Tough talk from Philly

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    Political discourse in Phila. is a real Katz-Keel act

    WE NOW bring you, courtesy of City Paper, a peek into the state of civil discourse in our fine city.

    First, 2003 Republican mayoral candidate Sam Katzfrom the June 29 issue, recountingMayor Street'scampaign spin on the discovery of an FBI bug in the mayor's office:

    "Told by the FBI the day the bug was found, as he testified before the Grand Jury, exactly why the bug was planted, Street spent the rest of the campaign lying to the city that he had no idea what any of this was about. His spokesman, Frank Keel, a man who wouldn't know the truth if it crawled up his trousers and bit him in the balls, concocted the great conspiracy theory, that this was part of a Republican plot hatched by George Wand Ashcroft."

    Now, excerpts from Keel's response to Katz in yesterday's issue:

    "Your long-distance, very personal sniping confirms what I always believed:
    You're a loser and a pussy, Sam... . Finally, may I inquire as to how many more screenings of 'Shame of the City' you can attend? Have you missed one yet, you egomaniac? Your pal Tigre Hill's bit of cinematic propaganda won't change the outcome. For God's sake, get over yourself, stop whining like a petulant child, and fade into oblivion already."

    And that's why we love democracy!