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Discussion in 'New York' started by jzed, Jun 19, 2001.

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  1. watts


    Las Vegas is full of great escorts. LV is a town of money so looking for a bargain is not the way to go. I can from personal experience recommend LJ Montana($$$), Logan($$$), Cindy Spice($$$+), Roxy($$$) and Pamela Peaks($$$$$).

    All above amounts were when I saw these ladies so they may have changed. On the positive side, I believe Pam Peaks actually reduced her price. My recomendation would be to give LJ Montana a try and have a good time. LV is a great town for the hobby.
  2. jjbond



    definitely go on there are a number of vegas ladies, i emailed some as i am going there in august, there is alexiajay, trishiacoxx,candierain, mischeif melody and happy hunting
  3. whasssup



    Great info and you are right on the money. I have been to Vegas many times and like many other hobbyiest/tourist have been scammed out of money by calling agencies. At $$ it may be tough to find a decent provider. At $$$ you should be able to find a fun and good looking provider. I know Roxy of LV gets good reviews and from what I hear is honest and straight forward. She also has a bunch of girls working for her. The bar scene is also a good bet because like you said you can see what you are gonna get. Good luck jzed and use your common sense. If it is too good to be true then it is too good to be true!
  4. freewilly


    *** &Vegas

    ***= There are many posted reviews, lots from LA The basic stuff is free-you need to send in reviews or pay a monththly fee for "the good stuff" from reviews (explicit, rates). They have an excellent rip-off section

    Do a search for Las Vegas and you'll find a fair # of reviews.There's a relatively high review honesty quotient (at least for NYC). But still there's some obvious self-posting going on. The discussion boards are not well used on *** (glad there is UG).

    Can you relate some east coast casino stories? $ ?, quality?
  5. jzed



    Free Willy,

    Thanks for the reply. I was not able to participate in the hobby on my first trip to LV. Doesn't sound too reassuring for this trip either. The casino bar thing sounds like the best ticket. In my experience, that method also works in A.C. and Foxwoods. Happy hunting and stay safe. By the way, what is ***?

  6. freewilly


    I am new. Hope I am welcome on this board.

    As for Las Vegas, just say no. Tourists in general get ripped off and overcharged. You are a tourist. Therefore............... Do you feel like spending $$$1/2 for someone who will be extra suspicious and think they will never see you again? What kind of service do you expect? How much personal info do you want to give to an unknown internet escort?

    The DA cracked down on the biz about 12-13 years ago, driving away the streetgirls and most indy's.

    You could check *** for some reviews. I would not trust the posts/reviews on TBD. The strip clubs have loads of siliconed lasses who will smile extra hard for you, if thats your thing. But don't expect any outside action from them after hours for less than 10x$.

    On the Strip,Little Mexican guys will hand you cards and pamphlets with hundreds of girl's pictures and phone #'s. These are for "entertainers" who will come to your hotel room and "dance" after you pay the 125-200 initial fee. Anything else (if not a complete no action situation) will cost $$$ or more. You will hate yourself in the morning.

    You can try some casino bars after 1100 PM-the pros will be sitting by themselves. They are known and accepted by the bartentenders-you won't wake up with a kidney missing. At least you see the goods beforehand and you may find an above avg girl (who still wants you finished in 30 minutes). You can use your bargaining skills,( they'll ask for $$$-$$$$) and they can be bargained down-Don't brag about the killing you made at dice.

    Can't help with legal places in the desert, though I hear the closest ones to LV (70 minute drive) are rips, stick to the ones near reno/Carson City
  7. jzed


    I'm going to be in Vegas for the week of July 4th. Does anyone have recomendations? Is there anything good for $$ or less or am I delusional?