they're on to us...

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  1. mikeDNJ


    Hey! is that Elms picture on ***?

    Cheesy looking guy with Big teeth and a mafiosi pinstripe?

    Or it just could be few public domain pics...whatever...either way in the "Search review" section it looks like the guy looks like a real deep thinker..."who shoud I blast my load into, today?"
  2. DaiDaiLun


    OMG, UG is not even acknowledge in either of the articles. WTF. BD sucks because it's always high price agency or indies that post there. *** is like majority self posts. Blah.
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    And there's more.

    Face it, it will never end. It's been going on for ages, it's just becoming more "public" now. There will be a substantial difference in the way things go starting now.
  4. john galt

    john galt

    A consumer guide to prostitutes is a click away

    In explicit detail, Web sites ‘review’ services of professional escorts
    Big Doggie continues to operate more than three years after the arrests of its founders, whose cases were thrown out when police could not persuade witnesses to come forward.

    Big Doggie

    Alex Johnson
    • Profile
    Angelica is a shade over 5½ feet tall. She is in her late 20s, and she has straight brown hair down to the middle of her back. She has an athletic body with surgically sculpted breasts. She sports a few tattoos but no pubic hair, and her belly button is pierced.

    For the right price — which she pegs at $350 an hour, to start — Angelica will have sex with you. She will perform unprotected oral sex, and she will usually agree to anal intercourse. She will, if you have the money, bring a second lady with her, and they will have sex with each other for your enjoyment. Or, if you wish, she will set up an S&M scene.

    We know all this about Angelica because she is a professional escort, and you can read what her customers say about her on Web sites where men who purchase such services gather to review and rate thousands of working ladies like her.

    There is a great deal more — very explicit and very detailed — about Angelica and what she does in her profile on The Erotic Review, the largest of the escort-rating Web sites. In its aim and practice, it essentially is a consumer guide for prostitutes and johns.

    “I know from an escort’s point of view the review boards really, really help a lot, because everyone always asks, ‘Well, do you have reviews?’” said Billie, an escort in a Midwestern state whose name, like those of all other escorts cited in this report, has been changed. “If they’re bad, that’s not good, but when they’re good ones, it really helps an escort get established when she’s just starting out.”

    Not all escorts sell sex. Some sell sensual massages or even actual, non-sexual dinner companionship. But law enforcement officials estimate that 90 percent to 95 percent of the escorts listed on the Web sites are selling sex. And there is very little the police can do about it, even when it is openly discussed on sites like The Erotic Review.

    **Related story
    Sites stay several steps ahead of the law

    Pursuing ‘the hobby’
    Many men make a lifestyle out of patronizing escorts. They call it “the hobby,” not prostitution, and they are “hobbyists,” not johns. They consider themselves connoisseurs of fine women, and they are eager to learn from their fellow hobbyists who will provide exactly what they want.

    What they want is generally very clear: They want a centerfold model who will hang adoringly on their every word in public, then perform any sex act in any position with professional skill in private. The combination — a romantic dinner date followed by uninhibited sex — is called the “girlfriend experience,” or GFE. Of Angelica, a reviewer wrote, “The term GFE should be based on what she is.”

    **How this story was reported
    The names of all escorts in this report have been changed, and their locations have been withheld. An reporter wrote or called them through the contact information provided in their reviews on The Erotic Review, for which he registered using his real name and his address. He immediately identified himself as a reporter and explained the nature of the articles to every woman who was approached for an interview.

    Before review sites came along, hobbyists had no way to protect themselves, said David R. Elms, president of The Erotic Review, which began in 1999 and claims that it gets 350,000 unique visitors a day.

    “I’m a hobbyist, and I was getting ripped off,” Elms said. “There was no way to hold people accountable for their actions.

    “There had to be a way to get this information out,” he said. “If a guy got ripped off or he received good service, then he could tell somebody. We treat it as something equivalent to going out on a hot date and telling a hundred thousand of your closest friends.”

    Officially, review sites insist that it is just the hot date that men are paying for — in other words, companionship and conversation, not sex. Whatever happens beyond that “is purely a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults,” says a disclaimer on Big Doggie, another nationwide escort review site. The Erotic Review goes further: “You can give it away for free, but you can’t sell it.”

    But interviews with working escorts across the country and with review-site operators, activists for prostitutes’ rights and law enforcement officials bear out what is evident in the reviews themselves: Sex is the “it” being sold.

    “‘Escorts’ — right,” said Master Sgt. Bruce C. Woodbury, head of the Vice/Morals Unit of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Fla., which mounted an ultimately unsuccessful sting operation against Big Doggie in 2002. “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.”
    There's more but its boring...

    We must be safe and utr since were not mentioned!