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  1. maxwelllsmart


    and what you get is.......

    the pleasure of listening to Frank Sinatra while getting a lap dance from "Ani". Oh yes folks, the accent may obscure the lyrics but there was some frank sinatra tunes playing yesterday afternoon around 2:30. .4 in the jukebox kept it going. BYOH.
  2. stagger

    stagger Known shill and theif

    What you see - is what you get

  3. tomatopony


    my suggestion is walk in, have a beer and check it out.

    you won't get mugged.

    you won't get raped.

    you just might have a good time.
  4. loc


    Went to Vic's once but left quick b/c didn't get the protocol -- all I saw was one room with a big rectangular bar with about 4 feet of clearance between the bar and the wall. Where does all this stuff happen? Right out in the open, with other dudes sitting inches away? Are there back rooms or something I didn't see? How do you get an LD, w/ or w/o mileage -- do you stand, or sit on a bar stool, or what? And how do you bring it up -- do the dancers offer or you have to ask?
  5. tomatopony


    a visit,

    I went today around 1:00. pretty crowded.

    met special, small petite woc. pretty hot actually, got a lap dance. then met another, great skin, asked for her to leave with me but she said no. proceeded to get nice HJ, couldn't finish the task, went on for 15 minutes, then off to madison. tall woc. we netotiated leaving when she slipped her hand down my pants, she got started on HJ while my finger went all over. after my cup, i figured i didn't need to leave.

    total, .40, one cup. a grat 30 minutes
  6. gypsy

    gypsy banned

    Directions from NYC

    Take the Lincoln Tunnel to 3 West to Garden State Parkway South
    get off at Exit 143 bear Right onto Union Ave, turn left onto Clinton Ave at 4th light, turn right at the 3rd light onto Stuyvescent ave, its on your left before the next light.
    Go there between 1.00 and 4.00 pm weekdays.
    I know it is quite a drive from NYC but I do not know of a better place anywhere around. Let me know what your assessement is.
  7. engima


    The fork in the Road

    Hey fellas,
    How can I get to Vics from manhatta/queens.
    Your input is greatly appreciated.
  8. Johnowald



    Good Review. I was not aware that Diamond was available for extra-curriculars.
  9. thrasherp


    Results of outing 11/11/03

    Well, my 2nd visit to Vic's went wonderfully. I got there around 2:30, parked one block away on Stuyvesant. The place was pretty crowded, about 25 customers and about 20 girls. I was in the minority of about 10% caucasion customers. Unlike last time, I had to check my gym bag at the door and buy my first beer at the door, near the bouncer. I guess that means there is a one drink minimum, or they want to make sure we order booz so we are not LE. Anyway, I ran into Diamond (see my post on her above), who gave me a few LDs with 8 mileage. I got a LD from one other dancer whose name I forget, and one sort of LD from Addictive. Guys, if you like WOC with very dirty and sleazy habits, she is a must meet! Very dark skinned, a little thick, but shapely, with huge natural cans. I rate her a solid 6, with a 9.5 attitude! She let me play with the kitty at the bar. She also played with it as well as licking her own nips at the bar. She tried hard to close the deal with me, and almost succeeded, but I really wanted to spend some 1 on 1 time with Diamond. We went to the motel on Ball St ($25/hour) for your basic 1/2 and 1/2. Originally she requested $+.5, but we agreed on $. Everything covered. She was fun, but as a true monger, I look forward to spending time with some of the other girls from Vic's in the future, especially Addictive (who did give me her number).

    Once again, every body type/age/race was represented. 7 to 9 mileage LDs were offered starting at $5, up to $15. I don't like to pay more than $5 in this place, especially since the girls were all complaining about how none of the customers were dropping any cash on the girls yesterday.

    BTW, if anyone cares, the tip-in the girls pay is $30.

    Happy hunting!
  10. thrasherp


    Vic's outing 11/11/03

    I am headed to Vic's tomorrow afternoon, Veteran's Day, about 3pm. It is difficult for me to get there early, and being a white guy, I am a little intimidated about going there in the evening, so these semi-holidays are it for me. I will post how everything went. I hope to have beer, some LDs at the bar, and maybe even some take-out if possible. BTW, I called the motel on Ball street, just in case, and they said no day rates, and no guests before 8:30 p.m. What's up with that? Backup motel is Garden State on Rt 22. Hope some other UGers are there with me!!!
  11. nudebeach


    Re: Nudebeach:

    thanks for this very good info, seems like its hit or miss all over, i miss the old days of the west side of manhaten where anytime day or night you could find some sw
  12. gypsy

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    As you can see I have 41 posts but I was denied the ability to start a new thread. Admin please help
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    You only need 25 posts to start a thread.
    If you posted one and it was deleted, it is probably because it is to similar to ones already here.
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    SWs in NJ

    Please start a new thread abd paste my info on it. I am sure this thread is going to be of a great help to all of us.
  15. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    If things were better two or three years ago is purely academic. Finding a SW and getting laid today should be the topic.
  16. capitan


    What remains to be seen, is if the streets in NB or PLFD are offering more girls now than, say 3 years ago, and....are they offering more service for your money!

    Straight ahead,
  17. mana


    Re: SWs in Northern NJ

    Hey gypsy, I think the subject of what is Central Jersey and North Jersey has been discussed before, but there is a thread on SW activity in this forum, look for "Street Action in Central Jersey", we cover mostly New Brusnwick and Plainfield, but I have thrown in Trenton from time to time.

    My point is that there is no need for a new thread on those two cities (NB and Plainfield), as far as the other places you mention, I am all up for it, I can even open up the thread if you want me to, as I am interested in SW activity in this area of the state too.



    PS: BTW your info on SW activity in NB and Plainfield is right on the money.
  18. thrasherp



    Newark SWs are available most hours on Frelingheuysen in two areas: One by the high-rise housing and McDonalds near the Elizabeth border, and one parallel to Sherman Ave further north. Sherman Ave is also a good spot, and occasionally along Elizabeth Ave parallel to Sherman. Beware: one SW told me that LE can stop you in that area just for being a causcasion driver with a WOC in your car. As I said before, this area is very hit and miss. Yes, all the SWs are addicts, but some are better than others. Some just don't bathe and stink to high heaven. Some smell great. Some are coherent, some are not. As for LE, don't chat with a girl through the window. Get her in the car and drive away. Ask her if she is "a member of any Law Enforcement agency in the state of New Jersey." Those words exactly. From what I understand, phrased this way, a cop must answer truthfully.

    Expect to be asked for $.25 for Billy Joel (usually BB, but bring a Jimmyhat if you want to use one), and $.5-.6 for Frank Sinatra, either in the car or at a local motel (one shithole on Washington St. is $10, nicer ones are $25). You can bargain a little, but sometimes being a little more generous can get you a lot of extras and plenty of time.

    Quality, quantity and LE activity vary widely from day-to-day and hour-to-hour, so be prepared to go away empty-handed sometimes.
  19. gypsy

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    SWs in Northern NJ

    I would like to start a thread on SW streets in NNJ. But as I do not have enough posts to start one so I am adding it here
    All you mongers out there can then add your own. Lets keep the list to those that you have seen in the past few weeks.

    On 1&9 between the old Bayway circle to North ave. and on the side streets off 1&9. All hours of the day and night. A good motel to go to is the Flora Motel on Flora St.

    Newark ,
    Frelinghuysen Ave from the border with Elizabeth to Pennsylvania Ave.
    Broadway in North Newark. Do not go into *****ville.

    Nye Ave & Clinton Ave from the Irvington center to 18th Street. A good motel to go to is the 50 Ball st. Motel is on Ball St & Nye Ave. A good Go-Go bar is Vic's on Stuyvesent Ave. Best before 4pm very rough after that. Lots of action.

    On Front St and the Streets aroud it. Ricmond Beer Garden is ok for a feel of T&A., but I have not seen anything else.

    New Brunswick.
    Commercial Ave/ St George Rd. and the area around the Soup kitchen on Nielson Ave. Best time around the time the soup kitchen opens at 6pm.
    Lets keep this thread current by adding "New Sightings"
  20. argleby


    I thought his post made an excellent point. That statistic is idiotic.

    I don't post much either, so what?