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Discussion in 'New York' started by Tankcommander, Feb 17, 2001.

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  1. HornDogBuddah


    Remember the one about the guy at a party who walks up behind a seated woman, unzips himself, pulls out his member and lays it on her shoulder. "Know what this is?" he leers. "Dunno, it looks like a penis only smaller."
  2. Othello


    We really don't have to be that "formal". Perhaps we could develop a secret handshake or maybe a special wink. We could just drop our pants and wait for the other party to respond! LOL!
  3. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    "So when you say to a woman "I'm a BigDoggie guy" or "I'm a Utopia guy,""

    or worse, I own UG, JAG, TBD, etc., which apparently happens a lot.
  4. fishfry


    Some of us prefer to be anonymouse

    Many hobbyists read and contribute to these kinds of message boards, but prefer not to claim such association when we are out playing with providers.

    I am one such. I'm a certified horndog with years of experience with commercial sex, but I rarely if ever identify myself as "fishfry" or as any other of my online identities when I am booking an appointment with a commercial sex worker.

    Here are some of my reasons:

    1) I don't want to be associated in the provider's mind with the flame wars and (pardon me for my personal opinion) general cluelessness of many of the men who post on these forums.

    2) I have heard from many sexworkers that some men try to get lower prices, more time, more service in exchange for a good review, or -- and this is the nasty part -- by threatening a bad review. This happens far more often that you'd think. So when you say to a woman "I'm a BigDoggie guy" or "I'm a Utopia guy," it might just be the case that she will react negatively. You don't know anything about the behavior of the last guy who said the same thing to her. Why not just let her deal with me as me?

    3) I don't want to be seen as part of a group. I'm a clean, polite guy with cash. That's plenty good credentials for most sexworkers.

    4) Just like some guys like their privacy, so do some women. I don't want a girl to be thinking that everything she and I do together in private is going to be reported on the Internet the next day. As far as I'm concerned what she and I do is nobody's business. If I get a bbbj, I don't assume that everybody else does, nor would I write about it.

    For me, the Internet is one thing, and private sexual encounters are another. I enjoy reading these boards but I generally go my own way when it comes to finding and paying for pussy.

  5. Tankcommander


    Here's a brainstorm Idea---> LIttle ID cards, with a picture, with post-handle. Perhaps even a PIN number to memorize...This will let your provider know that you're on the level.

    Maybe even an 800 number for the provider to call and verify...

    Perhaps I should quit taking controlled substances for recreation LOL