Turks and Caicos

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  1. taxguy


    I'm one the last night of a trip to beaches with my family. I haven't posted here in years but I had to today due to my experience this week. After the first day I happened to come by the room when the cleaning lady was in. She was smoking hot, a dark black woman with great curves and a nice smile. I definitely looked her up and down and wasn't sure if she could see my interest.

    The next morning I decided to take a risk and I left my iPad in the Room and I changed the cover pic to be of a black woman getting reamed by a white male. I figured she may be curious enough to see if could access my iPad and if she did she would get a clue. If she didn't look then she would be none the wiser and I would just move on. Well while the wife and kid were at the waterpark I stayed close to the room, waited for the housekeeper to come and then gave her fifteen minutes in the room alone.

    Then I made my entrance, excused myself and told her I needed to use the restroom. I went to pee and left the door open...I felt her come in behind me, she reached around my waist and seized my cock while I drained the rest of me into the toilet. I turned to her and locked lips whole she stroked the last drops off my cock I to the bowl. She then dropped to her knees and while unbuttoning her blouse started sucking the tip of my dick. We spent about a half hour doing everything we could to avoid suspicion.

    It's been a great week as I fucked that hot carribean pussy on my bed for every day of this week. Tonight's my last night so no more pussy. What an awesome vacation.

    I didn't leave the resort but I did some searching online and the action is weak.
  2. Slinky Bender

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    When I went there the airport was one hangar and customs was a door laid across 2 saw horses. And besides Club Med (where I went) there was a bar and a liquor store plus a few private homes and that was it for the entire island.
  3. Quint


    Does anyone have any suggestions for finding action on Turks & Caicos? Thanks in advance.