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  1. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    Valid (unused) stamps can be redeemed or exchanged at any Post Office.
    (American Post Office, that is.)
  2. RuffToy


    An unused stamp is an unused stamp. It makes no differnece how it's glued on an envelope, self stick, licked, glued. If they haven't been postmarked they are forever valid. I use rubber cement. I have even soaked off stamps and used them when I receive mail and the postmark missed the stamp. I have NEVER had anything returned because of that.
  3. genius


    1. Corrections on anything are always made with a single stroke through the incorrect item (so someone can still read the incorrect item). You did not have to initial it. Logically, (I don't know about legally - but the legal system tends to be logical) your initial on some change is not meant to protect you but to protect the person getting the change from you saying you did not make the change.
    2. When I have to reopen an envelope I just open it the best I can sliding a knife under the flap so as not to mutilate it too much then seal it shut again with cellophane tape. I didn't know you would steam off the "no lick" stamps but when I do have an unused stamp that doesnt stick anymore, I glue it with a little white glue. Although I have never had a problem with stuff being returned, I would do not do this with any time sensitive material e.g. tax or credit card payment.
  4. vorhaut


    1) When the IRS gets your return, they will enter all your data into their system. Your SS# will bring-up your personal data. If you used 'street' last year, your manual correction will not prompt any alarm. Small errors, including calculated ones, are usually done by the IRS automatically. I have recieved refunds that differ from my submitted return and a letter from the IRS explaining their correction (and I needed to sit down while opening it :eek: ).

    2) The most common method of stamp defacement is a postmark. Your stamps have never gone through the Postal System, hence have no phosphorescent ink on them. Shouldn't be to difficult to steam them off the existing paper and glue stick them back onto your new mail. Most mail without proper postage is simply returned. I doubt you'll have a problem given a volume of 550 million pieces of mail per day.
  5. Gavvy Cravath

    Gavvy Cravath Moderator Emeritus

    Postage stamps and mistakes on my tax form.

    1`OK, I left the accountant yesterday without completely going over my form. I picked up one mistake: she typed "Place" instead of "Street". Talked to bunyon last night and he said ust make a one stroke crossout of "Place" and write "Street" next to it and initial the mistake. Did just that. Just want a confirmation. Is this Kosher?

    2`OK, postage stamps. Over the years, I have stamped sealed envelops and then had to go and reopen the old envelop. Yesterday, I had to reopen the envelope for my NYS Tax Return. It kind of kills me to throw out unused stamps, so I put them by my checkbook and calculator in a little NY Islander cup. Last night, I realized I have about 4 dollars in unused stamps (ones that have been used, but never postmarked...on mistaken envelopes). Question: Can I use a glue stick and reuse this used but unpostmarked stamps?

    Any help on the above questions would be appreciated!

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