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  1. Deeuncola


    to plat122

    Lest you quote me wrongly:

    I have no problem with Jackson. He has his own board with its own strengths and weaknesses. He is a nice guy and I have nothing bad to say about him; I say only good things.

    My problem is that the Jersey section was allowed to be taken over by fantasy mongers and braggarts - and I was wrongly attacked on it.

    To Slinky: This is the last I will mention of these problems on board. If I get further hassles I will refer them to your directly rather than waste bandwidth.
  2. Deeuncola


    To Plat122:

    This will by a long post meant to answer your slanders. If you have a problem with it, inform slinkbender. He has never banned me for lying - only for posting electronic mail addresses - which I do NOT do here.

    But since you slander me, and I am sick of people bringing lies from WSG over here.

    It happened on Dec 31st/Jan 1st. 2003/2004

    I was there the night it happened. The cops were going after a drug dealer. Somebody was pissed off and turned the guy in.

    For the rest of the evening the girls were absurdly conservative, one dancing with a jacket on. I have not gone back since then.

    I do not like to brag but you can check it out with the locals. The girls were scared witless. Ursula told the cops they had no right to come in and they countered with "Show us your driver's licenses" which caused a panic among the girls, who being illegal had no licenses. The cops arrested a drug dealer. Okay.

    I originally sent a message to someone else (JBurb?) and asked him to post the info on WSG - he declined. I did NOT want to post the info immediately under my handle Deeuncola here at UG. I am sure the cops read the board and was sure they would read it the next day. I did not want them putting my face and my handle together. But I was there at Guy's the night it happened.

    They quickly left, but one cop came back after a few minutes after the arrest to see if the girls had started up and to see if he could make a vice bust. But at that moment nothing was going on.
    No one was arrested at the bar but the dealer.

    You doubt me?! Ask JBurb! He can verify my story. I contacted him the next day - he was NOT there - and I believe I asked him to post the story the next day. JBurb declined since he had not been there himself.

    I did not want my face connected with my handle, so I asked him to post it. It was either JBurb or IntotheMuck or OneEye. How ironic, the day I left WSG, I had a extraordinarily good story to tell.

    I will NOT give you JBurb's electronic mail as that is not allowed here. Slinky is not slow to ban over electronic mail rules violations. But, I take umbrage with you doubting my story.

    Over at WSG - which I still like to read - I was NOT banned; I quit. I still have access to the PMs which I no longer use. But I was not banned, at least not at that time.

    Over there, braggarts like Wooly and Buffalo Bill are cheered for posting fictional stories - which Buffalo Bill admitted to in one post - while I was condemned for posting the truth. I believe Wooly started picking on other posters.

    In the Newark section see PitchingaTents's post of 1-19=04

    Notice: It has already become obvious that Wooly is the problem.

    I was there the night of the raid! But unlike WSG, I do not post fictional posts or brag about my dick size or give explicit account of my action. The point of these boards is not to write porno stories so I can impress others or give others masturbatory fantasies, but to give info. It is not about how I got laid, but to help others get laid.


    Again! The Newburgh post I quoted was originally from WSG.

    I did indeed go up there this weekend to check it out. I listed the name of the side streets and described the bar, giving details of the interior only a visitor would know. For ex: The small square bar and the pool table. Or did you read that? Do you just like to condemn people?


    As I posted, I gave all the info to help others and to show what little I saw and maybe to flesh out some more info.

    But if you doubt this, then also know that there is Bar called Captain's Table on Broadway one block north of Ann Street on a hill. A bit down the hill diagonally across from the Captain's Table is a Police Station. Next to the Captain's Table is a nightclub which was open Saturday night.

    There you have info. Real info. Not some imaginary masturbatory stories which abound all too often on WSG.

    Unlike Wooly or BB, I do NOT post fiction.

    I posted the Newburg thread to flesh out info for when I go back.
    My posts are honest.

    We want to know where we get laid not some fantasies! That is the purpose of these boards, not fantasies.

    On no occasion did I lie and I was at these places.

    PS: As this post proves: Dobbsy met me:Dobbsy's post

    You owe me an apology.

    And if anyone call me angry, I have a right to be. If these fantasy mongers come over from WSG, it is they, NOT ME, who will wreck this board.

    Slinky: It is your call.

    I am sorry this post was so long, but I have been lied about so often I am furious.
  3. plat122


    To Big Johnson

    Don't even thing about going after me for my typos because of my last post. I actually go out to strip clubs before I post. So I have had a cocktail or several. If you want to know what is going on in New England just ask!
  4. plat122


    Dee..thanx for the info that Guy's was raided last Jan. I hung out in Guy's back in '98 and 99...also hanging out at the Moonlight when it was wilder as well. When it was raided back in 2000 after the election, it took a long while to get back to a fraction of what it used to be. That was my point. My question to you is were you their when it got raided, or did you go their the next day. I called Maxwell a pussy and later stated that he might be a pre-mature it a difference of opinion but Max actually went to Vic's and reported what happened as well as what he saw. You don't do that very often. I don't get back to Jersey very often now so I can't say what is going on at the Moonlight or Don Costa's etc....So I don't post on it. You put a lot of info out on upstate NY which is clear that you didn't go to, I have friend that live and hang out there. That is why you were banned from the other site.

    To Johnson...Sept 11 sent me to New England. A few months after the attack I was sent to beangtown. I don't like it here...but it was a boone to my career. I live in Providence and comute....but there is no place like NYC and NJ and I envy all of you!
  5. gypsy

    gypsy banned

    Thanks for the update.
    I drove past Vics today(about 2pm) there was no parking available so I could not park to go in.
    You say some girls and Roy's brother was arrested. Were any of our fellow mongers arrested also.
    I am going to be real bold and go there again one of these days. Will sit at the bar and just have a drink, no offence in that right?
    Will find out more details and post.
  6. maxwelllsmart



    Spoke to some of the girls at Vics and found out that the raid was conducted last thursday night at 9:00 p.m.. The raid was conducted by Irvington P.D., NJ State P.D. and Drug enforcement officials. 4 girls were arrested who were in the course of performing lap dances. Roy's brother was also arrested.

    Low mileage today and for the forseeable future. Girls were told to only do Wall dances and that they must dance on stage 15 minutes every hour or else no wall dances. Wall Dances are scrutinized closely by Roy. Girls are complaining that tip in fee is hard to make without lap dances and some said they won't be back. Roy is going to India for his cousins wedding in June and place will be closed for 3 weeks. Overall, Low mileage, low quality, and not worth the trip anymore. few patrons, and lots of unhappy gals. Oh Well... It happens. I was also told 3 other places in town got hit the same day. Time for Jimmy to open up shop again or find another hunting ground.
  7. Deeuncola


    Re: Not to day Max

    Guy's was raided in January to snare a drug pusher.
  8. BigJohnson


    Plat "today" is one word. That is just so you know. Why would you travel from Providence to New Jersey to hang out?
  9. plat122


    Not to day Max

    Max, you are a little bit premature here. Crow is not on my plate. My only concern is that I drive 200 miles to hang out in the sleaziest club, that I know of in the North East, and all I can get is a lap dance. Hell…I can do that here in Providence. The big investigation you were concerned about last summer was for a car theft ring. If you believe that the cops or ABC took 9 month to investigate than raid a strip club…than power to you…you are the man…I have a bridge that spans Brooklyn to the city for sell…take it and you will make a lot of money. By the way I was in the Pubway when it got raided years ago. I put my dick back in my pants and nothing happened. Later on you couldn’t buy a HJ in the place. I just want to know when will things get back to normal in Vic’s, and I want to know what happened, was it city cops or ABC. When Bishop’s and Keystone were raided ( in Bridgeport) they were back in biz in just a few weeks. When Guy’s Le Vie en Rose was raided it took them 2 years to get back to just a hand job in the bar. I am glad you pushed back…it shows you have some sack. I just hope that your web posting are the only thing you’re premature at.
  10. maxwelllsmart



    "Don't be such a pussy" remember those words? They were yours...........

    Get a Life
    Max, Get a life. If the police are watching this place is not because of guys like me or you getting hand jobs or taking girls out of the club. It is because of guys not like me and you trading in Mr. white. You and me are just assholes having a drink in a bar. If the cops take your picture coming out of the bar they will not care about it. Unless you are a player in a south American agricultural product you have nothing to fear. If the cops come into the bar just put your dick back in your pants and drink your drink. The BS about a dancer wanting to wack another dancer is just that...BS. The cops in Irvington will car about gang activity and nose candy activity. You can get almost anything from almost any club in Irvington...and the cops know this. So if they are staking out Vic's it's important but not life changing. so don't be such a pussy.

    Relax platt take a 200 mile trip. Everythings fine here Don't be such a pussy! Next time heed advice of people who make the observations and report them. Its just too bad you weren't there when the bust went down. I would have enjoyed that very much Maxwell
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2004
  11. plat122


    If anyone knows what happened please post. I come 200 mile to hang out in this place!!
  12. sisco


    Went to Vics yesterday. I did not know about the bust until after and that explains my disappointment. I have been there often and it has always been of beacon of fun. Yesterday, however, girls were very tame and not as forthcoming with respect to extras. It seemed that LDs were the only thing on the menu.
  13. KevEkev


    Any More Details on Alleged Raid?

    We need more info on this.
    Maybe next week I will visit.
    If things are drastically changed it will
    be obvious.

    Which day last week did it occur?
    Any names of girls caught up?
    Any customers caught up?
    Any eyewitness accounts?

    Come on fellas, get in there and get the
    answers from the girls.
  14. gypsy

    gypsy banned

    Raid at Vic's

    I am not surprised about the raid at Vic's. With everybody posting such great reviews about that place it was bound to happen. But it makes me so sad. PLEASE GIVE MORE DETAILS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED, I will also check with my contacts and post back what I find.
  15. Johnowald


    Raid at Vics

    ANybody hear anything a bout a raid at Vics?Stopped by on Friday and things were very sedate.Dancers wre not very forthcoming but I did learn that police had been in and several girls had been arrested. No further details.
    ANyone know any details. It appears that another one bites the dust.
  16. plat122


    I have never seen a fight at Vic's. It is surely safe for a preppy white Republican like you. The club is not the problem. I think that the club is not as much fun later because all of the working guys leave and the homeys come in later. Therefore the girls leave. And the girls working at night are tougher. But you will not have a problem. Your car on the street is another story. Irvington is what it is. I like Vic's early!
  17. thrasherp


    Question about Vics's

    Guys... I started going to Vic's last fall. I only went in the afternoon, and was gone before 5 pm, while it was still light out. My question is, what happens after the clocks are changed, and it stays light out much later? Is it safe for a Preppie-type, middle-aged white boy after 5 pm, but before dark? Will my car be safe during those pre-sunset hours? Is Vic's even open past 5 pm? If so, until when? TIA, fellow mongers.
  18. Rodamaze


    did vic's this afternoon from 2- 3:30 not too much in the way of looks. danced with a chick named mecca w/big tits she wanted $ to go with me and .6 to stay and play. i declined on both. saw one nice young chick but didn't get her name. the rest were old... monger on
  19. gambino55us



    Hey PLatt,

    Thanks for the info. From your description it sounds like it could be the Emily I know and love. I may have underestimated her age. And of course by now she speaks english cause she has been here awhile......

    Thanks again and I hope to visit her...

  20. plat122



    gambino55us....I estimate that Emily is in her early to mid fifties. She has a good body for someone that old and her English is pretty good. She's Brazilian and hangs around Patricia and another 50ish Brazilian. Emily is about 5'5" and is not dark or fair. She is hard to discribe. Patricia is very fair skinned and has frekkles (sp) the other old Brazilian is darker with a very wide ass. Emily does not do FS in the club while the other two will. Emily does do the best HJ I've ever had. All three are a lot of fun. If you find one you will find Emily.