Variety is a Spice of life

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Desi-dude, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. redleg609


    unless, of course, you bang the Algerian in Europe not Alageria.

    BTW - NA, what no plain old all USA gals?
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  2. akm495


    Impressive list.
    Algeria is in North Afirica, not Europe.
  3. vermeer


    you are backsliding into the buket with the rest of the crabs. only a matter of time before we see you posting some fresh reviews...

    my reccomendation is be honest with your whore wife and tell her that you need cunt variety.

    you should also give her a good beating once in a while, so she knows who's wearing the pants (or the turban, in your case).

  4. Desi-dude


    Dude I wish I had more time, I have hung up my gloves as my mongering days are over. I am getting married later this year. If wify gets wind of my my exploits she will fling the ring on my face and will be gone....

    But you know sometimes you like a pussy to be around when you wake up..

    But you know you gotta love the good old days..
  5. ZagatMP


    I think we should make you the UN Ambassador of MP's! LOL
  6. RuffToy


    I once banged a girl from another state.....The State of Euphoria.
  7. Desi-dude


    Guys I know that many of you have mongered pussies all over the world. Sometimes it brings back some fantastic memories when I try to recollect all the pussy that I have done over the last 20+ years, here is my list add your. This definitly gives fellow mongers some pointers...

    Asia - Chinese
    Asia - Korean
    Asia - Thai
    Asia - Khemar (cambodian)
    Asia - Japanese
    Asia - malasian
    Asia - East indian
    Asia - Taiwan
    Asia - Vietnam
    Asia - Nepali
    Asia - Burmese (Burma)
    Asia - Pakistani

    South/Central America - Argentina
    South/Central America - Colombia
    South/Central America - Uruguay
    South/Central America - Brazil
    South/Central America - Peru
    South/Central America - Chile
    South/Central America - Paraguay
    South/Central America - Bolivia
    South/Central America - Uruguay

    Carribean - Puerto Rico
    Carribean - Dominican
    Carribean - Jamaican

    N America - Native American
    N America - African American

    Europe - Italian
    Europe - German
    Europe - French
    Europe - Ukranian
    Europe - Russian
    Europe - Algerian
    Europe - Spanish
    Europe - Portoguse
    Europe - British
    Europe - Irish

    There is still a lot I have not banged yet and hope I will get the opportunity some day..

    Amongst all of them my 1,2 & 3 to monger will be

    Brazil, Thailand & Argentina.

    No one has fucked me as good as the women in Rio, just the total package Cost, GFE, the whole package.

    thailand is awsome too but as as good as RIO..

    Share your experiences..