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Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by thezoos, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Jack_Maehoffer


    True Dat

    This **SugarDaddy** most sought after here in the States by the K & C girls too. LOVE is a 4 letter word CASH NO MONEY NO HONEY...
  2. ollumi


    Hotels in Japan run at U.S. rates(+10-15% for tokyo) - only expect half the room size, if that. Be forewarned. Minshokus are cheaper, but like the mom & pops b&b's here, quality vary greatly, and don't expect any of them in the heart of tokyo.

    don't really need a cab unless you're a big spender and want to head to an area like roppongi, where public transit is actually not that convenient. Otherwise, Jrail is cheap, comfortable for the most part, and bullet trains(shinkansen) are a wonderful way to see more of Japan. If you're just camping out in Tokyo, yama no te line of subways is probably more than enough for you to get around.

    Stay the hell away from cheap love motels area around ikebukuro and their nightly gathering of yakuza ran puerto rican/russian imports. You were warned.

    Low end "play-house" with themes will cost 80-120 ish for a 45 min session. Nope, not cheap. Mid range soaplands start at $220-250ish. High end $1000 + Most do not take gaijin. You can try your luck for sw in places like shinjuku and shinokubo, but really, why are you going to japan for a sw from thailand/taiwan that charges $100-$150?

    There are outcall options, provided you're reasonably well grounded in japanese, but most quality does not compare to the fuzoku shops.

    One thing that IS gaijin friendly are the aforementioned bars in roppongi. Lots of very young, very pretty, and very talented gold diggers there. And it will cost you either nothing or everything, depending on the night. Do you feel lucky? Maybe if you had blond hair, blue eyes, and looked like you were reasonably financially secure in your middle-old age and ready to croak in 10-15 years :D
  3. daengman


    As someone that visits Thailand ususlly 6 times a year, I think I can taslk with some expertise.
    Airfares to Thailand are now running anywhere from 850 to 1300 as long as you don't fly during a busy period, which may cost as much as 2400. Almost all trips will have you going thru Narita in Japan and the travel time is about 22 hrs jfk to bkk. Recently Thai airways started non-stop service jfk to bkk and bkk to jfk.

    Nice comfortable hotels can be had in the Sukhumvit and Petchabury road areas for under $25. The one I stay at is about $22 and has an all you can eat buffet breakfast included in that price. I eat a large, late breakfast and don't have to eat til dinner. If you spend $10 for dinner, that's a lot.

    Most cab rides will run perhaps $1 to $1.5 (no that's not hundereds), so that $6 a day will go a long way for cabs.
    So for 30 to 40 per day for hotel, meals and cabs, one can do verey well.

    Once you learn where to find pussy, for 20 to 40, you can have unlimited cups over the course of 24 hrs. If you want to spend more than that, there are plenty of places to do that also.

    A good, low budget trip can be made for about $1400.

    Quote (by assking)
    "thailand is a third world country where you can get women for cheap."

    the women are cheap but Thailand today is far from being a third world country. Most of Bangkok and other major cities today are completely modern and in some ways ahead of New york and other major cities. Employment is relatively high and most of the population has no desire to emmigrate elsewhere (to the USA included) to have a better life.

    On the other hand a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun will cost about the same in airfare but once there 200 to 300 for daily expenses is the norm and pussy starts at 200 and goes up from there.
  4. assking


    you make it sound like thailand and japan are anywhere near similar.

    thailand is a third world country where you can get women for cheap.

    japan is the most expensive and modern country in the world. your tiny little bonus won't buy anything in tokyo.

    good luck, man! try not to get robbed in bangkok (that's a city in thailand).
  5. thezoos


    argh, i will be coming (hee) into a bit of money soon (xmas bonus) and was wondering, from those of us who've taken the trip, how much a mongering trip to thailand or jp might run. in fact any info on the subject would be appreciated immensely.