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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Monk, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. MrFreeze451


    Pretty cool though and easier to navigate.
  2. sammyfantastic


    I don't think the site is totally up to date; It seems to have some kind of delay, maybe up to a day? I bet it's some kind of crawler program that runs at night to update the site. Also, it seems to give you only up to 10 pages. But it can be useful if you don't require absolutely up-to-the-minute info.
  3. akm495


    I was browsing through the site, and some ads had been removed from CL.
    The picture remianed on the forwarding site.
  4. Monk


    Well, I only discovered the site yesterday, so I can only offer an educated guess to this question. The feed from the site would have to be, more or less, live for the site to be at all useful. So that means once you take your posting down, your picture would no longer feed from CL to their site. There would, most likely, be some sort of lag time. How long? I couldn't tell you.

    You could always shoot them an ***** and ask. (Although, I didn't check the site; I don't even know if they have contact info on there.)
  5. flabbergasted


    Seems like a good site, I'm surprised that someone post their picture next to a car, making it seemed like she's a SW?
  6. fumpton


    Finally something good on CL. I only check out the ads with pics anyways so this makes it alot easier for me.
  7. fairemily



    I checked this out and grateful I am not on it. Does anyone know if I post a pic on CL and then take my post down (which I always do when I am no longer available) will my pic continue to stay on this site if they choose to take it? I post much less now if any now that I am on UG but I still do on occasion.
  8. Monk


    I found a posting on CL for a site someone's set up that pulls the photos out of CL ads and arranges them 16 at a time on pages. So, instead of browsing by text, you can browse by photo. Although we know that many of the photos are fake, I found it a lot easier to find what I was looking for. The site is complete with a search engine that basically mimicks the CL search engine, so, for example, I was able to do a search for Manhattan providers, 18-30, "w4m incall" and found four pages of photos. One thing that helps is that the duplicate ads are much easier to spot. And deleted ads simply show up as empty boxes, saving even more time.

    Here's the URL:

    BTW, I have no personal interest in this site other than my own curiosity. They seem to support it with Google text ads, which I found rather amusing. (Wonder how long that will continue? -- Have Slinky & Allen considered this?)