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Discussion in 'New York' started by fender4, Jun 21, 2001.

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  1. haf



    i have to agree with all the above. i saw her about a year ago. she is cute and does have a nice voice, but is such a hassle to deal with. with me, she came to my apt. and sat down, and started to talk. well she tried to get this "getting to know each other" part to last the whole hour if she could. she basically doesn't like what she is doing for a living, but loves the money. so she does whatever she can and moves on the the next fool to take his money. she will quote $200, and she knows most guys will give her an extra $100 once she's there and they've gotten started.

    When she tried that with me, I told her that she had said on the phone the price was for full service (meaning not BJ), and I persisted, and she somehow gave in and agreed, but she kept saying she gives great BJ, cuz i guess she didn't really want intercourse. i guess for her, BJ is a lot less personal and so she can justify it to herself... go figure. she can't seem to walk away from the profession because of all the money she is making.

    She plays a mean mind game trying to control the whole situation and you end up getting so frustrated for paying someone to jerk you around psychologically. Heck, you can get that free anywhere in NY! She's pretty, and at the same time a rip off.
  2. nicolerio


    What she ment was that you shot your $$

    Hello Fish I see you are lurking late tonight. Twas nice to see you again. BTw the next round of drinks is on me.
  3. fishfry


    Oh yeah I love that game. Street hooker in Oakland, California one time, gets in my car, gives my dick a few half-hearted strokes with her mouth, spits, says "You came," and bolts out the door.

    Years later it's a funny story -- so in a sense I did get my money's worth.

  4. pinga


    yes, she is a looker but unfortunately is always trying to get your money without doing her job. I saw her 2 years ago for $200 and only got some head after she claimed that I had shot my load.
  5. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder


    not only knows who to see, also knows who NOT to see. Thanks dude!
  6. fender4



    that's all i have to say - and she looks so cute in the ad

    i guess she's got a different number now but it seems like she's still working out of midtown - around 53rd and broadway

    be careful out there fellas

    take care
  7. Xerxes


    I saw her about a year ago and reviewed her in JAG. She told me over the phone that her rate was $200 an hour. When she came to my apartment and after money was exchanged and we were both naked she demanded an extra $100 for FS. At that stage I felt very annoyed and cheated. Since I was not planning to give her any more money she finished me off with a covered BJ and left.

    Several weeks later I read in TBD that after the exactly the same incident with another hobbyist, the hobbyist specifically told her that he would report her to the hotel staff (she was offering incall out of a Mid-town hotel) unless she refunded half of his money. She promptly gave him $100.

    I felt much happier after reading that in TBD. This is the best way to deal with cheats and scams.
  8. Luciano


    could be this tiger?


    she has decent reviews; but:
    "But she does play games with prices, I called the first time, price was 175/hr. Later it was 200/hr When I got there she wanted 225. To go all the way will cost you 300. "

    apologies to whoever this is plagarized from.
    Hope this helps.
  9. fender4


    has anyone had a chanceto visit with tiger who posted an add in the village voice last week

    she's an asian girl


    might i have to take one for the team

    she looks great and sounded great on the phone

    couldn't get our timing woked out