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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Kano, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. philclar


    I've seen this girl when she worked for a Miami company that sends girls to NYC. Pretty much laid there and refuse to do anything on top, only missionary and doggie.
  2. misterxyz


    When I was a member of ***, I looked up NY Tens. They had uniformly bad reviews.
  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I cant imagine anyone accusing this agency of telling a lie.
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  4. ecpaul


    Thanks for posting this. I am strictly a pay later kinda guy. I will definately have a look at the package before I decide to buy from now on.

    Why can't these ladies (not all) do some upkeep, join a gym, and take care of your bodies. They think a close resemblance (and sometimes no resemblance) is good for our dicks...that we'll come over and fuck any warm hole because we're "guys". I'm not buying any time with a provider that isn't the pics and it's not the service advertised...period.

    The Bait and Switch has got to end and I'm glad we have this board to post and review losers like this.
  5. Lascivious


    The sad part is that story is more of the reality of the CL advertisers instead of the hot girl you think you were getting. Of all my CL experiences, only one time did this hot Spanish girl matched her pic in the ad when she opened the door. Unfortunately, I lost her number and never saw her ad again. Man, I've been tempted to see Isadora from Tens a tousand times but figured there's no way in hell that she's going to be the one opening that door. But if someone here can confirm it's her, I'll make an appointment.
  6. ChuckUFarlie


    Motherfuck this agency with their filthy, flabby, fugly hoes. Shows how much bs we put up with that this agency is still in business.
  7. Kano


    I must have been tired when i posted this, meant to post it in the NY/NJ/CT Section. I saw her the Secaucus/Meadowlands Area in NJ. While her an her merry band was here they moved around from AC/Secaucus/Manhatan/ an LI that im aware of FYI.
  8. ck1


    I've hear that Isadora the brazilian girl in the pics is the real deal, called up to set up appointment but was told that she isn't in NYC right now...
  9. Ozzy


    TENS is probably the single biggest bait n switch on the internet these days. Half their pictures are those of Brazilian fashion models or ripped from Brazilian whore sites in Rio.
  10. JaxHammer


    Wow, sorry to hear about this. Saggy tits, stretch marks and floppy ass on a youngin is just too sad. I guess it has happened to all of us at one time or another. The hunt continues.
  11. Kano


    Ok Saw this girl awhile ago, Met her at a decent Hotel, but the Room was well lived in an Dirty. Cigarette butts, Clothes everywhere, Room Service still sitting out half eaten. She was with another girl an they were definetly visiting. Said they were from Florida an the website reflects this.

    Anyway they were advertising on CL for $250-260, the pics look hot but fuck me if im that big a dumbass to pay that much. Finally saw them lower the rate (slow night I guess) to $200 thats as high as I will ever go so called up an scheduled.

    The Pics on the website an on CL were friggin HOT looking I must admit, an the fact that she looks like one of my best friends hot GF's in the pics didnt hurt.

    Anyhow, get there slighly turned off by the room, they offer both at discounted rate, but i like 1 on 1 so her Friend went an sat in the Bathroom. Money up front so I pay her an she starts to disrobe, what she HAS going for her is youth cause she is probably about 19-22. Unfortunately that is all she has going for her, Tits come out an there saggy, ass is saggy, little belly is starting to form some stretch marks, not entirely disgusting but not a turnon by any means. She jumps on happy an as soon as a slight bit of sweat is formed it smells like she hadnt had a shower yet that day (9PM at night)

    Try my best to be done an Out, but was really getting disgusted looking at that bod, Looking at that room an Smelling her pungence. So faked a quick nut, an got the hell out of there.

    Now if u go to the website an check out her pics, man will they fool you but thats actually is her an in the PICS she looks hot as fuk. Goes to show you what some clothes an the right makeup can do for you.

    Its Sad that guys will be fooled into paying $250 + for an advertised 19yo chick thats honestly worth about $90-100. It says she has a TONED an SEXY body but its not Toned or Sexy.
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