this ever happen to you?????

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by jam master jay, Jan 31, 2003.

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  1. teeduke



    When you think about it, we love AMPs as much for what we DON'T get there ... as for what we DO.
  2. jshocker25


    hell yeah it's nice they don't call you, imagine having to try to understand 1/2 the shit they are saying and not being able to just nod your head pretending to understand?????
  3. daro

    daro in loco CM


    I was LMAO reading your post. Since you and I traveled in the
    same circle, in regards to a certain tempting indy, it's like I
    know you. You have just experienced the customer appeal
    of a good amp girl. If they like you, they treat you more like
    a bf. They don't think of themselves as providers, hookers, etc.
    It's always nice to get 2 pops. It's always nice to get the whole
    60 minutes. It's also nice that they don't call you every day.
    It's also nice that they don't share all their issues with you.
    For 160 you had the same experience I always get from my special amp girls. You definitely get more bang(s) for your
    buck the asian mp way. I know what you've experienced in
    the past. Now you know what I've been experiencing for years.
    Just my .02.
  4. jshocker25


    Was thinking about a variety and trying a new AMP I haven't been to ever so settled on 35 Hempstead Ave in Farmindale. Greeted by NaNa (however you spell it) at the door in this tiny little outfit and to me she has the best body I've seen at an AMP, very tight and about c cup implants that make up for average face. So right away I knew she did anything because she gave me like 3 kisses before she left with my $60. So she comes back as I lay there and right away was what do you like? I ask if I could go twice in the hr for $100 and she says ok but 1 time just hand, other everything. So she starts leaves, comes back and starts down there, well the hand lasted about 15 seconds and she starts sucking and somewhere a condom pops out of her mouth, well she does that and is like "I want you sex", so lays down and we do mish the first pop. She leaves, hot towel routine and then a decent massage the next 15 minutes as she talks about wanting a bf and all this crap I wasn't really listening to until she reaches under and starts playing with my balls again. So I turn over, another condom was in her mouth the whole time and she says you my bf today, starts sucking again and then within 30 seconds wants sex again, so doggie til finish again. Then we clean up, I get dressed and she ask me to stay a little and I say no, have to make dinner and she's like "what you make" and I tell her and she replies, "well you make me dinner sometime too, you be my bf" did I just get asked out by a chick at a massage parlor????? that was weird, but for $160 was a very good time
  5. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    I agree...recently, a girl at one of my favorite AMP's gave me her cell phone(?) number, and told me to call her outside of work for a "date", and don't tell the mamasan. This was all done without my asking her in the least, but maybe she wanted to freelance a bit away from the AMP...