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  1. littleguy

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    Ash, Points well taken.

    Perhaps I will end up with a bargain and she will be mad and never talk/see me again. Perhaps she will see it as a very pleasant time with someone she kinda "clicks" with and consider any monetary gains as "gravy. More likely it will fall somewhere in between. Perhaps mistakes will turn out to have been made on both sides and we will both be the better for it (a learning experience so to speak, if nothing else).

    I understand what you suggest is the personal aspect of this arrangement and neither of us ever thought this would be a purely personal trip (i.e. no sex unless it was mutually agreeable and therefore no payments to be requested or offered). I should state for the record that a personal relationship outside of the scope of her business is essentially impossible. There are FAR too many years difference in our ages, so that is not really a consideration. Oh well, live and learn.

    If anybody's interested I'll let you know what transpires.
  2. Ash


    Seems that you're walking the tightrope here, between a professional relationship and a personal one. Problem is, you saw this girl on the clock, and then wanted to convert the relationship to a personal one. Difficult to have it both way. You want to take her on your trip, but you don't really want to pay her whats due to her because of the non professional relationship you created by taking her out to dinner.

    It sounds like she wants this trip to be an "on the clock" trip. You've got two choices. Be honest and tell her exactly how much you can spend on her, or tell her that you're not taking her on the trip for any intimacy, but would just like to spend time with her due to an interest you have in her on a personal level due to the enoyable time you had with her at dinner.

    Can't really have it both ways, or else you're creating confusion. You're either a customer or you're not.
  3. littleguy

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    I know what you're saying Ash and to a degree I would have to agree with you.

    If she said $1,800, I would have simply declined. I will say that she is fairly new and seemingly mostly "unspoiled". I get the impression that she doesn't work as much as some seasoned veterans do. And, even providers take some time off to travel. She will make a little cash for a little bit of intimate time with someone she at least "claims" to enjoy the company of and have a good time with. It's not like I called HON and booked her for 3 days at whatever the going rate was. A little different than the norm but I do understand what you're saying. Also, keep in mind that she originally said "per sessions". When she later said $1,800 and I clearly was about to say "forget it", she immediately changed her tune so I guess there has to be some inclination on her part to actually want to join me.
  4. Ash


    Personally I feel that her 1800 offer is pretty fair. I know you're paying for her expenses, but you also have to realize this isn't really a vacation for this girl. If anything you are taking her away from other potential business.

    You also think you are giving her a free 3 day vacation. You yourself may be having a 3 day break from work, but she on the other hand is still "working". She's spending time with a stranger for 3 days, some of that being intimate time. Not exactly a vacation.

    I know you think you're doing her a favor by taking her away for 3 days, but remember she's a working girl. If you want to spend the 3 days with her, 600 per day is pretty reasonable.
  5. littleguy

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    Very interesting observations. I don't generally date touring ladies simply because of cost. For the most part, $300 is my ceiling and I believe most of the tourers are, sometimes considerably, more than that.

    Having said that, recently a provider visited from out of town. She was in my range. I spoke to her several times prior to her arrival and, since she didn't have any appointments for that evening after I saw her i invited her out to dinner. Much to my surprise she accepted. And, of course, it was off the clock.

    Now I am going down to Florida for 10 days. On a whim I invited this young lady to join me for a 3 day weekend. I, of course, agreed to pay all her expenses. Now, unlike most all the web site ladies who advertise, say $1,500 a day and up for their time, presumably as much intimate time as you can handle, this one, who says she is fairly new to the business, originally suggested I simply pay her for whatever intimate time I wanted. Not a bad deal overall. That was when I first brought up the possibility of the trip. Recently, when we re-visited the subject, she first said "How about $1,800". Still only $600/day, considerably less than most web-scorts ask (if indeed they actually get those numbers, and I'm sure SOME do). With obvious disappointment (I would not have done that), I reminded her that she originally only asked me to pay for whatever "intimate" time we shared, she basically said "XXXXXX, you're a real nice guy and I'm sure you'll take care of me, I'll leave it up to you. Now, I almost always "max out" at 1 session per day, so for 3 days that's $900. Although, since she'll be staying with me of course, I may certainly want to indulge more than once a day. That would run into considerably more $$$.

    I figure that since it's costing me $XXX to give her what is essentially a free 3 day vacation, shouldn't that count towards an overall fee or it is your collective experiences that that is simply added expense to get the lady to where you want her over and above her requested daily rate ? After all, if I didn't fly her there, I would simply see one local lady per day and save considerable money anyway. While I wouldn't have the pleasure (?) of an "all day companion", that sometimes isn't the best thing in the world anyway. Christ, what if we don't say 2 words to one another the entire day ? I know this type of experience is mostly for you higher end consumers and I've already probably written this off as a one time only thing since I cannot afford this kind of money, even at these apparently discounted rates.

    Thanks for your patience. Observations please.
  6. One Eyed Trouser Trout

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    I don't know...seems to me that it's very dangerous to place too much trust in any provider. Many come from experiences in their past which results in them seeking a level of control in their lives that requires play-acting, manipulation, deceit at some level, and of course a certain level of separation between fantasy and reality.

    Let's be honest here. Neither provider or hobbyist are poster children for well balanced mental health.

    There is a kindred spirit of sorts between provider and hobbyist; but in my opinion, that is based in the past and not the present. I'd imagine most hobbyists themselves come from a background where they now seek some level of control over another in the present as well.

    Let's not take this hobby too seriously. We're talking about prostitution here.
  7. jmcurry

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    Providers who tour offer a totally different perspective when they work in NYC than they do at home. I travel a great deal, especially from late March until late September, which affords me the opportunity to meet many of the touring providers in their home surroundings. I have found them to be somewhat awed by our city and the knowledge of the hobbyists whom they encounter.

    Although the quality of the session does not change, they are, generally, more open to invitations to explore New York. For example, I became friendly with a woman from the southwest, having visited her in Scottsdale. I saw her several times on her home turf, and I had a wonderful time during each visit. Yet, when I offered to buy dinner or, at least, drinks before or after our session, she declined. This could well be explained by her status in her home community. When she arrived in New York, I found a different person. She graciously accepted drinks and dinner, followed by a 2 hour private time at her hotel. She even phoned me at home 2 days later and took me to Sunday brunch before she departed.

    Visitors provide the opportunity for a more "date"-like experience. They welcome, in most cases, being "wined and dined", (no pun intended). Local providers seem more jaded by the city, or at least used to its excesses. With one notable exception, they rarely accept an invitation to dinner, unless it is factored into the overall tab. Yet, overtime, a local provider becomes a trusted friend, who you can turn to for more than simply the intimacy associated with the hobby. I believe that a blend of local providers and touring women afford the hobbyist the perfect blend of emotional and intellectual satisfaction.
  8. robnotbob


    It so happens that in the past year or so (since I started) 3 of my first 4 experiences were with visitors. Having had (limited) other experiences with locals since then, I think that many of the things said previously on this board applies to visitors too. Email, phone calls, etc. prior help to establish a sense of "compatibility" that sometimes extends into the session.

    I really have found very little difference between "locals" and "visitors" in that regard.
  9. wimpy


    I find that I am more drawn to out of towners. I find that they are more friendly. Especially, providers from from the mid west. Its strange but I always felt that midwesterns would have bigger preceived sterotypes about men from NYC. And they are interested in making sure I am happy. I think that some local providers are more into the hustle. But that is the nature of the beast here in NYC.
  10. One Eyed Trouser Trout

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    2,071 have to get out more often

    Firstly, after 1 or 2 or 3 times with a local, things have kinda distilled into a routine. Obviously, it's good or you won't schedule #2. But, part of the hobby is seeing new people secondary to the adrenalin rush, etc. It's not about sex in all reality, because if it was, we'd find a good partner and stick with it....

    Too many visits with a local makes it too much like a relatonship and then all the other crap starts to filter in....and if I'm willing to do that, why not get a steady non-pro?

    Touring ladies. Well, let's just say I"m not the first man to try any new talent. If you have a network of connections, you can determine who's a nice slice and who's just looking for an ATM card with a dick. Plus, I don't take a recommendation from a stranger, he may well have just had his very first piece of ass and I want an educated opinion. The trick with touring ladies is to schedule an appointment early during the visit or first daily appointments.

    Anybody who schedules the last appointment on the last day is apt to find a tired young lady.
  11. Slinky Bender

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    How do you feel about seeing talent who has come in from other towns ? Is there some added extra to seeing someone who is usually not available in your area ?

    Are there downsides ? I could think that there might be some added risk of a disappointment. A few reasons for this would be if they overbooked, booked too many per day ( and got "tired" as a result ), or cared less about repeat business since they wouldn't be back ( at least not soon ).

    Do the advantages outweigh the possible "risks" ? Also, is there anything to be said for giving your business to a "local" ?