram link when they are making an ad now
  7. Li631


    Wonder if maybe they are in the know about a possible shutdown or something of Backpage and are trying to be ahead of it.
    Seems odd that all of a sudden all of them started at the same time.
    There must have been a union meeting last week.
  8. Hollander


    It seems pointless. I clicked on an ad for a Hispanic provider and her Facebook link took me to an Asian girl. Most of the links don't even work.
  9. vad1


    A lot of them are dead links, lol!

    No posts in some, "no such account exists" in some...

    Don't know if this is a new "thing" and the savvy ones are rushing to mark their spot in internet "stardom"!

    "I banged an Instagram hottie" may mean nothing much soon, lol!

    The seasoned pros: Star, etc, already have their page, so their links work.

    The Spanish girls have links to the pics in the ad, not necessarily the girl "behind the green door".

    Don't know what all this means, too new to call, one way or another.

    Anyone from "the other side", feel free to chime in.

  10. h50


    Not 100% sure this will end well but definitely sounds interesting.
  11. vad1


    Or are they?

    Since yesterday, a lot of posts on BP come with Facebook and Instagram links!

    Sure, the links show the same pics, and sometimes, different names from the ads.

    No more need to ask the computer savvy among us to research the pics, the links are right there!

    "Selling it"?