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  1. KevEkev


    I'm not familar with Ember's. Can you elaborate a little on this place? The usual stuff like neighborhood, selection/lineup, service & amenities.

    In the meantime I will see what info turns up from a search
  2. plat122


    Mr. Wet Wooly...that is Vic's in a nutshell. It is hit or miss but for the most part hit. If the dancer is not up to your standards looks wise I say have an extra shot of Blackhouse or Vodka. If it gets late in the afternoon than try Slick's or Ember's at night. I have to ask about the clubs in Philly. What's good???
  3. Mr. Wet Wooly

    Mr. Wet Wooly


    it was packed. that was my biggest complaint. and every guy there's twice my size and wears a big puffy coat so there's more gore tex than latex going around. apparently some guys just come here to shoot pool and have a beer -- not why we come here. why anyone would want to surround themselves by half naked men like me shooting off is strange. but whatever floats your boat.

    a few of the girls here i've seen at asscon and in philly. too bad none of the good ones. vic's is similar to some philly go go's.

    i had to wait forever just to get a barstool. i have a bad knee so the standing was killing me. and there were not enough girls to go around.

    i'll try this place earlier in the week and hopefully get a more comfortable experience. so many sore elderly ladies there you figure they would have some comfortable chairs. but hey, i hope when i'm 65 i'm with an old latin woman with that much spunk.

    i parked on the cross st. around the corner from the liquor store across the street. safety wasn't an issue.
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  4. tomatopony


    good review old wooly.

    i'm suprised it wasn't packed on a semi off week day.

    it seems any weekday when most should be working, the place rocks. even a monday at 1:00, their are some great looking woc's as well as your great description of the older ladies.

    your right, close your eyes, let them lather it up and bust a nut.

    they are actually quite good, especially if they take their Geritol that day.
  5. Mr. Wet Wooly

    Mr. Wet Wooly

    wooly creamed at vic's bakery

    first time on nj board. came down from nyc to check out vics for the first time on a friday around 2:30pm.

    is this the best time to go?

    place is as described -- nothing too new to add on that front. no problems with the neighborhood in daytime.

    older unattractive brazilians - their bodies have more folds than oragami, but if you close your eyes, hey, for $10, they break out the jiffy lube and it's like grandmamma's coconut custard batter time.

    only two young(er) latin women there. little disappointing selection. one offered a Flu Shot for $20 near the Pac Man game but grandmamma had just cleaned the pipes and the juices needed to get percolating. where's the juicer when you need it?

    ten minutes later straddled up for a nunc burger at a bar stool. wanted an old fashioned hawaiian titi-fuck but that wasn't happening -- and i wansn't paying oragami garota a return visit.

    after more beers, politely asked rosa, a dominican pussy melt (a solid 8 after five beers), if i could insert an empty beer bottle (maybe there's a deposit?). she loved it. best of all, gratis. helps to be bilingual, good with drunken sign language, or a doofy nut like me.

    bottom line is....
    hands down cheapest joint to clean the pipes if you don't mind a few wrinkled prunes. mr. wet wooly left with wet fur and a limp shlong.

    bring the prune shears and tell 'em the nunkman sent you.

    will try to add somethin new to the jersey boards soon so you gents won't have all the fun.

    any tips on what weekday vic's has got a better selection? thanks.
  6. tomatopony


    Re: Re: you've got to be kidding

    are you kidding me. lol (now that i know what that means) you really shouldn't be on this board, your a little too paranoid. granted, don't leave drunk, but christ, go have a beer, get some KY on your dick, (they don't charge, and use the real stuff) and blow a load in your BVD's.

    Better yet, have a drink with a real hot WOC, go to a a $25.00 hotel and have some fun. Take a cab if your that paranoid
  7. moodswingingman


    Having taken the plunge at Mickey Dee's in Paterson (different thread), I am "embiggened" by the Pony's assessment of Vic's. ["Embiggens is a perfectly cromulent word" - Mrs. Krapabble- The Simpsons]. I work a 3-4 day week and have the early part of the week off - this makes a daylight visit possible. I'll pop in after the holidays and report back, as always.
  8. Bandaid


    Re: you've got to be kidding

    You didn't use your turn signal, your stickers weren't all up to date, there's not enough tread on your tires, etc. etc. etc. They say any decent cop can take a brand-new car, drop it in the middle of a desert, and write five citations on it. In New York, anyway, (don't know about New Jersey) they can stop you if you're seen with a "known prostitute," which could apply if the girl has any priors.
  9. mackolicious2000


    Capy, I was just in Vic's the other day, there were 6 or 7 white guys having a great time.
    Vic's doesn't have a rep as a trouble spot in Irvington.
    Many of the guys there during the day are guys just like me ( IT guys, electricians, plumbers etc.)
    who have a flexible work scheduals and drop by Vic's to share a beer and watch some ass with a fellow monger.
    Irvington thugs don't come out until night time, they keep late hours and have to get their rest during the day.
    Next time stop in you'll be fine and have fun.
    There are always two bouncer types at the door.
    I've never seen anyone white or black have a problem at Vic's.
  10. tomatopony


    i would say it's a pretty safe area, for irvington standards, I've had no problems during the day. i don't know how far i'd park away during the night, but i think it AOK in my book. go enjoy, bring a napkin.
  11. fortysomething



    Safe for white guys. I usually park on the side street before or after the club.
    Come in the day, leave in the day. No problems. Buy a beer as soon as you walk in and then find a seat on the other side of the bar and the action will come to you.
  12. capitan


    Drove by Vic's yesterday to checkout the area....what a shithole!!!

    Is this place actualy safe for white guys?

    What about parking....there is nowhere to park except for the street.

    Straight ahead,
  13. gypsy

    gypsy banned

    Monday thro friday before 5pm is best that is when you get working mothers who have to go back home to the kids. After 5 and weekend you get the real proffessionals.
  14. eros701


    Which is the better day to visit Vic's, Friday or Saturday? Or does it matter?
  15. KevEkev


    Thanks for putting a name with the descriptions. Since there is such a wide ranging variety, the names and graphic descriptions will be a great time saver, like the shopping circulars they handout informing you of the bargain products as you enter Walmart or HDepot.

  16. gypsy

    gypsy banned

    They are about 50/50 dogs and above 5s
    Peaches about a 7 $10 HJ will go with you to parking lot across the street for a BJ fo$30.

    Martha small made Brazillian, very warm, will DFK $10 HJ, FS at bar for $40, fits easily on you lap,has her own hats and wipes. Have done her a few times and keep going back for more.

    Suzette sexy well built hispanic, same prices as above.

    Patricia older Brazillian big clit and keeps getting bigger the longer you touch.

    Lyn, havn't seen her lately, but was good value.

    There are plenty to choose from all colors all sizes all types.

  17. KevEkev


    My Vic'scapade today

    I have to agree exactly with the assesment posted by Casper.

    But I did'nt get there until after 5pm
    Parking is very difficult because its on a busy street in a tight residential area.

    As I am walking up to the door, I see about 3-4 ladies exiting or just recently exited with White Bread patrons who were directing the ladies to their cars. They were definitely not all together as they seemed to pair up going in different directions. Take Out Orders before the sun sets 4sure.

    Inside About 15 dancers and 30-35 patrons. Great range of ladies, just wish I would have caught the place when there were even more ladies as mentioned in earlier posts.

    I think I will have to try to catch this place in the 1-2pm time range to see more ladies. But this was good for a Monday.

    I also need to remember to get the names of these different ladies, I did remember Flawless a tall model-like slim light brown 19-21 yr. old with nice cans, for only a few singles the wall dance mileage was quite surprisingly high.

    MAYBE IN THIS THREAD IT WILL BE A G00D IDEA TO REVIEW THESE DANCERS BY NAME, that would definitely help save time and help give focus to the hunt. I know the dancers definitely talk concerning their observations & experiences with familiar faces.

    Anyone got any info on a big boned caramel colored 20-23yo goes by the name of Saphire?? She was hot but was actually about to leave. Thick not fat at all. Super Nice ass & full D cans.
    Thats one I will be scoping out in the future.
  18. thrasherp


    Another visit to Vic's

    I was able to get there around 2:30 today. Very crowded and busy - a payday for many people. About 40 customers, roughly 10% caucasion (cause I know you'll ask). About 30 dancers, once again of all sizes, races, ages and looks. I love this place! Lots of action going on at the bar and against the wall. Got dances from Diamond (see above), her Spanish friend (Nikki?), who is light-skinned, thick, and very high mileage. Also got a dance from Madison, a tall, thin dark-skinned woc, with model good-looks and small cans (a solid 8) in a sexy, high-slit black dress. Like most of the dancers, she provided 7 mileage, and 8 or 9 was offered. Also got a nice wall dance from Climax, a pretty, light-skinned woc (a 6), and Rosie, a thick Hispanic chick, short, with large cans, smooth, tan skin, (about a 5). Shoed away a few older, fatter dancers ($1 and a "no thanks"). Most LDs were $5 or $10. Met Flawless, who was damn near flawless, another 8; light-skinned woc, big cans, pretty face. Had a LD with Isis, a white chick with long red hair, pretty face, good-sized, natural cans (C-cup?) 5'9", slim (about a 6.5 to a 7), and about 7 mileage. I offered to "take a lunch hour" with her, and she agreed. Went to motel on Ball street to hear Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra, both covered, for $, plus $.2 for the motel. Very pleasurable experience. She was suspicious at first, but soon became very friendly and talkative. Except for her stretch marks, she is a beautiful chick with a very tight tunnel and takes her time.

    I would shit if this place ever changes. I love it just the way it is. Although, a VIP room would make this place even better!
  19. Casper


    I was speechless ... at first ... but

    Stopped by Vic's today. The best I can describe it is that it's a light version of the underground scene. About 15 girls (but didn't really count) most of them woc's avg 5+ and about 4 older brazilians. There's no lap dance room but one can get both dollar dances and lap dances, with an extra or two at the bar or while standing up (reminds me of the harmony days).

    I was only about 1 of 4 white bread types in attendance but the house was packed. Beers are $3.50 and street parking can be tough to find. I found a spot on a side street.

    If one likes something out of the ordinary as far as Go-Go bars go, then this is a place to visit, at least once. If nothing else, for the sleeze factor and to stretch out a buck or two. (if you don't mind having fun while there's a few people around you)
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  20. loc



    buy your own hotel? bring your own (jimmy) hat?