ts Stella here.. what are your tgirl fantasies?

Discussion in 'Shemale / Trannsexual' started by TS Stella, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. shakuru


    I have a massage fantasy. I would go to the AMP and get a very cute girl I'd never seen before. She would take me into the TS and wash me thoroughly paying very much attention to the crack and hole and boys. As she's drying me off, she just pops my semi-hard cock in her mouth and gives a little BBBJ as she dries my ass and legs. Then with a grin it's up and off to the room where she give a sensational massage. She lowers the lights and begins paying close attention to my ass, teasing it with her finger. When I show appreciation of this technique she goes further and before I know it she has two fingers all the way inside me, sliding in and out. At that pint she leans down and asks me if I want something a little bigger. I say sure and hear some crackling and movement and she slips heraself in between my legs while stroking my back and ass. She leans down and slides her tits across my back as I feel the poke in my jole of something and as it pushes I realize, my she is a he. I push back against her as she slides inside and before I know it, she's working herself in and out of me and moaning and talking dirty to me in Korean. She cums and puls out, rolling me over to finish me of BBBJ with a hand on my balls and her finger back in my ass.
  2. persnick76


    I dont know if anyone is listening, but my fantasy involves a hot tgirl in lngerie meeting me at the door, a little sexy talk, then my undressing her, and her doing me first and cumming - thats important, I like her spunk best before I cum - and then I do her. There's a nice hot shower and lots of suds in there somewhere too, but my fantasies aren't always time-appropriate. Kinkiest part is I really want to wash her hair in the shower. Don't know what that means psychologically but its hot.

    I've done all of these but the hair, and never all in one encounter. That's my goal.
  3. Danny Partridge

    Danny Partridge

    I think for a lot of guys, especially first timers, just being with a TS is enough of a fantasy. But also, for fantasy with a TS, I would think the fantasy would revolve around the"T".
  4. TS Stella

    TS Stella

    im just trying to see what the men of ug like..since i havent had any reviews.. maybe i could help make some fantasies come true!!