Today's a good day to hobby

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by daengman, Feb 17, 2003.

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  1. curious


    Interesting logic, d-man...

    and I'm sure it would work for anyone so inclined in the NNJ/NYC metro area.

    While that is also where I get my itch scratched, I live well outside it; therefore I cannot partake :unhappy: . Missing my current lady terribly today.

    Hope others had better luck.
  2. daengman


    No, really it is

    Now before You think that i'm puffing on that funny weed or working on my second bottle of Jack Daniel's, please read my reasons.

    All this depends on the hobbiest and/or provider being somewhat mobile and the provider being available to provide. I realize that on a day like this, that is a rather tall order but sill it is possible for some.

    Wether you go the incall, outcall, amp, rmp, etc route, some of the reasons are the following:

    1. For most providers business will be non-existant. They will be extremely grateful for any opportunity.
    2. Because of #1, they may be somewhat flexible on price or at least willing to price at the low end of their range.
    3. Because business is slow and they are bored, the session will not be rushed. You will get the full time and probably more and the list of menu items may more varied. Because they are not rushed they will probably be more friendly.
    4. On subsequent visits, they will remember you as being there for them during this trying time and give you better service.
    5. There is virtually no risk of LE problems.
    6. There would be little reason for a wife or SO being suspicious about your activities.
    7. Easy to explain cash expenditures, staying overnight in hotel, etc.

    Back in the early 80's (perhaps 82 or 83), there was a big snow storm like today. Left work around noon. Already a foot of snow on the ground. Was driving thru Flushing on my way home. Decided to stop in AMP just off N. Blvd. No customers except me.
    Had a choice of five girls. Paid for an hour but stayed almost two.
    Had three cups. Was one of my best sessions ever. When I came out, had to dig my car out a bit and went home. Wife suspected nothing.

    So for those who can get out and hobby today or tomorrow, as Martha Stewart would say "It will probably be a good thing"