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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Saint Bart, Mar 14, 2001.

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  1. medussa


    Try Allison's Angels next time

    I suggest that you try Allison of Allison's Angels the next time that you are in Toronto. You can check her out at She is in her 30's, blonde, blue eyed, about 5'2 with a British accent. A real honey.
  2. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Correct D-Day is 5/15 for Shauna

    Yeah she will be between Fl and LI for the next 6 weeks!
  3. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    I thought I heard Shauna wasn't moving down to S. Florida til May, no ?
  4. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Next time try Montreal!!

    I love it, Canada is a hobbiests paradise- Montreal is even lower and the girls- Oh la la!!! Tell Shauna to introduce you to a rear view! Also ask about her famous Brisket dinner!! LOL!!
  5. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    Thanks Carl.
    3 hour rates for Angie and Anjelika were C$650 and C$690. About US$450!!!
    I'll do more than say Hi to Shauna - I'll give her your best! :))
  6. Carl M

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    Excellent Description!

    How were the rates in Toronto! Once again Bart excellent descriptive prose from a master! When you see Shauna- say HI for me!!

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  7. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    While I'm from Boston, I posted my recent Miami trip here as I thought you'd be interested based on the NYC-MIA traffic flow. You also go north, so here's my Toronto report:
    After two weeks R&R, but no hobbying, at his namesake island, your scribe was ready for a 3 day trip to Toronto for a business convention. The hobbying format I had planned was different from past city invasions that featured multiple ladies over several days. (For an example, see my Feb 20, 2001 post on Boston TBD, my home Board, of a recent Miami trip: search Saint Bart - sorry I can't link the post) This time, after trading many lengthy emails and several international phone calls with an intelligent and educated blonde beauty that likes to "walk on the wild side" - my favorite type of lady by far, I scheduled three days and nights to learn more, in every way, about this woman that had so visually and intellectually capitvated me. But unfortunately, and for unavoidable reasons, our plans got changed mid-visit and I ended up seeing several more ladies as well.

    Arriving mid-afternoon I was met at the airport by Farra (formerly Jamie) of . I recognized her immediately from her pictures (no hiding behind "blurs" for Farra, she only knows one way to live - openly and honestly) and she knew it was me from my tan and pix I had sent from my Sony Vaio's webcam. Farra broke into her trademark ear to ear smile and we were soon embracing. The drive to the hotel picked up where our calls and emails had left off, and after a stop for several bottles of champagne, we were soon checked into a luxury lakefront hotel.

    It was time for our mutual unveiling; and this is all I will say, dear reader, as I am completely captivated. But unfortunately, a family issue developed for Farra and cut our visit short after a day and a half. It's unfortunate too for Toronto hobbyists, as the several weeks to deal with the matter will keep her away. Then she'll be with me on my boat in Florida and the Bahamas; so if she returns, it won't be until mid-April.

    Farra's disappointment in the turn of events was as great as my own, and in her generous way she insisted I have fun for her too. So with Farra's instructions to "play", I went to work trying to make the second half of my visit as great as the first half. My style is not to report details of my time with any lady. This is a YMMV hobby, and while I had made the proper offerings to the YMMV gods prior to my departure - it's ultimately the lady's option. But, based on the Saint Bart rating system in the aforementioned Miami Trip post, I can say that the two ladies below were 90% GFE (and really 95%).

    I checked out my favorite Toronto agency, to see who might be available. Angie, a 5'7 very slim, yet busty, blonde was scheduled working on the website and looked perfect. Yes, said Alexandra the delightful booker, she was available and I would be her first of the evening (my personal preference for the obvious reasons). It was 7:30PM and Angie was due at 9PM. I had to shower and have dinner in the room; and as I was putting the tray in the hall, who should appear but Angie, 10 minutes early. She is everything the pictures showed and more - attractive face and smile and a killer thin busty bod, and with almost no hips.

    I poured us champagne, and rather than starting on the couch, we sat on the king size bed to get acquainted. Angie's touchy from the start, smiles and laughs easily and intellectually quick. Your former professor-scribe likes word games and puns and Angie was up to the pace; it's evident she'll do well on returning to school in the fall. We hit it off and I was soon removing her sweater; braless, her tasty melons were revealed immediately. And then her slacks and panties to find her nearly bald - my favorite. Angie likes to tease and likes foreplay - with 3 hours booked, we had plenty of time, but your scribe was impatient for F/S to feel those long limbs wrapped around his waist. Well, enough details. Let it suffice to say that we played thru several CDs (on the nifty Sharper Image player I travel with) and Angie struck high notes several times.

    I, having been well-attended by Farra before her understandable departure, was slower than my usual long duration self and when VIP called to say "time's up", I was still unfulfilled and Angie frowning. Worse, they had another call for Angie. After she hung up I said call back and extend, which she did. Angie was now beaming and set about her task with renewed vigor - not that any had been lost - she's tireless and never complained "sore" despite her tight body. Well, maybe because we were past midnight and into a new day, or perhaps it was Angie's determination, but we again "touched all the bases" and on this round success was had. She said afterward that she had decided she would not leave until it was "mission accomplished" and now I was the sad one, as I would have gladly enjoyed her attentions for hours more.

    Summary: Had not time been so short, I might have researched more to look for someone a little older than Angie's 20 years, as I've had eratic times - great and poor - with providers this young; and up to now she was totally unreviewed. But, after visiting with her, I know that looking further would have been a mistake. Angie is wise, mature, and skilled beyond her years, plus alot of fun. A definite must see (!!) and her bi-sexuality opens the door to other possibilities that must also be explored.

    For the next night I chose Anjelika from She had been on my list on prior visits, but not yet seen by me. Further, my hobbying friend Native, from Miami, had seen her last Sept; he's an Asian-lover supreme and had enthusiastically reccommended her. She was still available at the last minute, so I booked 3 hours with this very petite Phillipina (I agree with EC's stats: 5'2", 103#, 32B-22-32, but would guess a couple years more than 20). Arriving stylishly dressed in "civilian" work clothes - black pant suit - we shared a glass of champagne and visited on the couch. (While I'm really a "blonde guy", Asians have consistantly been great experiences for me, and this time was no different.)

    Anjelika could see I had just showered from my still damp hair and decided to jump in herself before our play began. I helped her off with her clothes and had fun with the visual treat and foreplay. She has a lean and tight little body and is shaved as I prefer. When the horizontal antics began I found she was multi, multi orgasmic and soon wanted to go to F/S. This we did, and the "Oh my God" chant was begun again; if the number of repetitions is the key to unlock heaven's door, Anjelika is a "shoo-in" based on our evening together. This lady is a lover of multi-position F/S and has a porn star version of cowgirl that takes the agile body of a gymnast to carry out and gives her partner (and camera, if present) a wonderful view of the action. If your scribe can say with humility, he is larger than normal and has great endurance - and after a while Anjelika was calling me her "porno guy." Later this petite lady said I had rearranged her insides, but there was never a complaint - in fact, at every opportunity for less, she wanted more!!!

    Summary: A great treat and enthusiastically recommended. A very hearty "second" to Native's recco.

    Trip conclusion: I was greatly disappointed, but completely understanding of Farra's situation. On the other hand, I now know enough about her to know that we'll have a great time together the first half of April. And for Toronto hobbyists, I had great times with and you've now got reviews of: 1) a previously unreviewed and wonderful lady, Angie; plus 2) an updated review of Anjelika, who has seeming lost nothing from being another 6 months in the "biz" since Native's visit - burnout being the terrible curse that afflicts too many of our hobbying favorites.

    NOTES: I didn't see this trip, but had great times with Syliva from VIP Companions and Mai Ly from Executive Choice (links above) in Sept 2000. Both were 100% GFE on the Saint Bart System.

    Now off to Ft Lauderdale the first two weeks of April - 2 weeks of babes and boats!!. One of the highlights will be my first ever visit with Shauna!!!!!! I can't wait :))))