Times Square - unlucky or unskilled?

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Ignats, Feb 3, 2003.

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  1. daro

    daro in loco CM


    I was waiting for you to chime in. You knew those 80's tracks
    better than me. Yeah, Tony D. Last time I saw him, he was
    driving a maroon suv benz a few years ago. I remember Tiffany
    telling me about something that went down. Her and her man
    both wound up in the can. Carmen used to be hot in the 80's.
    Wore the fur coat and the fur hat. She was a stuck up bitch.
    Never gave me the time of day. Then I met her in the late 90's,
    when I was seeing Tiffany, and she wanted to go out with me.
    By now she was 40 lbs heavier, after spitting out 3 or 4 kids,
    I told her to fuck off. Good to hear from you.
  2. greyfox


    Tony D.

    Angie(Chrissy) was a turnout around '91 and worked with a a girl named Carmen with reddish-brown hair and pouty lips.They would work the west end of 29th between 10th & 11th standing near the Titty Sisters then.Carmen is back working both eastside & westside tracks on weekends now.Lauren,Tiff,and a girl named Anna showed up around '97 driving by the Hess station @45th & 10th.Rumors about Angie's disappearance range from cancer to turning in her man.I think Tiff was their babysitter before she got turned out.Angie and Tiffany hated each other.

    There was a Sable who I think came through Chicago, and worked with a girl named Chelsea.Wild looking wigs,5'7'' white girl,kinky attitude,long legs,perfect ass,small tits.I didn't meet this Sable until '87.She developed such a bad crack habit no pimp wanted anything to do with her and worked 46th between 9th & 10th with a broken front tooth from around '88-90.She got clean,fixed her tooth and worked at brothels known as Exclusively Yours and Especially for You on the east side in '90-'91,as Bridgette.I'm pretty sure this is the same Sable.
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  3. daro

    daro in loco CM


    That's the Angie I was talking about. Yes, she had a blonde
    sister Lauren, with the black Rav 4. When I first met Angie, she
    was as flat as Lauren. Then she went implant crazy. Angie
    could be a bitch, but I got along well with her.

    Tiffany, the petite greek. That's her alright. She was in AC a
    couple years ago. I saw her down there. Then about 14 months
    ago I received a collect call from her. It came from Camden County Jail. That was the last I heard from her.

    Heather - Yes that's her. My ATF streetwalker. She moved back
    to Seattle 4 or 5 years ago. I saw her back here once in 1999, and again in 2001. She used to call me when she would come
    back east to make some money. I think she had a chinese
    client who used to fly her in, for a week. Her number was
    disconnected. Last time I saw her was April 2001.

    Tiffany and Angie didn't get along too well. Both worked for
    the same pimp. Both had kids with him also.

    I spent alot of the 90's with Heather, and then Tiffany in the
    late 90's. Rudy took them off the streets, and they all were in
    cars. NNJ1971, thanks for your input, regarding two of my
    regulars, from back then.
  4. daro

    daro in loco CM

    Cookyman, I don't know where Sable, Tiffany ( petite blonde )
    there were 3 tiffany's I remember. A big busty blonde, and also
    the petite dark haired greek. Puddin was from Hillside, NJ.
    I don't know where these 3 wound up. Last time I saw Puddin was
    late 80's. Tiffany (blonde) around 1992.

    Karen or Jackie from 27th street. Doesn't ring a bell.
    Not sure which China you mean.There is one out there now.
    She works 27th and Park/Lex. I see her once in a while.
    I do remember an oriental girl from the 80's. Her name may have
    been China. She may have been Korean.

    Cookyman, they were some great memories.
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  5. kennylingus


    mid 80's? Way too old for me.
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  6. nnj1971


  7. Cookyman


    Daro: Man!!! What a memory you got!!!
    You just bought back some great memories for me from the past!!! The ladies on the west side that you remembered was really a blast from the past.
    Anybody know where they are today?
    Sable, Tiffany,Puddin.... Where are you ladies?
    Do you remember Karen, China or Jackie from 27 Street?
  8. Casper


    Mama miaaaaaaaaa... Only WOC was one of the unnamed SW. All other were either white bread or spanish.
  9. daro

    daro in loco CM

    Casper, those are 3 names I never heard, in all the years
    of sw action in NYC. Also if they were woc from Irvington,
    I would have passed on them. I was a tough sw grader.
    There was more variety out there than Heinz.
    There was and still is a lot of frugal in me. Even for a .20 bbbjtc,
    is she wasn't good looking, I passed. Moved on to #58. LOL.

    P.S. A lot of Tiffany's, Crystals, Mercedes, Diamond, Ruby,
    Sapphire ( mean ass goodlooking blonde white bitch).
  10. Casper


    They were SW working in the City. Didn't know where they were from till after the deed was done. They are all f'd up to one extent or another. But I'm sure you're fully aware of that.
  11. letsgetstarted



    Before the Javit's Center I can remember 30 girls on a street.
  12. daro

    daro in loco CM


    27th/30th area btween 10th $ 11th.

    Cricket - cute petite young blonde. Curly hair.

    Tiffany - pretty young petite blonde. Did a lot of Saturday
    afternoons out there. White garters/white fm pumps.

    Jasmine - Larger girl from Tenn. Drove around in a blue suv van
    with Miss. plates.

    Puddin (Roxy) - hot looking black girl. Latoya Jackson lookalike.
    Long shiny geri curly hair, nice tits, thin legs,
    nice ass. Wore a lot of garters and lingerie.

    Lucy - cute little hispanic girl. Had some wild tats on her.
    One on her breast and a snake on her leg.

    Angie (Angela C. ) - nice italian blonde girl. Later wound up
    around 44th & 45TH area. Drove around
    in SUV.

    Nadia - cute little greek/cuban girl.
    Tiffany - another real petite greek girl. 44th/45th. Drove around.
    Heather - petite blonde in a sporty blue car. 27th area.
    Crystal- hung with above. Small reddish hair.
    Shayla - blonde. Bid tits.
    Nikki - hung with above. Small dirty blonde.
    Terry or Terry Jo - cute light black girl. Mid 80's. 30th & 11th.

    I just figured it was better to post some of these for the
    veterans committe out there. Hopefully some of you also
    sampled these lovely sw's.
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  13. daro

    daro in loco CM


    Casper, I never heard of that trio. Then again from your
    description, I know why. I'm not into WOC from Irvington.
    I stayed away from the obvious fucked up ones. I guess I
    ran with a different crowd. Different strokes for different folks.
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  14. daro

    daro in loco CM


    Yes, blonde hair. Somewhat curly. Big full tits.
  15. Casper


    Toy, Chelsea, Georgia, some 24 yr old WOC from Irvington, some overweight Phillipina woman off 10th Ave past Lincoln Tunnel, others too f'd up to recall.
  16. Cookyman


    Did she have blonde hair?
  17. daro

    daro in loco CM


    1984 was when I started going over regularly. I remember
    the name Sable. I remember meeting her. I passed on her.
    It may have been the drugged out thing.

    Best pair of legs I ever saw out there.
    Winter of 1986-1987.
    27th and 11th and also 27th and Park/Lex.
    Name: Candy

    Clue: Drove a rust colored vet, with Tenn. plates.
    Wore a fur coat, with short skirt, diamond anklet.
    She was a southern girl, and she could be a bitch.
    She was into the drugs also.
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  18. xbanker


    Daro's New Game Show -- " Name that SW"

    Circa: 1984-1985
    Area: 23-27th & 11th
    Name: Sable

    Clue: Wacked out druggie, but possibly the best legs and ass I've ever seen in my life.

    Did you know this one?

  19. daro

    daro in loco CM


    No I wasn't there while you were sampling. I was doing my own
    sampling, in my own box of sweets. Light, dark, mixed, nuts, etc.
    No fruits though. If they were around 27th and 11th, I sampled
    them. We probably passed each other many times. You give
    me an 80's sw name, and I'll put a face to that name, and
    if she drove around, a vehicle.
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  20. Casper


    You were there while I was sampling? :confused: