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  1. stevana


    Been to Rick's Cafe a few times. Have to say that there are some highly good looking and highly well-built girls there (of course there are others but they seem to be in the small minority). Pressure for a dance (regular lap or private varies quite a bit). Private services are very expensive ($365 for 1/2 hour excluding tip to companion and host). Nonetheless, I like hanging out there for a bit on occassion because of the large number of good looking and friendly ladies. Just need to not let the little head do all of the thinking because it could cost a bundle.
  2. ozmo


    if you plan to be patronizing providers frequently anyway, it doesnt hurt to cultivate a relationship of sorts where you might get some bonuses in return for regular business. the greater amount of give and take of this situation means its somewhat of a more intimate relationship... though i wouldnt call it dating'. there are of course those out there that actually pursue meaningful relationships with providers, but it seems kind of a flawed approach...
  3. justlooking


    I found myself thinking yesterday how much I REALLY miss the Paradise Club.

    I'm really pathetic.
  4. Sambucca


    Just to further illustrate points previously made by Justlooking & myself.Last night I had the 1st of what will be several Holiday get-togethers with a dancer/casual provider.Met up after her shift.Got something to eat.Went to a nice short-stay.Got a fire going. Gave her the present she asked for from V's Secret.Had her monetary gift inside her X-mas card.Her usual is 1/2 k per hr..She usually charges ME $$$$.She hands 2 back to me with a "Merry Christmas".Clothes off.Hot tub, massages for each of us and so on and so on
    for the next 2 hrs. A totally REAL gfe at a ridiculous discount.
    Meet them, cultivate them, treat them right and it pays off.Can't wait for my
    B-day.She's promised me a 2-girl at no extra cost.
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  5. Joe69

    Joe69 Bronze

    Hot Lap Dance Club

    OK, I admit it, I am a total "scumbag" We try to rip off or take advantage but sometimes we get caught. Oh, well, there's always annother sucker around the corner. Yeaqh, we do "abuse the girls" too, but they are just skanky whores, so who cares? - There are a lot of girls who have left the top Gentlemen's Clubs who've gotten aboused by managment there as well. Why should I be any different?.
    "lie about the entry fees" - The entry fees are always posted on out website, and they don't lie nearly as much as they used to about them. The Club is more expensive then some other Clubs, but it's the hidden costs where we make th ereal money of the suckers. And yes, there are "lies about what goes on" - but so what if we promise girls that aren't there and we promise shows that don't occur; it's standard for he induistry. We only lie like everyone else does.
    "lies about how good the girls look" - All the pictures on the website are actual dancers who are at their events. Of course, that doesn't mean they still work for us.
    "swinger's events ... scam" - The Premium Events swingers events were among the most hated private swingers parties in Manhattan, which is why we don'tdo them anymore
  6. Mr. Wet Wooly

    Mr. Wet Wooly

    Went recently. The biggest advantage the place has is that you don't have to be a regular--I'm not; you just need to do some interviewing, as you say. Tip the bouncer, the silly hostess, and, of course, the girl, and you'll be very satisfied.

    I guess you can avoid all the middlemen and date the girl outside, but I don't want phonecalls or really any social interaction whatsoever.

    I'm a nice enough guy and always treat the dancers kindly, but I just don't want that in my life.
  7. Sambucca


    Alan-Speaking only for my myself:I RARELY go to strip-clubs any more.I have my own network of dancers whom I see. Some charge me and some do not.
    They are MUCH warmer and a lot more enthusiastic than your average escort
    for usually the same $.Actually, oftentimes it's less because they usually don't watch the clock.I have genuine Friendships with a lot of dancers.I get
    invited to their "private parties", we Exchange presents etc. Both parties treat the other like valued friends and the "business" aspects are de-emphasized. Both sides have proven their loyalty,mutual respect and regard
    for each other over the years.I have come to appreciate the openness and honesty that I get from them; more so than from "civilian" women.I avoid the druggies and serious neurotics.It has taken time,effort & money but it's worked out very nicely for me.
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  8. Sambucca


    Alan-Speaking only for myself, dating dancers is something that sort of evolved.Having been in the business (over a decade ago) I got to meet & get to really KNOW a lot of dancers. I saw first hand what their lives were like and how they made money.Over the years, they've shared a lot of experiences & war stories with me enabling me to avoid most, not all, but almost all of the scams & pitfalls out there.
    Simply put, there are a small number that have proven to be genuine friends.
    In every sense of the word.These particular dancers do NOT generally date
    customers and are generally "low-mileage".Most ( again not all) have slept with me,dined with me, shopped WITH me (not ON me) and traveled with me.We call ,******,write etc. on a regular basis.More than one has been my "'date" at Thanksgiving,weddings, New Year's etc. They give me presents.
    They do me favors.And with two exceptions they do NOT "charge" and the two that do give me such a radical discount that I've been threatened with
    death,mutilation & unspeakable torture ( I hope they're kidding) if I ever reveal how little they charge me compared to their usual customers.
    There is a second smaller group with whom I am "friendly".I see them less often,am not as close,we don't really socialize etc.They DO date.Usually on a casual pick & choose basis.Most have very short client lists and ALL are guys they've known for a long time and have reason to trust.Even with them, I usually tend to get more for less than their other customers.Because they like me.More than one has told me that with most of her OTC customers it's
    strictly business but she genuinely enjoys our sessions.And here I'm going to reveal the results of an informal survey I've been conducting for about a year.The results surprised me and clearly showed a serious disconnect between the "reviews" and the reality.I've asked all the escorts and all the OTC dancers the same Q's and got the same answers:Most of the guys they
    see are completely LAME sexually - they don't know what they're doing AND
    most of the time these gals are NOT getting off too;only about 20% of the time.Their words, not mine and as I said I found the uniformity of the responses quite surprising.Now I am not some kind of "super-stud";not at all & yet I'm continually thanked & complimented.
    Lastly, and most importantly,I have no problem making it clear that if it's just
    "for the $"-don't bother seeing me.Yes,yes, once in a while I give in to lust &
    let the little head take the lead but at this stage of my life she's got to be
    really hot for me to do that.AND,as I've said before,usually a dancer who occassionally "dates" outperforms the escorts for reasons I've previously spelled out.
  9. alan gold

    alan gold

    i've read a lot of stuff about trying to date dancers and i don't follow the point. you know if you meet them at a club, they are only interested in your money so why get involved. if you're willing to pay wouldn't it make more sense to see them otc but just keep it business. at least that way your'e being real and not getting scammed.
  10. Sambucca


    Pleasure-Don't be too hard on y-self. You will learn (as I & others have) where to get the best bang for your buck & what places to avoid ; WHO to spend time & money on & whom to decline. Of course,IF you're rolling in dough & don't mind throwing it around like confetti you CAN have a great time at many Man. gown clubs; even Scores. Try not to be too hard on the dancers.Getting dances is the ONLY way for them to make $; well it's at least the essential first step to whatever moneymaking they are going to do;inside or outside the club.Don't forget, in many of these clubs at most times, the dancers are competing for the same few spenders. I'll never forget the first time I walked into PEC, a few weeks after it opened. There was almost a 1 to 1 ratio between dancers & customers.Even today, they have slow nights & the gals really have to hustle to cover tip-out & house fees.
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  11. pleasure_seeker


    I went to Lace in Manhattan the other day and it sucked. It was twenty to get in and the drinks were expensive drinks. That was OK, but my problem was that every minute, dancers would ask you to buy dances. This one girl asked and I declined, got a dance from another girl, and less than a minute later, the first girl was back asking me if I wanted a dance. The girls were decent looking... mostly 7's and 8's and all of them had very nice bodies. The dances had very little grinding and they were 3-4 minutes long. I guess I'm the fool for going to a strip club in a tourist area.
  12. Sambucca


    I'm minding my p's & q's; staying away from any gray areas & sticking to the rule book= no worries.Btw, I've pretty much given up on strip-club posting-can't be bothered; too busy yada,yada.Have you been lucky enough to check out the ug scene in L.A. ? Nothing like NYC.Playboy models, Pets, porn-actresses ( no A-list stars or Vivid gals but a few familiar faces ). I've been to two_One back in '04 and one this past Labor Day and I'm going to another for New Year's down in Miami. Quite pricey ( 2 Frankie's just to get in ) but a GREAT time !
  13. justlooking


    (Hope ya get to stick around here longer this time, if I'm remembering history right.)
  14. justlooking


    Fuck. I skipped this when you posted it. I didn't see it till today.

    OF COURSE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. (How could I have forgotten the guy who's like The King Of NJ Mainstream Strip Club Posting?)

    HEY HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU???????????????????????????
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  15. Rust


    I love reading these strip club threads. It's almost like a scene out of the new movie "Babel", different people speaking different languages. The posters here see strip clubs as brothels, if they don't get abc on their shopping list of sex acts, its a rip-off since all comparisons are to the service model of a low level brothel. People on "those strip club boards" are too much into the looks or the personality of the girls and know all the biographical info on every stripper. Neither side understands the other.
  16. chase4u


    I have good luck in almost every club in queens and in the city, its all who you know and how you act, i always tip the doorpeple money and they never lead me wrong , ps try Honeys in queens it has good take out.
  17. Thorn


    That isn't precisely what I mean, but OK. :)
  18. nychelsea


    Good thinking Sam - I think you have the right idea. You want to date them not treat them like hookers!

    Go for it,

  19. Sambucca


    I don't know about some of you guys but,excluding Justlooking who obviously
    doesn't need any help, I reccomend the "soft-sell". A little time,a little patience,a little RESPECT goes a long way.Notice I did NOT say "$".I, for one, am most interested in gals that would see me gratis. In fact, I usually
    make that clear i.e." if you wouldn't see me w/o the $ then I'm just not very interested" and not as an act,routine,game,rap etc.Now, on occasion I've hooked up with dancers where I didn't care; where I just plain wanted the
    goodies and where cost may have been a consideration but was just overcome by other factors but that was just like an escort experience. Perfectly alright in it's own place & way but definitely not the ultimate
    experience I've had & what I usually prefer.
  20. justlooking


    (Or, to put it another way, they expect it from everyone. The problem isn't what they expect . . . .)