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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by ricelover, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. 995899


    thai massage in nyc

    You might try Pranee Butchan for what in my experience was a totally legit thai massage. I found it a little expensive, the way thai massage seems to be, but quite good.

    She didn't offer anything extra at all, and I didn't ask because it didn't seem to be that kind of thing and I didn't want to offend. But I really enjoyed the massage.
  2. Dylan90210


    I visited Thailand once (unfortunately pre-monger days; I had a friend there) and got a real Thai massage. I have to say it was by far the best massage I've ever had....though it was also the most painful massage I've ever had. The pain was excruciating during the massage and I almost begged her to stop a few times....but afterwards I literally felt like I was walking on clouds. That said, I don't set my hopes too high for Thai massages in NYC...but if anyone knows of a great place feel free to let me know.
  3. Scott68

    Scott68 I hate UG and i wont post here again (under this h

    Thank you for that well put review. It was looking a little different then what you stated. I will probably pass.
  4. puffin


    I could not have put it better!
  5. Stitch


    I saw Tina a couple of years ago. She is petite and an extremely sweet person, in that gentle Thai way. Her place has a friendly thai/new age atmosphere. The massage is middling. If you have ever had a real Thai massage, you will know that what she offers is just pleasant amateur work. She will provide the HE, if asked, but would rather not. She does not get into it or provide any further extras. Like quite a few Asian girls, she clearly regards the HE as something men (that peculiar gender) sometime require for physical reasons and does her duty it in a kindly but also mechanical manner.
  6. Scott68

    Scott68 I hate UG and i wont post here again (under this h

    I couldn't make it Sat., I will reschedule. If anyone has info it would be nice.
  7. sandybeaches


    Of course, everyone is free to tip as they please, and I'm generous as well when the service and attitude is good. Enjoy your session, Scott.
  8. Scott68

    Scott68 I hate UG and i wont post here again (under this h


    I'll see her soon, I'll comment on what she expects, but I won't impose how I tip onto others. I tend to be generous when the service is good. That's just me and I won't tell other how to tip.

    I have an appt. for Sat.
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  9. sandybeaches


    Yeah, I'm with you, but I'm just wondering if you think she expects a tip on top of the 70.
  10. spaq


    I'm with Scott. $70 plus a tip would be appropriate.
  11. Scott68

    Scott68 I hate UG and i wont post here again (under this h

    It seems someone beat me to an appt. later. If it's someone here, please review. Thanks.

    Sandybeaches, if it is very good Thai-style massage with a finish, it's worth what any amp would get from me. That's just me.
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  12. sandybeaches


    Yeah man, looks very promising. I can't call her right now, but if she's still charging 70 (which is a very high door fee for Queens), that's actually pretty good because I bet she doesn't expect a tip on top of that. Considering the other places on Steinway charge 45 for the hour, 70 total for a Thai R&T is just about right.
  13. Scott68

    Scott68 I hate UG and i wont post here again (under this h

    I was going to try her as well a while ago and she stopped posting on CL.

    The good news she is back and from the reviews, there is a happy ending.

    If her massage is good, then Astoria is looking good.
  14. sandybeaches


    Hey Scott, I've never seen her but I'm interested. I was planning on trying her way back when but then her CL ads disappeared. It's good to see she's back.

    If you want some more recent reviews here's a link:

    I also saw some reviews on the other page, I'll bump it for you.
  15. Scott68

    Scott68 I hate UG and i wont post here again (under this h

    I have seen her posing on CL and it's in my neck of the woods. Has anyone seen her recently?

    Does she give a proper streching/pulling massage?
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  16. CunningStunt


    Not really. It's mostly stretching, although the masseuse will use her entire body to stretch your entire body. In typical legit Thai massages, your clothes stay on, because you're not getting rubbed.
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  17. Petrol Pete

    Petrol Pete

    Thai style massage

    I thought that a Thai style massage is a body to body massage
  18. elkapitan4


    Good Review NYCDJ
  19. nycDJ


    Tina is now in Astoria.

    Her phone number is 917 582-3323. Here’s my review.

    I called Tina because I was looking for something different and new. I came across her
    ad in the CL Therapeutic section. I remember reading about her here and decided to give
    it a shot. No mater what the outcome, I can a least add my review.

    Setting up the appointment I encountered the usual dual call system. She works out of a
    tiny apt on Steinway St, Astoria. It's close to public transportation for those of you
    who prefer that mode of travel. I made my way up to her 3 fl walkup and found a dimly
    lit and cramped apt. The bathroom is right there if front of you as you walk in with
    the rest of the place to your left. A padded mattress was setup on the floor next to a chair
    where you can lay your things. Also there were several hooks above the chair available for
    you to use to hang stuff on. I made my usual visual inspection and felt safe enough to start
    to remove my clothing. Tina slipped behind a curtain to allow me privacy? No money exchanged
    hands yet but I did lay the 70 donation + 10 right out in plain sight on a small table next
    to the mattress.

    Standing barefoot Tina is about 5'3 with a thin build and probably A cups. She has a very
    shy demeanor about her which suits her looks just fine. Overall I'd say she's a cute girl
    but won't catch your attention if you saw her walking down the street.

    The massage portion of my visit was relaxing and good. I've never experienced a Thai style
    massage before so I have no basis for comparisons Thai massages incorporate lots of bending
    and stretching of the limbs. All of which feels great, especially if you're a runner like myself.
    Tina worked my back side for about thirty min and then asked me to turn over for the front side.
    After about another 25 min she asked if my not so stiff dick needed working on. I never can resist
    a little tug and readily agreed. The hj started off with some light touching around the inner
    thighs and even lighter touches around my shaft area. Here's where things started to go south for me.

    I started to get aroused and leaned in a bit to get some roaming. Tina positioned herself by
    crouching over me but as far as possible. My hands were only able to reach her thighs and when
    I attempted for more I was turned down. I will always try to go as far as possible but respect
    a provider's boundaries. Tina's refutations felt like a cold shower, an instant turn off. So I just
    laid still waiting to be finished off and thought about my favorite fuck fantasy.

    Overall assessment:

    Tina provides a relaxing and different type of massage. If you are from Astoria this could be
    a regular spot for just massages. However, she is way too shy for my tastes and I feel that my
    money would be better spent elsewhere. YMMV of course, however I won't repeat.
  20. petehanse


    Shy Demeanor for this Thai?

    I guess it would be safe to say ....."Hands off the THIGHS" for this one! LOL