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Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by gern777, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. bigcecil


    I went about a year ago, and it was one of the best massages I ever had. She kept me covered with a very silky sheet the whole time and rubbed me through it. She paid close attention to my inner thigh area from behind. Great massage that ended nicely.
  2. NigelWick



    Based on gern's review, I decided to stop by late Thursday evening. gern is right on the money in every respect. I took the table shower. Fantastic. It's a busy place, and the constant doorbell ringing was more than a bit distracting. Overall, a great time at a reasonable price.
  3. DickTheLawyer


    Great post gern (lol @ the "jr" quip). With the substantial downturn in the Westchester - Ct services, it may be worth a ride on I-80 for what sounds like a very enjoyable time.
  4. gern777


    I've reviewed this place before, but the thread was deleted some time ago (I assume for lack of activity) so I decided to post an updated review.

    I find myself driving through the Stroudsburg/Pocono area fairly often and I usually end up at this KMP a few times a year - the last time being about 5 months ago. Although I've seriously cut back on my mongering activities as of late in the hopes of stashing a few bucks away, I decided to stop here on my way through the area today and see if the treatment was as good as I remember.

    The place is located on Rt 611 in Bartonsville (take the Bartonsville exit off 80 West, left at the light, place is about a mile down the road on the right). It's a average sized converted house on a farily busy and well traveled road. There is parking on either side of the building, but your car is very visable from Rt 611 - not a problem for me but it might be if you live in the area. Also, seems to be one of those places where the girls live in one part of the place and the business is run from another part. I had no appointment, just parked and rang the bell (door is on the left side of building) and was greeted by an average looking, mid 30's K-gal. The place has 4 very clean massage rooms - two very large, two very small and there is usually 3 girls working at any given time. Generally you get whatever girl's turn it is and the gals are all standard KMP fare - mid 30's cute to average in both face and body. My gal, Sony, led me into one of the larger rooms. I paid her the door fee, $60 for 1 hour, and got comfortable. She offered a shower but I declined, since the last time I was here the place only had a stand-up shower. I did, however notice as I was leaving that they've expanded the shower area and now have a table shower. I'll have to remember that for next time. Anyway Sony enters and works every muscle in my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. The massage here is really awesome, totally got all the kinks out and left me feeling like a pile of jelly! On several occasions she gave a playful reach-around to Gern Jr. and the boys - very nice. After 45 min of absolute massage bliss. She asked me to filp. She went right to work on Gern Jr. Nice tease and a slow burn HJ working into an explosive finale. Awesome! Cleaned me up with a hot towel (thank God not those fucking baby wipes!) and continued to massage my arms, chest and legs up to the full 1 hour. After a kiss on the cheek, she helped me get dressed and held my hand as she walked me to the door. I tipped $40.

    I was very happy to see that the quallity at this place is still top notch. The downside is there is nothing else available here except massage with HE. But, the massage is fan-fucking-tastic, the girls are standard looking, but friendly and nice, and for $100 in total it's a pretty good deal.

    There's not too many options in this area as far as mongering goes - not sure why that is with the huge influx of NYers and NJites over the past few years. But if you're in this area and you're OK with an amazing massage with HE - this is a great little find. Clean place, nice girls, great service.

    thanks for listening