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  1. lamont5123


    If you're not Black, going to Bottoms Up is probably safer. The area around Vic's is okay most of the time. But not everybody that hangs around that place has spending money and a few are always looking for a quick score.
  2. Barney


    They didn't steal my car, but they did take the battery out of it one night.
  3. Barney


    There were two Don's. There was Don's Canal Street Pub, which was a total shithole, but the first stripclub I was in where the girls took off everything, laid down on the stage and fingered themselves and sometimes would let you diddle them onstage for a buck. Some would occasionally use a beer bottle. They sold alcohol in the place -- couldn't have been legal. It could get extremely raunchy there. Anyway, I moved out of state for a while, and this place closed, but Don's Athletic Club opened nearby. On a visit back to Jersey, I did "go watch a movie" -- didn't notice till we got back there that the dancer was pregnant. She swallowed. She offered to fuck me, but I was in my early 20s and wasn't exactly sure how that would work with a pregnant woman and I didn't want to seem inexperienced and ask for instructions.
  4. Thorn


    There is always that possiblity of a rare gem but if you want REALLY hot WOC Vic's is going to leave you cold.
  5. Pepper


    I only get to the Newark area about twice a year. I've always gone to Bottoms Up and it was pretty good. I'm thinking of going to Vic's because I like hot WOC. There hasn't been anything posted for awhile. I've read through all of the old posts and it seems like things go up and down. I'll be there this next week. Are things still good there or is there a better option?
  6. rathump


    Great memories

    Wow Don's Athletic Club, what memories! Great place. I remember there was a girl there in the early 80s that was a spitting image of Linda Evans. She used to give "blanket" dances, where she carried a blanket around and when you paid for a dance at the bar she would throw the blanket over you and her.
  7. JohnnyB


    I found myself in NJ yesterday late afternoon and decided to pay a visit to this fine establishment.

    As I passed Vic's on the left the crowd out front made me wonder if I was making a smart decision; I parked my car up the hill on the left. This is a residential neighborhood and looked pretty safe but just to be sure I hid the GPS and the Sirius radio under the seat.

    Walked to the door and there were about ten guys outside. I thought maybe the bar was closed or something but the door was open and I walked right in. There was a big guy who I assume was a bouncer but he didn't say anything to me and I walked right up to the bar and ordered a Corona ($5).

    I was surprised that the place was as small as it was. Just a bar and pool table; probably about 15-20 girls and at least as many guys. That made it pretty crowded especially for a Monday afternoon.

    All the seats were filled so I hung out near the bar where I could get a view of the action.

    The girls were all WOC except for one older Latina and one older white woman who looked like she was at least 60. A couple of black girls came up to me to dance and I said "no thanks, maybe later" so I could get a better sense of what was going on.

    Kind of circus like atmosphere, the locals were playing pool and drinking beer and bantering a little bit with the girls but didn't seem to be paying for any dances. I almost got the sense that they were just part of the scenery like actors in The Sting, and the 2-3 white guys in the place, like me, were the ones paying the bills.

    The older Latina seemed to be pleasing a Mexican guy sitting at the bar. It looked like she knew what she was doing so I motioned her over for a wall dance when she was done with her $1 lap dance. She wasn't much to look at but since I was looking over her head and into her back it didn't matter much. She had a nice soft ass and good technique and before you know it like Houdini she had my fly unzipped and was rubbing the head of mr. johnson. She took some ky out of her pursue and gave ma quick HR; I am surprised that I came as quickly as I did since there really wasn't much there to get me going. She had shoo'ed a customer out of the way so she could get me in next to the Space Invaders machine for a little privacy. The funniest thing was that in the middle of the act the bouncer came over and handed me a flyer for some party that they're having on Sunday nite.

    After we finished I thanked her and gave her $10 which she seemed satisfied with and she gave me a wetnap from her purse to wash off mr. happy.

    Overall: cheap but more an "experience" than a "thrill". Might repeat if I went with a group of guys who wanted some beers and some laughs.

    Advice: bring singles and fives as you're not getting change around there.
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  8. freelunch


    i've been offered full service at the bar at vics, but never accepted the offer. i have seen it happening tho lol.
  9. freelunch


    over the years there have been several white girls at vics. many of them were being pimped and were in way over their heads, but they are always fun for takeout.
  10. boyinbubble


    Fun at Vic's

    Went by recently, around 2pm in the afternoon. About 8-10 girls there, about the same
    number of customers. Thought that I would report on this favorable non-competitive no-waiting ratio. Did not see any white women, except for Martha, the very old Brazilian. Many of the women are heavy. It occurs to me that providers get away with being heavy because so many civilian women these days are heavy. There was one thin African-American girl, Jade (or something like that; maybe it was Dawn) with a nice smile.
    The bartender was reluctant to make change; I wanted ones for the inevitable tip parade. Next time, I might swing by my bank teller and get plenty of ones.
    Springfield Ave in Irvington seems to be getting a makeover: the street has been freshly repaved with new lines painted, and several new businesses seemed to have opened, including an IHOP near Bottoms Up.
  11. murman36


    A Jewish chick that sucks dick?

    That alone is worth the price of admission.
  12. Evil_Twin


    Rest Camp

    The other bar down the street from Don's was the Rest Camp. Those were some good times. You could get anything you wanted at Don's. They had "Movie" booths in the back kinda like the peep shows have. The girls would dance around you by the bar and ask you if you want to go watch a movie. I never knew if you could actually watch a movie in the booth but you could get a BBBJ for $20. Some of the girls were pretty hot too. I used to meet some friends at the Rest Camp after work. At the time they were a bikini bar. Then they hired this really cute Jewish girl and she would start dancing nude and the owner would lock the door. When she came down for a break the guys would line up outside the ladies room waiting for a BJ. After a while the owner stopped locking the door and was finally busted. Then it became a juice bar like Don's until it burned down one night.
  13. maxwelllsmart


    I, maxwellsmart, am a smartass. I am truly sorry about that.
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  14. Shoot2Thrill


    I think about Don's every time I travel down that street when I go from Hi Beams to the Hitching Post. There was a gogo bar down the street which not much more than a plywood shack but that was also entertaining. Don's was open about 1981-1985 and for much of that time my car at that time was too nice for the neighborhood so I was too stressed about having the car stolen etc to really go as often as I wanted. If I only knew then what I know now!
  15. Thorn


    I remember Don's. Many moons past.

    Use to be a gym by day, and a BYOB lap dance place by night.
  16. Thorn


    I haven't been to Vic's in over a year, but I have seen White gals there from time to time. They are rare though.
  17. KevEkev


    True, but you can eliminate any and all confusion by simply using the name, its only a stage name, not a real name. That way you can be SURE of exactly which girl we're speaking of.
    I always try to remember their names.

    Sure, I went their this past Friday, based on the interest generated by your report,
    so thanks for the report it was good and did the job of getting me to make a visit.

    Things were a little slower than I would have expected for a Fall Friday afternoon around 5pm. Saw the older Brazillians but their not my speed, to old for me.
    Probably about15-18 girls still there for a not so full house.
    I tipped & groped quite a few, or just got short wall grinding by slowly rationing out a few singles at a time. Not quite a full wall dance, but I didn't pay the $10 they would've expected for just straight out requesting a wall dance.

    Did this Kim, dark, thick & shapely but not fat, way too many tattoos spider web tattoos

    Same deal for Dada a really perfectly slim brown girl, who has it all in the right places yet looks slim, she's firm, with some great D-cups for such a slim body. She was dressed like they were going to leave but still walking around pulling her jeans down and partially disrobing her top to give wall dances.

    Another one, really dark, and smooth skinned called herself Keisha. I've seen her before when she was a little slimmer, she's nowhere near fat but she's gained some pounds.
    Big tits and a nice ass, she was in the same mode of dressed for street clothes but disorbing and pulling down her jean skirt for wall dances and gropes, while giving hj's. She's always got a great big smile on her face and seems to be enjoying herself as much as she tries to do a good job for you. I'd like her even more if she shaved her pussy closer, it was kinda too bushy.

    I've seen most of the other girls that were there before, honestly there was nothing new in there to peak my interest. But I will go back, hopefully twice next week.
  18. paulbunyon



    Just call me the King of the obvious lol...
    Never made it out that night, maybe soon. And I know what its like to live vicariously when I get the drunken texts from Gavy at 3 AM lol!
  19. ciscook


    Barside BJ

    Many years ago on a snowy night at a place called Don's in Paterson, there was only one other patron there, the bartender who also was a dancer came around and gave me a great BBBJNQNS and washed it down with a shot of scotch (I brought the bottle with me).
  20. murman36



    Got some barside head there from a nice PR girl.
    Of course, that's probably why they got closed down.