Three ...four strikes your done!!!

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by conoworld, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. conoworld


    Tried contacting this B..tch several times and each time got BS from her.
    1st call all booked up said OK it happens try another time
    2nd call she tells me she has plenty of openings so I try to set up time for 7pm it's 5:30 and I figure its going to take me at least a half hour to just get to her the town she does business in which is a big secret. gets me thinking wtf!!! so mister happy says ok call her back in 1/2 hr.
    3rd call she picks up says something then hangs up. couple minutes later calls me back. Of course we get disconnected.

    so by the time 4th call is made she's all booked up AGAIN!! so now I'm a little pissed at why the hell she wouldn't take my 7oc. appt.

    got me thinking is this whore that good she's got then lining up around the corner or am I lucky I didn't get ripped off by some body rub specialist who only rubs my wallet and not me.

    her advertisements pop up every couple of days for body rubs in and around paramus and oakland which means fairlawn and also has an add in SO. unless someone tells me shes the best they've ever had and suck one of there balls out of there ass I'd definitly not calling back and advise others not to waste there time!!!!!!! and money!!!!!!!!