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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by maxwelllsmart, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. teeduke


    Now there's an idea. A club ... with all kinds of rules and dues.

    Christ it makes hobbying pretty boring!
  2. jackhenry


    Favorite Get Smart Line

    One of Max's nemesis was this Japanese evil doer who went by the name "The Claw." He had a stainless steel claw for a right hand. Like many asians, he had trouble pronouncing "L"s.

    Max with gun drawn, "Alright Craw, the game is over. Give it up."

    The Claw, "It's not the Craw, it's the CRAW!!!!"
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  3. maxwelllsmart



    Alas, due to overwhelming pessimism in the world, yet another noble idea may die in committee......Guess I won't be seeing monthly reruns of Welcome Back Totter.......99 call the chief, I think he wants us to investigate daengman who is a possible K.A.O.S. agent. K.A.O.S. is always trying to undermine C.O.N.T.R.O.L.'s efforts at bettering society. I'll check out this guy horshack who has infiltrated the Totter class. Maybe Barbarino knows more about this..........
  4. wangjabyung79


    Interested in TOT

    Unfortunately with limited funds I only occasionally dabble in the hobby, will be reporting back within next week or so with some ladies. Anyone check out the new ladies at uptown girls? If not, I'll take one for the team. I'm due for some relaxation and interested in ashley.
  5. justlooking


    Thanks, daengman.

    (Did you guys know that RICO can turn misdemeanors into felonies if you conspire to do them under certain circumstances?)
  6. daengman


    unfortunately it'll never work

    not many would want to kick in their share each month and have to wait 20 to 25 months to take their ride.

    If one gets his ride in the first few month's, why would he want to keep donating and wait over 2 years for his next turn.

    who will hold, and how will the monthly hobbiest get his working capitol.

    can the individual that holds be trusted to hold and not treat himself to a session.

    I can imagine the following conversation about two months after TOT is started/

    "Hello, this is Officer Mullaney. What seems to be the problem?"
    TOTer: "I want to report a robbery, or an embezzelment or whatever you want to call it"
    OM: "is that so. well what is your name?"
    TOTer: "Well my UG handle is smallprick, let's leave it at that"
    OM: "Okay smallprick, what happened?"
    TOTer: "Pinksnot took our money and used it to fuck a prostitute"
    OM: "He paid money for sex. Why, even I know that's illegal."
    "Pinksnot, now that's an unusual name"
    TOTer: "Nah, that's just his UG handle"
    OM: "well, what's his real name?"
    TOTer: "I don't know"
    OM: "Where can I find him?"
    TOTer: "I don't know"
    OM: "what does he look like?"
    TOTer: "I don't know"
    OM: "What do you know?"
    TOTer: "You don't understand, we were all supposed to use the money to try out a prostitute when our turn came"
    OM: "smallprick, who is the we?
    TOTer: "its our UG TOT group. it's 25 of us. we all agreed to kick in every month so one of us could take one for the team (if you know what i mean?) with an unknown prostitute and report back to the group. "
    OM: "Hmmm, let's see. You collect money to pay for sex with a prostitue. Why, that's conspiracy to commit a crime. Then you (or one of you) actually use the money to pay for sex. That's another crime. You know, you UG guys are going to give us one hell of a good item for the six o'clock news."
    TOTer: "On the other hand Officer Mullaney, never mind."

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    99 is a lapdancer these days.
  8. maxwelllsmart


    Hold on my shoe phone is ringing.....99 is that you. time to go undercover get our disguises ready.. 33 is going undercover as a TOT agent
  9. tekwrek


    Could possibly join the NJ Club

    Favorite Maxwell quotes

    Max: "Chief, everything went right from A to Z" Sigfried: "Hello Max" Max: "Would you believe A to B?"

    Chief: "Max, this board tracks the movement of every KAOS agent" Max: "Everything looks good except this one in Manitoba (as he pulls out the pin holding the board up)"

    After Max has demanded he and the chief talk in the Cone of Silence.... Chief: "Max, doesn't the echo bother you?" Max: "What?" Chief: "The echo, the echo" Max: "Heard it that time"
  10. bfl13


    Heck, sounds like a really fine idea....
  11. maxwelllsmart


    23 more to go and WE GOT GAME.........
  12. JIMYDR


    Sounds good. Meet us at F Stop to discuss details. I am in.
  13. maxwelllsmart


    Aren't we all tired of reading and writing posts inquiring about a certain provider seeking detailed information about their menu, prices etc??? Sometimes the inquiries are answered by someone daring enough to "take one for the team". Sometimes they go unanswered because no one wants to invest the time or money in a risky endeavor such as taking it for the team. Thus some possible golden opportunities go undiscovered, and the team suffers as a result.

    What I suggest is the creation of a Take One for the Team (TOT) club. The club will be comprised of UG members seeking knowledge and information about unknown providers, who for monetary limits or time constraints do not want to Take it for the Team alone. If 25 of us join the club, and we all contribute .1 monthly, or quarterly, then on a rotating basis one of the club members can TOT and report back the results. Of course the club must decide each period (monthly or quarterly) by majority vote which provider to investigate. The monthly or quarterly meetings can be held at various locations on a rotating basis as well to accomodate all in the New Jersey region. In fact there can be local TOT clubs and regional ones who can provide an exchange of experiences at a minimal cost. I see this as a low cost equal opportunity way to make UG users bond and exchange valuable information. Stop letting the little gems go undiscovered. We all know that for the cost of a cup of coffee you can save a starving child. Well for less than that you can help fellow Uger's discover hidden gems, and avoid bad providers. Anyone interested?