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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by diverx99, Mar 4, 2003.

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  1. remsenst


    Re: Phoenix Spa

    Board newbie, hobby veteran. I tried Phoenix yesterday. I thought I was in like Flint at a fs place because I got the number from a Chinese newspaper. Phone girl is defintely hot, but not available and speaks better English than me, her name is Jessica. I was directed to Cici, she was very friendly, good English, roaming allowed. After the flip, no top HJ $.5.
    Looks 6
    technique 7
    Plce has great ambience. Took a nice long shower and hung out in the steam room later. On the way out, I told Jessica I wasn't too happy that I didn't get more and she gave me a typical marketing speech that was true but would necessitate a few returns: "You have to come back a few times and get to know the girls" and "It depends on the girl" blah, blah. I suspect HJ is as far as anyone will go here. The two other girls were about a 5 and a 7 on looks.
  2. BklynGuy


    Cozy Spa - John st

    I went to Cozy Spa this weekend:

    112 John St., 2nd floor.

    The menu is as follows (or at least how i made it out from Pidgin English)
    .7- cash or credit for one-hour massage (includes steam sauna)
    .3- for 30 min body scrub.

    I took the full hour. The woman was named Sue, from Korea, Mid twenties or so. About 5'6" 120 or so, I’m a bad judge of weight, when the woman is clothed.

    I knew it was bad news when she told me to leave my boxers on. She gave a damn good massage, firm, she worked the stress form my entire body, except for BKLYNSchlong.

    It was unfortunate that the ending wasn't happy, because other than that i had a great time, it would have made the massage.

    I couldn't tell if I could get the tug to go with my rub if I became a regular. But I’m not willing to invest another .7 in this venture.

    Next time, I'm calling Wendy.

    Any advise on how to close the deal or where else to go in the Wall St area?

    Peace form Brooklyn
  3. Cabeza


    Laura in Tribune

    Saw an ad in the Tribune for young girls (18+). Called Laura and was sent to a place in Queens where I was guaranteed a chance to get the girl I missed when I was in College (for $.60). I know it was kind of expensive, but I decided, what the heck. Let me check this out. When I got there, I realized why I had missed this girl in college. She must have graduated a few years before me. She wasn't old, but she was no 18 - 21 year old (as Laura had promised). She looked OK, but nothing special. The service was ok, not rushed. But I got the feeling that I was with a starfish. Not terrible, but definitely not worth the price. Boy do I miss Mong Mong. She was GREAT!!!!
  4. forest_11


    Peacock Spa

    Saw this place listed in NYARS translation section as Peacock Spa,
    same address, same phone number. The receptionist is very cute, but I didn't have any better luck with my massage girl. Maybe different treatment for Asians answering ad in Chinese newspaper.
  5. Stitch


    Yes, an empty. But I've only been there once. The place sends mixed signals. The phone girl is very pretty and flirtatious. And, with a smile, she assigned me a slender girl when I made it clear I did not want the buffalo I saw lingering around the place. My masseuse was pretty but not especially sensual. And there is a little window in the door....I believe that this is a legit place where, after repeat visits and under the right circumstances with the right girl (sorry Slink), you could enjoy some extras.

    I didn't want to make the investment with the particular masseuse I was given. She's left now, so maybe I will try again.
  6. shredbeach


    Phoenix Spa

    Thanks Stitch for the reply. Can you elaborate on your experience there? Did you go for a session and come up empty-handed (or rather did SHE come up empty-handed? ;))

    Has anyone else had any luck there?

  7. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    Please Chaucer, old pal... know that bright flashing lights and sudden changes in wind
    direction can confuse ya don't like Thai men? Is that it?
    You prefer 32nd Street solid Korean babes? I betchya the Thai
    guys are more feminine...but I don't want to give Jrman any ammo...
    ad I certainly have no intention to digres...

    Michel "Thoroughly confused by Chaucer" Etellier
  8. chaucer26



    met, diverxx99, everybody----ooops! my own foolishness has damaged me yet again. the question i posted above to met, asking about the looks of the women, etc.----it was meant for diver, not met. i was referring to the original topic in this thread, not the place with thai men. anyway, sorry for the confusion.
  9. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    My "special" friend, Jrman66...

    ...the above took you three days to compose?

    You really have to find someone who reads faster to help you...
    and as I can see now that you were absent on the days when
    they taught respect AND's a hint:

    "With the rare exception of hermaphrodites (2); pussies
    rarely have dicks...small or otherwise...

    Michel "Wish this guy would make up his mind assuming he has one" Etellier

    (1) Pick a verb tense...any verb tense.

    (2) A little help: (hur/ maf /fro/ dit/ s) plural noun.
    See "pussy, with a small dick"

    PS. Waiting with baited breath to hear about your next "conquest"
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  10. jrman66

    jrman66 Ma-Ling Bok Ma Wong Gee

    Re: Now, now Jrman66...

    I guess a loser, pussy, with a small dick, has to be witty on a board like this to compensate.
  11. Casper


    I never met a pussy that was a looser. Pussies cum up on top. Ask any of the successful providers. ;)
  12. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    Now, now Jrman66... the other thread, you called me a "pussy".
    Now I am "such a loser".

    Make up your mind, conquistador.

    Michel "impressed by Jrman66's wealth of nouns" Etellier
  13. jrman66

    jrman66 Ma-Ling Bok Ma Wong Gee

  14. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

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  15. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    Hard to say...

    ...Chaucer, old buddy. She wasn't there-like I said I think she's
    answering the phones from a different location. However, this
    apartment is like someone's home and there was a photo of a
    good looking double A girl, whether she is the babe
    on the phone or the babe would actually massage ya, I dunno...

    Methinks (hey, Chaucer- that's early modern English- a little after
    your time but I digress...) that its better to call this joint insisting on babe only or just avoid all together...

    Considering the scam they tried to pull on Michel (and poor, defenseless
    Little Michel) I'd be real skeptical of what kinda description you get
    on the phone..

    Michel "don't like the looks of this situation" Etellier
  16. mydesign


    Yeah, but the ones you really have to worry about are the ones w/ cameras in the rooms...SMILE!
  17. Stitch


    Come to think of it, you're right, the laptop angle is strange. But for the same reason, I doubt LE would use a laptop that way. Probably it's just a sign of all around amateurishness. It wouldn't worry me, but I agree, there are lots of other places... Except....Hmmm...Maybe the ones you should really worry about are the ones you DON'T see....
  18. eatkunt


    C'mon guys...they have that camera for a reason...

    Want to mindfuck people in an amp...wear clodhoppers and walk real heavy...
  19. mydesign


    Re: Phoenix Spa

  20. Stitch


    I went to Phoenix. I really like the phone girl--I may go back just to flirt with her. The camera doesn't mean a thing. All the higher class places have them in order to scare off thieves. Lots of cash at these places. They're a target, just like liquor stores. The camera is just prudent business practice.

    Unfortunately, I do think Phoenix is legit. Clean as can be and friendly and New Age-like, but legit. In their shower room they have a lovely and tasteful picture of a naked Asian woman bathing. Paradoxically, only a high end massage place that's legit would put up a picture like that.