TS providers lie also! Candalys is a fraud

Discussion in 'Shemale / Trannsexual' started by howdynnj, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. howdynnj


    I saw Pituka in Clifton. I would see her again, when I'm in the area. She advertises on Eros.
    One strange thing, that I kind of liked, was that she answered teh phone just as I got there, and he must have been close by, as she asked me if I would mind having him join in. As I'm bi, I said sure! Butt he declined, so it was just the 2 of us. It was a good time, as she was able to fuck me, and made sure I was happy.
  2. mousenuts


    So - can anybody recommend a legit TS in NJ?
  3. HawkEye65


    Imagine if you were a male provider. Would you be fully functional for your 4th client in 5 hrs? Not that this should be an excuse, but it's a physiological fact. It SHOULD be their responsibility to limit the number of appointments to assure performance, but that could also limit income (or cause a scheduling nightmare to make sure each client got the level of performance they wanted).
  4. marcinny


    Well, you were "a pain in the ass" for her.

    Jokes, aside, I know what you're saying. Never tried a TS but this happens with regular whores too. It is a true insult to the john no matter what the situation is.
  5. Whore_2008


    They do. I was searching for Gr33k but could not find a Central Jersey Female provider to offer the service.

    So I thought maybe a passable TS. I met one in Edison a few months ago and ass was flat so I left saying I forget my wallet.

    The other I met was in Parsippany. Nice ass but bad attitude. She acted as if I was bothering her or something. And while I was fucking her she was watching that idiotic wrestling on the TV.
  6. Hobby_NYC


    Everybody lies. It's not a TS phenomenon. If you want a reliable result, the only way is to research with boards like this and others. TS providers will lie about size, functionality, weight, height, who's hiding in the closet... you name it. Plus most TS are on hormones, and that can play havoc with their emotion... not to mention how being a TS in general can hardly be a walk in the park, in terms of general acceptance from society... Honestly I'm amazed (and elated) to find sane TS's out there...
  7. mattramsey


    candalys was a disaster, dirty, and fat...
  8. dirtydog


    I had this same visit to a T, she is the pits. Too bad, outside of being tiny and a lier she could have been fun.
  9. magicfingersny


    There is a tv/ts chrissy who advertises on CL. She is using the same picture she used in her ads in screw in the 70's. How often will a provider let you not pay first, so they don't loose the edge if they try to upsell you or don't perform as promised
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  10. its_mousey



    In fact, one can even argue that there are more things a TS provider can lie about (such as passability, type of service, size, functionality, etc.) compared to a real female provider. Hence, it is imperative that we have full, accurate and unrestrained TS reviews.

  11. its_mousey


    Without a doubt.

    TS providers, just like any other providers, lie. Among the many things they can lie about include: 1) how passable they look (looks better than the real thing on picture but looks like the fucking Joker in real life); and 2) promises to be your girlfriend (GFE) but actually fucks worse than a dead fish.

    Remember, caveat emptor, my brethren!

  12. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    Betty. I lie about my size all the time.

    So I don't scare em. :)
  13. howdynnj


    Betty, Thanks for the advice, I'll have to try that next time, if there is one.

    You have more experience with guys equipement than I do. Most of my experience is just with my own!
  14. betty_snj


    damn...men lie about their sizes

    no matter if they are impersonating a woman or themselves...we get that all the time, when the towel comes off where are those 10 inches he bragged about in so many ******s and even showed pictures?

    Civvy guys I mean...clients never lie about how big (or small) they are.

    Sorry, but next time, before you pay ask her to stroke and get hard for you.

    Sometimes they also lie about being functional...hormones can make them limp like noodles.

  15. howdynnj


    Since my previous experience with Lexus went well, I figured I'd try it again., I did a search on eros, and found Candalys, who was clsoe to where I was going to be. I called, and setup the appointment, and specifically asked 'I'm a bottom, do you top?' to which she resaponded, 'Sure, that will give me more fun'. Her add says she is 9 inches, fully functional.

    So, I show up at her room, after she delays me for 30 minutes to 'get ready'.

    So, once I get comfortable, she takes off her towel(and for her in a towel I waited 30 minutes!). Well, if she is 9 inches, I'm Long John Silver! She was 4 inches, if that. I figured, ok, maybe it will grow! We got on the bed, and, no kissing, she let me suck her tits, which were nice, but that wasn't what I was there for! I was about to suck her cock, but she puts a cover on, and since I don't raelly want to suck on a rubber, I stop. I ask her to fuck me... to which she says, that isn't possible! At this point, I wanted to walk out, but knew I had alraedy paid, and was hard, so I needed to get off. I ended up finishing myself, and she made the offer to play around with my ass some. Whoopee!! I finished, and got out of there as fast as possible, thinking the whole time that I was ripped off. My only saving grace was after I came, I happened to get some on her bedspread.... OOPS!

    Overall, a bad experience. Any ideas how I can ensure that I get what I ask for in the future? Should I not pay until the end, and I get what I specifically asked for ahead of time?